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futekiya Chapter Updates: July 2022 Week 3

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya from Week 3, July 2022.
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Momo and Manji’s Modern Day Parody by sawa sakura *NEW*

Ever wonder how a romance between Momo and Manji’s would blossom in the modern era?

Story Summary:
Fantasize no longer! The creator of Momo and Manji sawa sakura has answered our wishes with Momo and Manji’s Modern Day Parody.

Follow a day in the life of glasses-wearing, former-firefighter now-data analyst Manji, and retired child model turned nursery school teacher Momoki in Reiwa times. That means that Momo and Manji interacting with video calls, online shopping (on a tablet!), e-cigarettes, and more modern developments!

But it doesn’t stop there! Momo and Manji’s Modern Day Parody includes your other favorite characters from Momo and Manji, reimagined as modern people, too! Plus, a “Fantasy Conversation Corner” between the editor, sawa sakura’s friend and a member of staff, and sawa sakura the creator!


KIZUNA – Bonds – by Kazuma Kodaka

Why does the young master seem to be particularly fierce today? What did Masa do this time?

After seeing Masa with the lady of the Tachibana group, Kai is furious. But how does his new friend feel?

Masa and Kai talk about what they just learned about the Tachibana’s lady. How is Masa planning on fixing this mess?

Jack barely spends money, but whenever he does, he goes all out. What mission are they looking for aboard this yacht?

Should this mission really be aborted now that the future heir of the Chen family has snuck his way in?

Tomorrow is February 14th. Ran cannot understand why his lover seems so excited.

Story Summary:
Ranmaru Samejima is a star athlete and serves as the captain of the kendo club. His skills are almost unmatched. Almost. The only person to beat Ranmaru in a match is the president of the tea ceremony club, Kei Enjouji; someone who has no interest in kendo whatsoever.

One day after practice, Ranmaru challenges Enjouji to a rematch. Enjouji accepts under one condition: if he wins, they… have sex!?

Meanwhile, someone is lurking in the shadows. Kai Sagano has his sights set on Ranmaru, so it’s only natural that he loathes Enjouji… but perhaps there’s more to Sagano’s disdain than meets the eye.


Romantic Flight by Ren Tamaki *NEW*

Even after all this time, Yuzuru still wonders how on earth Captain Shiyoh ever fell for him.

Yuzuru and Captain Shiyoh may be deeply in love, but if they’re not family, can they really stay by each other’s side?

One ordinary day at work, Yuzuru sees somebody joining the mile-high club…by themselves. What does his Captain think?

Aki and his actor passenger have been in a love hotel for four days straight. What kind of relationship is this?

Before Captain Shiyoh was a pilot, he was a mechanic. Is it really so hard to believe?

Two passionate men are hard at work duking it out for a free trip to Hawaii. Why can’t they just get along?

Yuuhi Yanaka does not want to acknowledge his half-brother Oogaki. Oogaki wants to ruin him.

Takahata always wanted his crush to do this kind of stuff to him, but these guys aren’t like his crush at all.

Ordinary office worker Yuri Saga gets introduced to the CEO’s grandson. Why does it seem like he’s got his sights set on Yuri?

Natsume’s finally going to work for Taylor Akasaka. Will it go along as swimmingly as he’d dreamed it would?

Story Summary:
“Secret Flight Part 1”, “Secret Flight Part 2”, “Secret Flight Extra Story”: Shiyoh and Sawano are called upon for a special PR trip to Hanashima Island as the representative pilot and flight assistant of Japan Oriental Airlines (JLA). A lovely little getaway for the secret lovers. But what will diffident Yuzuru do when disaster strikes and Shiyoh is in danger!?

“Rhapsodic”: When a famous Korean actor asks for his flight attendant Aki to show him around, Aki may have been too early to assume that he meant around the city… (Warning: Dubious consent)

“Captain Shiyoh’s Secret?”: Even Yuzuru didn’t know…

“Mens’ Club”: In an intense competition of strip-rock-paper-scissors, who will win the coveted trip to Hawaii?

“Love and Hate”: Oogaki has always wanted to see his half-brother writhe at his own hands’ doing. Maybe today he gets that chance… (Warning: Rape, Incest)

“Taste Testing”: Takahata has just moved to Tokyo, where he believes his dream of finding another man to sleep with will come true… (Warning: Gang rape)

“Blond Lover”: Yuri Saga is sure he is being called into the office to be fired. But what he finds on the other side of the door is… the CEO’s handsome grandson from Spain!? (Warning: Dubious consent)

“Someone Like You”: The time has come for Natsume to start his first day at his dream job at Taylor Akasaka. Let’s hope the owner himself doesn’t fire him upon the first blab!


The Incubus’ Pet Slave by Tohko Senjyo

CHAPTER 33 A Pet Slave for Me Alone(1) –
Everyone in the vicinity froze at the descent of the Incubus King.

CHAPTER 34 A Pet Slave for Me Alone(2) –
Klesis wants to hear all about why Reiki left the castle to see him. What complaint does he have?

CHAPTER 35 A Pet Slave for Me Alone(3) –
Klesis wants to know who could have ever spoken such words to his beloved Reiki, but will he ever let it slip?

CHAPTER 36 A Pet Slave for Me Alone(4) –
How could Reiki’s simple words give so much happiness to someone like Klesis?

Story Summary:
Reiki is your run-of-the-mill company employee. Little does he know, his high-quality body fluids are exactly what incubi want. Incubus King Klesis, considered the strongest among his kind, takes a liking to Reiki and kidnaps him. Even with his body restrained, his freedom snatched away, and his heart violently fighting against his captor, Reiki’s body gradually begins to accept the pleasure in his pain… A messy inhuman fantasy between a beautiful, narcissistic, sadistic incubus and a strong-willed tsundere human with the worst luck.


DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – by Hashigo Sakurabi

DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – CHAPTER 19 –
Takato’s going to be away from Japan for the next ten days. What does he “have to do”?

Story Summary:
For the past five years, veteran actor Takato Saijou was always hailed as the sexiest man of the year – reigning the polls as the man everyone wants to sleep with – and no one has ever come close to taking his top spot…until now, when it falls into the hands of rookie actor Junta Azumaya. Takato’s always been proud of his ability to keep his true, dark emotions under wraps, but when a drink gone wrong unearths his actual thoughts – to Junta, of all people – is there something he can do to let Junta keep his slip-up under wraps?



Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa

#34 –
All of a sudden, Chika goes home to visit his family. Could this possibly have something to do with what he told his elder brother?

Story Summary:
Narasaki always wished he had a quiet space to study in, so it should be a blessing in disguise that he gets roped into helping at the library reception desk, right? It doesn’t seem like such a great place when the other guy there happens to be a well-known troublemaker…but could this very unlikely duo find something even more unlikely in each other?


As If I’d Be Your Slave! (Chapter Edition) by Oiko Komaru

Ever since he confessed his feelings, Leo’s been the clingiest he’s ever been.

Story Summary:
Narumi Ebihara has lost the ability to say no to a job. It’s not his fault, though! The shady company he used to work for conditioned him to overwork himself on a terribly low wage. But when that company goes under overnight, Narumi is left scrambling for new employment.

Thanks to his luck (and frankly, his gullibility), Narumi lands a one-month trial period as a live-in manager for a promising new actor, Leo Uchiumi.

If all goes well, Narumi will have a higher salary, nicer accommodation, and a rewarding job after a month! A new wind is blowing in Narumi’s direction… but that’s not the only thing blowing…

Narumi Ebihara has lost the ability to say no to a job. To any job…



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