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futekiya Chapter Updates: January 2021 Week 5

Hello from futekiya! Here’s the list of Boys’ Love titles that we released on futekiya in Week 5, January 2021. We’re back with 6 new titles from Shodensha Publishing this week!

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Give Me a Nickname. by Niboshiko Arai *NEW*

No 1 –
Nobody knows Takahito Amou, but they’ve all already seen his muse – supermodel José, his roommate.

No 2 –
Tsurugi gets asked to stay over by his coworker José, who introduces him to his roommate Amou. Bonding with them over dinner sounds like a good idea, but when Tsurugi wakes up to see José naked–

No 3 –
Tsurugi has been staying over with José and Amou for a while now, trying and failing to make sense of their mess of a relationship. He knows he probably shouldn’t try to “fix” their dynamic, but he just can’t help himself…

No 4 –
Amou first met José in the spring, when he was twelve. José wasn’t blond yet, but his eyes were so blue…and before he knew it, Amou’s entire world revolved around him.

No 5 –
Amou and José toast to Tsurugi’s new apartment. When José seriously mangles his face, he can’t enjoy having their apartment to themselves again…

no. 6・Afterword –
As his cast comes off, José decides to change his hair. What kind of life would he and Amou live if he didn’t have to live up to his name?


Story Summary:
Amou Takahito is just a name to everybody. The name represents a mysterious mangaka that may be a woman, or maybe not? José, on the other hand, has a face anybody would recognize. He and his bright smile are plastered across every magazine page, and everybody swoons. The two almost opposites live together and somehow manage to balance Amou’s quiet and prickly personality and José’s brightness and loud volume under one roof. What comes of a relationship between an anonymous artist craving zero love and a famous model with enough affection for two?


Groping in the Dark by akabeko *NEW*

This all starts because Yu just can’t let the man wearing only a fur coat get taken away.

Yu and Betty get dragged back to a nondescript hotel, forced to follow the whims of the infamous Makoto. Ai can try and cover for Yu once. How much longer can he keep him from harm?

Ai tries to reason with Makoto to just let Yu go, but Makoto has other plans with him…what could Makoto be letting Yu drive him and Betty towards?

For as long as he could remember, Ai knew their mother never had any love for Makoto in her heart. He knew the difference between them even as a young boy. Does Makoto know, too?

Yamanobe lets Ai know of a trap he’d set out for Makoto, but when Yu innocently pops his head into a very important meeting, could this trap be for Ai instead?

When Makoto was very little, he’d once watched Ai while he slept. They’re both grown men now, but in Makoto’s eyes, Ai still dozes off like he used to…

Story Summary:
As he walks down the street, Yu spots a naked figure in a fur coat. Bound to be arrested by the police, Yu grabs the strange naked man and starts running. Little does he know he just laid his hands on the yakuza’s belonging. That reality quickly catches up to him literally, and before he knows it, Yu is in the middle of yakuza territory. Hot-headed Makoto flaunts his power as usual while calm and collected Ai, his half-brother and first-man, takes care of the aftermath. Gradually, the complications and relations between the yakuza come to light… Yu stepped on a landmine, but how far will the blast reach?


Leave Your Marks on My Back by Rou Nishimoto *NEW*

sketch.1 –
Bartender Ayumu swore he’d be a proper adult – would be change when he meets his manager’s “friend”?

sketch.2 –
Ayumu makes his way to the place Bandou directed him to, and quickly figures out the art teacher has been asking him to do a little bit of nude modeling. Just how far is he willing to go for the chance to spend time with him?

sketch.3 –
After letting himself play into his hand, Ayumu asks Bandou how his relationship with the manager really is. Will the truth be good enough to placate him?

sketch.4 –
Bandou says he loves Ayumu now. How much can Ayumu believe? How much more of Ayumu’s seriousness can Bandou take?

sketch.5 –
Now it’s Ayumu who has Bandou’s body in his arms – does he have his heart, too? When Ayumu and the manager face off against each other, maybe Bandou will finally find out.

sketch.6 –
Yoshitaka decides to call Bandou’s wife, Miho, who has a few choice things she wants him to hear. Meanwhile, Ayumu tells Bandou about the decisions they both still have to make.

Story Summary:
Ayumu Satou, a bartender at Bar Crisis, hates how full-fledged adults suddenly lose all decency. A stickler for structure and following rules, Ayumu is not the typical 20- year-old college student. During his usual shift one day, a new face walks through the door, Yoshitaka Bandou. Immediately enticed, Ayumu tends to the new customer. Meeting a mischievous and devilish Yoshitaka, Ayumu becomes further intrigued. Upon the manager’s return to the bar, the mood changes, and suddenly, Ayumu is left alone in the dark. What are they exactly? What is going on under the table? And why does Ayumu want to know more?

Lonely Playground by Dayoo *NEW*

PLAY.1 –
Keisuke thinks he’s so lucky when he gets under the covers with a hot heartbroken salaryman, but…

PLAY.1 –
Keisuke has been enjoying his first night with the demure-looking, heartbroken Saikawa, who has a surprisingly insatiable appetite. Who comes over to visit him the morning after?

PLAY.2 –
Utsugi forces Yukifumi to invite Keisuke over so the younger man can see what he and his lover of seven years had been doing. How will Keisuke respond?

PLAY.3 –
Keisuke tells Yukifumi he can stay over for as long as he needs. When his parting words get heavier and heavier, will he even be there when Keisuke comes home tonight?

PLAY.4 –
Yukifumi says he’ll only stay over at Keisuke’s place until he can find a new apartment, The more time they spend together, the more Keisuke wishes he doesn’t have to leave.

PLAY.5 –
Utsugi visits Keisuke near his workplace with a threat and a present. Keisuke lets his jealousy get the better of himself, but would his presence be enough to keep Yukifumi from his ex’s clutches?

Story Summary:
Keisuke works in a Chinese restaurant near a train station. He has a type for sophisticated-looking salarymen who pass by their shop. One rainy night, his co-worker pushes him to offer an umbrella to an office worker seeking refuge under an overpass. Upon going there, Keisuke is surprised to find that said office worker is crying. Keisuke then learns that the office worker, Yukifumi, is abandoned by his partner. Said partner was already married while their affair lasted for seven years. He also learns that the reason Yukifumi is waiting under the overpass was in hopes of someone else coming along. Seeing a chance to hook up, Keisuke offers himself to Yukifumi. But when Utsugi, Yukifumi’s ex-lover, shows up the next day, things become more complicated for everyone involved.


Mourning and New Departure by Iroha Megu *NEW*

Episode.1 –
Yukito is stuck dealing with his famous writer stepfather – what happens when a taxi driver hears?

Episode.2 –
As an offer comes his way, Yukito remembers how his stepfather never really wanted him to write on his own. Meanwhile, he tries to get back his phone, and strike up a deal with taxi driver Goto…

Episode.3 –
Yukito’s phone is always flooded with notifications from guys that want to have his body. The one notification he wants is from the one man who won’t reply.

Episode.4 –
Yukito asks Goto one question – can he fall for him? Goto tries to teach him not to trust in him too, much, but what happens when the other untrustworthy adult in his life finally catches on to them…

Episode.5 –
Fifteen years ago, Haruki Goto was a new homeroom teacher. And his favorite student shared the same secret he did – a secret that could have led to his death.

Bonus track –
The night before Yukito’s deadline, he just wants to take a break and let Mr. Goto spoil him.

Story Summary:
Yukito is treated poorly by the adults around him. His mother left him with his stepfather when he was young. His stepfather started abusing him soon after, as Yukito grew to look more and more like his absent mother. Yukito is sexually targeted by his elders, even his father’s colleague, who forces himself onto him at a dinner that he attended instead of his father. Haruki Goto is the taxi driver that picked Yukito up after the “dinner.” Half conscious and unable to walk, Haruki tries to carry Yukito but is caught off guard when Yukito punches him in the face. Will Yukito remember this night? What happens when they meet again, but this time with Yukito’s father also in the car?


Till the End of the Night by Higashi Nishida *NEW*

Every night, Hiura sees the same dream – one where he’s with his friend Kageyama, who might be dead.

As Hiura continues the search for his friend Fumiya Kageyama, his almost identical brother Naoto Kageyama seeks to evade him at every turn.

Hiura still tries to keep a clear head as he investigates  Kageyama’s case. I’s doubly hard when, on top of his brother’s seeming lack of cooperation, he begins to hear Kageyama’s voice…

Kageyama finds Hiura in his dreams, but he’s slowly fading away. Could this mean that they’ve finally got some leads on where he is in real life?

Ever since Kageyama first saw Hiura, he always wanted to lay a hand on him, but he never did. Will he fare better this time around?

When it seems like Hiura’s Kageyama isn’t anywhere to be found, Kageyama’s brother Naoto barges into his apartment. And he sounds and acts a whole lot like his missing friend…

Story Summary:
Every night, when Hiura closes his eyes, he sees the same dream – one where he’s in bed with another man. This man could only be Kageyama, an old classmate, and lawyer who Hiura considers his only friend. There’s just more than a few reasons why this dream would never come true, though: Hiura isn’t gay, they’ve never spent the night together, and Kageyama just might be dead.


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