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futekiya Chapter Updates: Week 3, January 2021

Hello from futekiya! Here’s the list of updates on the Boys’ Love titles that we released on futekiya in Week 3, January 2021. We’re back with 5 more new titles from Home-Sha Inc., plus a few extra episodes of Cat Boys! from last week’s release!

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Love Ban in the Circus! by Chimi *NEW*

When he can’t find a job, Koya is forced to work at his father’s circus.

Trapeze artist Wago and beast trainer Hatamichi have been together ever since they were in high school. Wago’s always felt guilty about a moment in their shared past…

The one who set a love ban in the circus was manager Odai Kudo, Koya’s dad’s long-time assistant… why does the ban even exist in the first place? The answer lies in his past…

Ever since Misone helped him get to the Takatomi Circus Exam, Taniji had always admired him. “Platonically,” he says – even when he finds out about Misone’s second job?

Takatomi Circus mega-fan Yoshizawa’s low self-esteem always gets in his way – even when his favorite circus member Hanasaki is praising him for doing good things!

How do our favorite circus couples enjoy their time in the bedroom?

Story Summary:
Koya is the only son of the circus ringmaster. Growing up has proved difficult for him since he always got bullied for being a child of the circus, making him an introvert and labeled ‘boring’ by his peers. Now grown-up, he tries to land a decent job that does not involve the circus, with little luck. Having no other options, Koya decides to work in the circus, with his dad being the current owner, as both assistant and janitor. There he meets the fellow workers, including the dazzling, though loud mouthed Suzuki, who too gets on Koya’s nerves from day one. Adding to that, it seems that the circus has budding relationships all around. But there is a slight problem: the circus has a love ban!


Dear My Boy by Saki *NEW*

Since Motoi left to study abroad, his butler Sumiya never replied to any of his letters. Why?

Sumiya’s beloved Young Master has been way too skilled in the bedroom. He just can’t help but feel the Young Master learned all this from someone else…

A friend from Motoi’s boarding school came to visit, and the first question he asks is – why isn’t Tomoe wearing his maid uniform? How much of their relationship does he know about?

Shingo, Motoi’s only friend in school, invites him and Tomoe over to visit. They have something he doesn’t – is it really so bad that he wants it too?

Fukami says he’s resigning from the post as Shingo’s personal attendant. Can Shingo let go of him that easily when he hasn’t even figured out how he feels?

After realizing their loves for their brothers, what futures do the young masters Motoi and Shingo choose to pursue?

Story Summary:
Young Master Motoi lost his mother at a young age, just after Sumiya, a butler to the Nikaido Family, had been assigned to care for the Young Master. As a result, Young Master Motoi becomes attached to Sumiya and eventually asks him to wear a maid’s dress. Sumiya kindly complies with the Young Master’s wishes up until Motoi is sent to boarding school. The first few days were hard for Sumiya, and then those days turned to weeks, then months, and after seven years apart, Young Master Motoi comes back, but he is definitely not as “”Young”” as he used to be! What will come of Young Master Motoi’s homecoming? Will the Master/Servant pair be as attached to the hip as they once were… or more?


A Real Fortune-telling Disaster by Ayako Muro *NEW*

Sharp-tongue fortune teller Real Zama’s newest customer might be a bit too naïve for his own good.

For some reason, someone broke into Real Zama’s apartment to flood it with water. Where could he possibly spend the night?

When Shoujirou immediately jumps at the chance to help pay for the damages done to Real’s home, Real keeps asking himself the question that’s been on his mind lately – just how loaded is this guy, really?

Real thinks he’s narrowed down whoever could be behind all the threats to his life. Are his guesses all correct this time?

Now that Real finally knows who was behind the threats thrown his way, does he finally have enough time to figure out what he really feels for Shoujirou?

Real actually doesn’t like it when people call him by his name. What would he rather have Shoujirou call him instead?

Story Summary:
Real Zama’s first and last love ended because a fortune teller said there was zero compatibility. A few years later, Real has become that very thing: a fortune teller. But, rather than taking advantage of poor wandering souls for their fat wallets, Real tells it like it is and has earned the reputation of being a harsh fortune teller. One day, when a sickly looking Shoujirou Futami walks in and explains how another fortune teller had told him to drink a suspicious bottled substance called “Vital Hydrogen Water,”” Real advises he go to the police and to stop drinking the mystery liquid before it’s too late A month later, the transformed Shoujirou appears in front of Real to repay him for his help. Although his naivety and lack of awareness anger Real, he may be the only person to lean on when Real is in trouble!


Mr. Levi and Me by Masaru Masa *NEW*

Shougo has a thing in common with the guy he picks off the street – is this enough to trust him?

As Levi slowly gets used to his new life in Japan, he hears about the solo exhibition coming in town – and the artist shared a past with his grandfather. Will he ever muster up the courage to face him?

Things have gotten super awkward at home ever since Levi confessed to Shougo. Shougo can change the topic all he wants, but there’s one other truth he can’t run from – Levi’s visa won’t last forever!

Shougo musters up the courage to introduce Levi to his family. Meanwhile, Levi decides to prepare a bigger surprise in return. Will Shougo’s entire family be up for it?

A few months after Shougo and Levi exchanged rings, Shougo can’t help but notice that there’s something he can improve at when it comes to their lovemaking.

Levi finally gets to bring Shougo back home to meet his family. Will his elder sister and parents welcome his lover?

Story Summary:
After an off day, Shougo can’t believe his bad luck when he comes across a moral dilemma: leave the strange man sleeping in the street to rest there, or tell him that it’s dangerous and let him rest at his studio apartment. Shougo, unable to abandon the man, makes sure he is okay and ends up letting him stay at his home indefinitely. Levi, the man Shougo found, is on a working holiday in Japan but was tricked by his friend, leaving him with no place to sleep or work. He shows gratitude by doing whatever he thinks Shougo wants him to do, including taking care of private matters that Shougo tried to keep a secret. Conflicted, Shougo avoids Levi to try to work out his emotions on his own. But once he does realize, will Shougo make it before Levi’s time in Japan is up?


The Trees in Spring by Naka Nakaoka *NEW*

Yugi’s not sure what team he’s batting for. Maybe being with a man will help him figure it out.

It’s been a month since Mr. Koba stopped coming to the shop whree Yugi works. Is he really swamped with work or is he just trying to avoid him?

Mr. Koba and Yugi have been getting along well over drinks and meals lately. Is Yugi still really okay with just being a “friend” to him?

Koba receives a package that contains the biggest secret he had in his past. Meanwhile, can Yugi finally remember why he’s so terrified in the bedroom?

Yugi goes back to his hometown, hoping he can finally confront the painful memories of his past. Can Koba muster the courage to do the same?

Story Summary:
Yuuki Yugi is a college student with looks that make girls swoon and hand him their contact information. People envy Yuuki for being attractive and assume he is a playboy, with girls falling for him left and right. But the truth is, Yuuki does not want to be with girls the way they want to be with him. But is he gay? The only way he can confirm or deny that for himself is to try being with a man. With mixed feelings, insecurities, and doubts from a difficult childhood, Yuuki approaches Yu Koba, a regular at the restaurant Yuuki works for, to answer his questions. Little does he know that Koba has his past to face, much like Yuuki himself.


Cat Boys! by Masaru Masa *NEW*

Our three best friends begrudgingly go to a fireworks festival together. Is the festival ready for them?

When his boyfriend drops a bombshell on him, Chika dumps his woes all over their innocent hotpot party. Do Ashi and Tori have any similar commitment problems?

Kongoji’s looks always make him stand out from the rest of the crowd, but he’s really good at his job and has a surprisingly cute side to him. Is Yukihira ready to share this cuteness with the rest of the world?

When “too nice” Fuwa sees the BDSM sub he saw the night before in his office, he didn’t expect to be taught how to bind Kazaki…

Story Summary:
Tori, Ashi, and Chika are friends with a family-like dynamic. They gather for their regular drinking party and talk about Tori’s usual carefree attitude, Ashi’s usual denial of self and his narcissist boyfriend-not-boyfriend, and Chika’s usual not getting any from his boyfriend of one year. Every day is a new update on each other’s lives and how they all approach romance from extremely different angles.


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