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futekiya Chapter Updates: February 2021 Week 2

Happy Valentine’s Day from futekiya! Here’s the list of Boys’ Love titles that we released on futekiya in Week 2, February 2021.

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iLLUMiNATiON (New Edition) by Tomoko Yamashita *NEW*

Ryuji said he isn’t gay, but he’s still in love with his childhood friend Naomi…

Sudo likes to think that he’s good with people since nobody hates him…but nobody loves him, either. Why can’t he stop falling for people who wouldn’t love him back?

Even though he always stayed in the closet, all his friends found out he was gay anyway. But there’s one person he hopes won’t think worse of him for that…

Nakahisa always knew that her love rival for her crush Akai was a guy in the band club named Togame. As time goes on, she just can’t help but want to help him out…

Koya doesn’t really know what it means for a man to be with another man. What he does know is that he’d do anything if it means he and Ryuji can stay together forever.

The only reason why Mikajima can’t work higher up the ranks is because of his beast of a friend Suga. They tell him he’s the only one who can tame him – but who’s the one being tamed, here?

Yohei Shichibe had a life just like any other. When it ends, he asks his childhood friend to call some very specific people. Why these people, exactly?

This is probably the most popular that Ryuuji’s ever been his entire life, but he just wishes his two lovestruck admirers would shut the hell up.

Story Summary:
Ryuuji and Naomi are close childhood friends. Both had their share of relationships with women, so Ryuuji is frustrated as to why he’s had romantic feelings for the idiotic and oblivious Naomi all this time. While drinking his problems away, as usual, he meets the bartender Kiyotoshi who becomes interested in him, and the two ended up sleeping with each other. Since then, everything went spiraling out of control between the three of them, especially for Ryuuji, whose heart seems to betray him.


Rec me by JIL Hashikura*NEW*

Film. 1 –
When the cameras aren’t rolling, how does Yusuke react when he sees Chizuru in bed with another?

Film. 2 –
As Yusuke asks more and more from Chizuru, Chizuru walks further and further away from him. Is it really okay for both of them to bring their emotions to work?

Film. 3 –
Yusuke keeps chasing after his runaway “cat” Is he really the one doing the chasing, or is he just falling into the trap Chizuru had set up for him?

Film. 4 –
Chizuru tells Enokida that he reminds him of the people he loved. Is this part of his act, or could it be the truest thing he’s said so far?

Film. 5 –
Tsukasa Nishimori is back, and he wants his revenge. But instead of running away, Yusuke reaches out, and holds him closer…

Film. 6 –
After everything that has come to pass between them, will Yusuke finally get the answer he’d always been waiting for?

Story Summary:
Yusuke and Chizuru are known actors in the showbiz industry. To everyone else, they appear to be amicable work colleagues, but off cam, they are in a secret and complicated sexual relationship. While their relationship just sort of happened, Yusuke wants nothing but to monopolize Chizuru, but the latter is insistent on riling him up by seducing other people. At times, Yusuke finds something familiar about Chizuru here and there, and it seems Chizuru has his secrets and a plan he’s been plotting for all this time.



Sleeping Bug by Atsuki Kyoyama*NEW*

Job. 1 –
College intern Uruno is only still at this tiny start-up so he can be with Hongo!

Job. 2 –
Uruno wonders why Hongo appears to be just fine with staying single. Will his thoughts about his beloved senior change when he finds out more about his past?

Job. 3 –
It seems like everywhere Uruno goes, he’s surrounded by bugs. Is the fact that he doesn’t really want to go looking for a girlfriend a bug in his humanity, too?

Job. 4 –
Uruno may have “bought” Hongo for fifty thousand dollars, but where does their relationship go from here? Is Hongo expecting him to do anything…?

Job. 5 –
Hongo is confused when Uruno pushes him away. Uruno’s confused, as well – are his emotions really not enough for him to want to live together?

Job. 6 –
Uruno still can’t understand how people naturally seek out partners, but Hongo said that if Uruno really wants to be more than an admirer, he’d want to take him to bed…

Job. 7 –
In a world that he didn’t quite understand, Uruno found people who could speak his language through programming. But does he understand now why people are way too interested in “love”?

Job. 8 & EXTRA –
Hongo and Uruno try to make their way through to the next level in their relationship, one careful touch at a time.

Story Summary:
Uruno started as an intern in a programming company where the person he’s interested in, his senior, Hongo, works at. While Uruno is skeptical about love matters, he finds himself drawn to Hongo every time he spends with him. All in all, Uruno was fine with the way things are. But when Hongo transfers out, Uruno is left hollow and indifferent. When news of Hongo’s company being booted out reaches Uruno, he is persistent in finding Hongo. He succeeds in finding Hongo, now jobless and homeless, with only his drones for company. Desperate to keep Hongo by his side, Uruno offers to buy Hongo for $50,000.



Trigger by aya isino *NEW*

New divorcé Mitsui can’t believe he ruined his own marriage, so he projects on a man from his past.

Mitsui pushes Sone to his limits every day in their weird non-relationship. Will Sone leave him behind, even when Sakura gets dragged into it?

(CW: child molestation) When he was younger, Mitsui was the class president, and he always thought he was “normal”. But one day, a young new teacher named Nakazawa comes into his life…

Mitsui has to give up a lot if he wants to pay child support. When you take that all away, what else is left for him?

A new, big mattress gets delivered over to Mitsui and Sone’s apartment. Who’s gonna be the one paying for this?

Story Summary:
Mitsui’s life has been thoroughly torn apart. And just when he is confronted with the reality that is his life, he runs into his old classmate and former friend Sone. Although years have gone by since their schooldays together, neither one has been able to forget their past: Mitsui rejected Sone for being gay. Now that they have reconnected, Mitsui’s only interest is to shame and continue to reject Sone for his identity. But is Mitsui merely projecting…? With complex emotions and a twisted past, Mitsui may also be a victim of his circumstances. *Warning: Child molestation*



No Matter How Many Times It Takes by Yuiji Aniya *NEW*

Chapter One –
Takahiro and Taro are long-time lovers who spend every waking moment together, but when tragedy strikes…

Chapter Two –
Takahiro’s brain doesn’t remember anything from the past two years, but now he appears to be dropped right into his and Taro’s apartment. How could they have ended up living together!?

Chapter Three –
When Takahiro accidentally watches a video of his roomie in a very…compromising position, he decides that he absolutely has to overwrite his memory! Is this really something he can forget this fast?

Chapter Four –
Takahiro believes that before his accident, he had fallen in love with his roommate’s twin sister. But if that’s the case, then why has he been reacting to Taro’s presence this strongly?

Chapter Five –
Takahiro thinks he likes seeing his supposed “crush” Tae in an apron…but why does he seem to like it even better when he sees Taro in one!?

Chapter Six –
Takahiro doesn’t understand why he can’t seem to resist Taro. Meanwhile, Taro remembers why Takahiro got into his accident in the first place…

Chapter Seven –
Takahiro’s heart is quiet when he’s not around Taro. What could this possibly mean? Will he finally figure out what he’d been missing all this time?

Chapter Eight –
Now that Takahiro’s found his way back home, does he still remember how Taro fell in love with him? Taro still does…

Story Summary:
Friends-with-benefits turned passionate lovers Takahiro and Taro have never been better. They’ve started living together since Taro got a job and Takahiro started college, and now they’re more than ready to take the next step in their relationship…but when a freak accident takes the last two years of Takahiro’s memories from him, can he find his way back to the love of his life?


Advice for Mutually Unrequited Love by Yuiji Aniya *NEW*

Kousuke said that instead of dating girls, Hiraku should date him. Did Hiraku know what that meant?

Kousuke and Hiraku are back to being just “friends.” Kousuke wants to know – what about him wasn’t good enough for Hiraku to stay as his “lover”?

It’s been a whole year since Kousuke and Hiraku started dating again, but it seems like they haven’t been doing the “stuff that lovers can only do together”! What experience can they unlock tonight?

Kousuke tells Hiraku that he has to figure out how to treat people right. Hiraku snaps back. He better prepare himself! But for what?

Story Summary:
When they were younger, cool, collected Kousuke was the one who asked tiny, adorable Hiraku to be his lover – even when Hiraku couldn’t quite understand what being lovers meant. Now that they’re older and hopefully wiser, can they finally figure out what they got wrong the first time?



NenNen-SaiSai: Years of Color by hideyoshico *NEW*

Goldfish Scooping –
A man named Yohei finds himself face-to-face with a Poverty God who begs him to please go to work!

Uprooted Flowers [Part I] –
In the Edo period, a couple gives their firstborn a stupidly long name in the hopes it prolongs his lifespan…how is Hisashi (real name Jugemu) doing right now?

Uprooted Flowers [Part II] –
It’s been a year since Kou (real name Jugemu) first reunited with the Death God he saw in the war. How has their “friendship” been doing so far – can he help Kou find a way to finally age?

Uprooted Flowers [Part III] –
The Death God tells Jugemu something he’s been wanting to hear for the longest time – in the future, he will die. But until then, where will he be?

The Omukai Family Affair –
For as long as he could ever remember, Souta has been living with his dad, and his dad’s “friend” Renji. But sometimes, Renji tells him that if he tells anyone about his presence, he’ll turn into bubbles and disappear…

Bonus Chapter –
When the Death God first met Jugemu, he lived in a completely barren, empty room. What does it mean when he buys furniture now?

Story Summary:
In the past, a down-on-his-luck poverty god gets saddled with who could possibly be the laziest man ever, and in the present, a death god has to deal with the longest-living man ever. A collection of stories based on the Japanese rakugo stories “Binbougami” and “Jugemu.”



Pound Cake on Sunday by Shizuku Amida *NEW*

BAKE. 1 –
Takeyoshi’s dad can’t stop yapping about how pretty “Nishida” is. Why does he have to cook for him?

BAKE. 2 –
Takeyoshi hears more about what kind of boss his dad is from pretty newcomer Nishida himself. When he blurts out something he probably shouldn’t have – will Nishida’s reply be “pretty”, too?

BAKE. 3 –
The Suzukis, both father and son, apologize to Nishida after the events of last night. Does this have something to do with how Takeyoshi has been spacing out a lot today?

BAKE. 4 –
Takeyoshi convinces his dad to let Nishida come over to eat with them, as much as he wants, today and every day after that. What does Nishida think about that?

BAKE. 5 –
Takeyoshi asks Nishida how he could be 27 and not have his first kiss yet. Meanwhile, Nishida wonders what’s really been going on in this kid’s head…

BAKE. 6 –
Mr. Suzuki notices that there’s been something brewing in the air between his son and Nishida. Will he ever have the guts to just go and ask about it?

BAKE. 7 –
Nishida tries to cheer Takeyoshi up, but he wonders how this guy can just barrel through things and act as if nothing absolutely weird had just happened…

BAKE. 8 –
It’s finally time for Takeyoshi’s graduation! His dad tells him Nishida took a day off so they can spend it together – but what can they even do outside?

Today’s just way too hot for Takeyoshi and Nishida to do anything, but Takeyoshi has a very specific idea of what they should be doing right now…

Story Summary:
In their two-person household, Takeyoshi’s the one who keeps everything running. So when his widower dad says he’s inviting a coworker over, he gets annoyed at having to do more housework…but that’s not all! Who exactly is this “Nishida,” and why does Takeyoshi’s dad never shut up about how pretty he is? Could his dad be harboring a little crush…and could Takeyoshi feel the same?



I Want You Back by Sakaki Kuroda

instrumental #7 THE NEKO BECAME A CAT!? –
One drunk night, Tatsuru wonders how Tezuka would be as a cat…only to get pleasantly surprised when his lover suddenly grows a cat tail!

One rainy day, Tezuka gives his umbrella to someone who needs it. When they get home, they share the bath, and then —

instrumental #9 I REALLY WANT YOU BACK –
It’s summertime – Tezuka and his cat nap with the help of the air conditioner. When Tatsuru comes over, things heat right back up!

bonus track 2 PROVOCATION –
Tatsuru’s boyfriend Taisei’s cat is named Robby, and they don’t get along at all. What plans force Taisei to ask Tatsuru for a cat-related favor?

bonus track 3 AWAKENING –
Taisei Tezuka isn’t the kind of person who Tatsuru would let himself give into his impulses. But why is he staying by his side – even though all his pretty hair’s been buzzed off?

Story Summary:
Tatsuru Hayama loves long, luscious locks drape like the person’s sitting next to him or, rather, sleeping on his shoulder. After the person wakes up in a nervous spurt, Hayama runs off the last train he could take to get home. From that day forward, before he knows it, his eyes start searching for the person with the soft, long hair. What will Hayama do when the person he runs into isn’t an elegant, long-haired angel but a suspicious guy with a buzzcut? First, save his cat. The lives of a med student, a loan shark, and a playful cat come together in an instrumental story with little to no written narrative…



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