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futekiya Chapter Updates: February 2021 Week 1

Hello from futekiya! Here’s the list of updates on the Boys’ Love titles that we released on futekiya in Week 1, February 2021. This week, we’ve added 8 new titles from Shodensha Publishing, as well as the new chapters of Lonely Playground and Groping in the Dark!

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Groping in the Dark by akabeko

As Ai and Yu escape from the aftermath of their frame-up, Makoto goes along with Yamanobe’s plan. Can he get over his fears of women long enough to become “the perfect son”?

As they escape to a random hotel room, Ai tries to convince Yuu that he should really give up on trying to make sense of Betty. Speaking of, how has Betty been doing while Makoto’s away…?

How did Betty end up in Makoto’s bed in the first place? Meanwhile, Ai brings Yuu home, warning him to never get involved with them again. When Betty shows up at his back door…

The trap is set and the bait is ready – Ai might rescue Yuu out of the goodness of his heart, but will it take more than just Betty to capture Makoto?

Ai confronts the man who calls himself his father and tries to get Makoto away from his abductors. Meanwhile, where is “Betty” and his companions going to bring Yuu?

Ai has a very, very weird dream. In his dream, he’s beside a younger Makoto, as he watches him…watch Ai’s younger self?

Story Summary:
As he walks down the street, Yu spots a naked figure in a fur coat. Bound to be arrested by the police, Yu grabs the strange naked man and starts running. Little does he know he just laid his hands on the yakuza’s belonging. That reality quickly catches up to him literally, and before he knows it, Yu is in the middle of yakuza territory. Hot-headed Makoto flaunts his power as usual while calm and collected Ai, his half-brother and first-man, takes care of the aftermath. Gradually, the complications and relations between the yakuza come to light… Yu stepped on a landmine, but how far will the blast reach?


Lonely Playground by Dayoo

PLAY.6 –
Yukifumi runs into utility poles thinking about what he should say to Keisuke’s confession. Meanwhile, how is his first night in a new apartment coming along?

PLAY.7 –
Thanks to Keisuke, Yukifumi finally got to experience how going on a normal date feels like. It seems as if nothing can get in the way of their happiness, but Utsugi has his ammo and he’s not afraid to use it!

PLAY.8 –
Utsugi tries every play in his book to get Yukifumi to go back to him. Would either his carrot or stick still have its intended effect? What reaction will Yukifumi give him in return?

PLAY.9 –
Keisuke and Yukifumi spend their first night as boyfriends. Why do Utsugi’s harsh words from earlier still weigh heavily on Yukifumi’s mind? Will Keisuke let him think about any other things right now?

After losing his wife and his lover, Utsugi drinks away his sorrows. Who’s this tall, younger guy sitting next to him in the bar – and how far does he want to go tonight?

Keisuke invited Yukifumi to come visit his family, and he’s super nervous about it! How will the Kishino family warm up to their Keisuke’s career man boyfriend?

Story Summary:
Keisuke works in a Chinese restaurant near a train station. He has a type for sophisticated-looking salarymen who pass by their shop. One rainy night, his co-worker pushes him to offer an umbrella to an office worker seeking refuge under an overpass. Upon going there, Keisuke is surprised to find that said office worker is crying. Keisuke then learns that the office worker, Yukifumi, is abandoned by his partner. Said partner was already married while their affair lasted for seven years. He also learns that the reason Yukifumi is waiting under the overpass was in hopes of someone else coming along. Seeing a chance to hook up, Keisuke offers himself to Yukifumi. But when Utsugi, Yukifumi’s ex-lover, shows up the next day, things become more complicated for everyone involved.


Marriage to the Wolf: The Tale of an Inter-species Union by Hana Inui *NEW*

The Wolf Tribe comes to the aid of the Hare village – in exchange for Kaede’s hand in marriage!

As his carriage gets nearer to the Wolf Tribe’s household, Kaede comes to a decision – he’ll be so happy that the family that gave him away couldn’t stand it! But will his future husband Ren cooperate with his dream…?

Despite the painful “training” and cold shoulder treatment he gets from his fiancé every day, Kaede thinks that if he just grins and bears it everything will be fine – but even the most patient of hares have their breaking point!

Sometimes, Ren leaves Kaede at the mercy of the aphrodisiac’s effects, but sometimes, he comes back to save him. With every day that passes, it seems like Kaede is getting along well with his wolf husband-to-be – but what happens when it all crashes down?

Yuushi tells Kaede about why he was chosen to be Ren’s mate. But is there any sense to the differences he could have brought into Ren’s life if he cannot help him right now?

Kaede and Ren became mates yesterday, but now, it’s finally the end of their month-long ritual and time for their “rite of devotion”. How will they spend their first night as spouses?

Every time Ren goes out to visit their business’ clients, he always brings something back for Kaede. Could this be the way he shows his love?

Story Summary:
With a bad harvest and more mouths to feed, the Hare village struggles to come up with ways to get through the year. One night, the answer to their prayers comes from… the WOLF Tribe? Monthly food rations for two years, enough for their whole village, in exchange for one of their own to betroth the Kuroe Family’s son. After a long journey to the Wolf Tribe, Kaede, who has sworn to find happiness in his new life, is immediately thrown into a pre-marriage ceremony with his new fiancé, Ren. What will Kaede do after meeting the completely insufferable and mean Ren, who he has to marry?!


Lovin’ Your Face by Deme Kingyobachi *NEW*

Yasutaka really likes his classmate Takakura’s beautiful face. But this really isn’t a crush, okay?

Naozumi Takakura looks and acts like the most perfect of perfect students, but Yasutaka is realizing he’s just a big old brat! Why is he even keeping secrets with his cousin!?

Yasutaka hasn’t spoken to Naozumi ever since the time he didn’t want to share his secret. Is it really something he should want to know?

Azuma’s roommate Mitsuwa brings a different girl home every night. He confesses that what he actually just needs is someone to sleep beside him in the same bed – and asks Azuma if he can do that for him instead!

Azuma has a one-night training camp scheduled this week, and he can’t help but worry if Mitsuwa could sleep soundly without him! Meanwhile, Mitsuwa has been noticing some things…

Azuma probably didn’t get into a fight with Mitsuwa, but why isn’t he coming back to their dorm room? Will they ever get the chance to talk this out amongst themselves before it’s too late?

Once upon a time, Naozumi didn’t hate his face that much – he was even proud of it. What were the words he’d been waiting to hear – and will he ever hear them again?

Story Summary:
Yasutaka can’t peel his eyes off his classmate Takakura’s face – it’s just so beautiful and well-balanced, like that of a perfect porcelain doll. But it doesn’t mean he likes him or anything – so it means he won’t feel awkward when he gets the chance to draw him up close, right?


GATAPISHI by Niboshiko Arai *NEW*

To transferee Ano, everything seems interesting – from that temple, to his cute classmate Zuisen!

In Zuisen’s eyes, it looks like Ano has everything – a cheerful, ceaselessly friendly personality that makes everyone want to get to know him. But behind that boisterous demeanor is a secret…

Ano may be all bluster and blind confidence, but is that enough to get him through an impromptu session of Zazen – or will every one of his mistakes make Zuisen even more and more angry?

CHAPTER 4 –Ano comes over to help Zuisen’s family temple during the Bon Festival. When Zuisen gets too touchy-feely and says too much in front of his parents, can Ano handle the aftermath?

Ano and Zuisen go back to the temple, where Ano gets to have a chat to Zuisen’s dad. Ano gets to stay over in Zuisen’s room, even – but what’s waiting for Ano when he comes back home the next day?

Zuisen takes a nice, long look at what Ano has under his belt. Could they figure out some way to deal with it together?

Story Summary:
Kosuke Ano transferred to a new high school, and everything is new and exciting… or maybe he’s just loud and oblivious to his surroundings. He didn’t even know the school he entered was built by the temple nearby. Tomoyuki Zuisen, on the other hand, son of a monk, has been raised in the temple but susceptible to severe mood swings. Regardless, he guides the clueless Ano through the basics of monk disciplines like the practice of meditation, Zazen. Kosuke, although enthusiastic and full of energy, ends up falling asleep during Zazen. Will Ano be able to prove to Zuisen that he is not just noisy and easily elated? Or will Zuisen be quicker to suppress Ano’s spirit?


I Want You Back by Sakaki Kuroda *NEW*

bonus track 1 WHITE CAT BLACK NEKO –
Tatsuru let a stranger with beautiful hair nap on his shoulder until the very last train station.

instrumental #1 HIGH AND MIGHTY –
Tatsuru gets a little bit jealous when he sees Tezuka dote over their fluffy little kitten. Can he express this feeling without words?

instrumental #2 SPEAK LOW (wake not a sleeping lion) –
Tatsuru and Tezuka try to sneak in some fun while the cat takes a nap. They probably shouldn’t be doing this when there are breakable items on the table…

instrumental #3 TONIGHT’S SIDE DISH –
The unnamed cat’s owner is Tezuka. a self-professed “neko”. What kind of subliminal messaging will he give his lover over groceries?

instrumental #4 QUIET STORM –
Everything feels like a dream – but before they know it, Tezuka has Tatsuru behind him, holding him close as in front of them crouches a young boy…with cat ears?

Tatsuru tries to have some fun while Tezuka’s asleep, but the cat won’t let him get away with his sneaky hands!

instrumental #6 TWO CATS ALIKE –
Between his actual pet at Tatsuru, sometimes it feels like Tezuka has two clingy little kittens vying for his attention…

Story Summary:
Tatsuru Hayama loves long, luscious locks drape like the person’s sitting next to him or, rather, sleeping on his shoulder. After the person wakes up in a nervous spurt, Hayama runs off the last train he could take to get home. From that day forward, before he knows it, his eyes start searching for the person with the soft, long hair. What will Hayama do when the person he runs into isn’t an elegant, long-haired angel but a suspicious guy with a buzzcut? First, save his cat. The lives of a med student, a loan shark, and a playful cat come together in an instrumental story with little to no written narrative…


Ninja Stalker! by Asahi Fujiwara *NEW*

Runaway ninja Benimaru gets way too attached to a man whose words gave him the will to live.

Lord Shinosuke says Benimaru should do whatever he wants, but all Benimaru wants to do is stay by his side! When he gives his beloved lord some medicine, are there any side effects he should worry about…?

Benimaru was the most skilled ninja of their village, and that’s why everyone wishes he could come back! He begrudgingly agrees, but he has one last request of his beloved Lord Shinosuke…

With Souta’s help, Benimaru tries to make up for his love by finding a suitable wife for Lord Shinosuke. But can Shinosuke imagine himself with anyone else other than Benimaru at his side?

Lord Shinosuke says that Benimaru doesn’t have to do anything outrageous to stand by his side – he just has to be himself. So why does the young Lord ask for a favor that only Souta can do?

When Souta sees Lord Shinosuke agree that their family doesn’t have the money to ransom Benimaru back from his captors, he rushes to his fellow ninja’s side – but did he really hear the full story?

Story Summary:
As a runaway ninja, Benimaru has little to no prospects in life. As he was lying in the woods, contemplating his death, a stranger approaches him and gives him back his will to live. Benimaru finds out that the man was none other than the province’s feudal lord’s son, Lord Shinosuke Kiyohisa Yamato. Putting his skills to use, Benimaru sneaks around and secretly looks after Lord Shinosuke, who may be much more clueless than he lets on…


To Dear, My Sorrow by Mataaki Kureno *NEW*

The drunk guy Shouma helps out of the garbage heap turns out to be Ashida, an infamous classmate. 

It’s been a week since Shouma’s meddling got him a new roommate. How has it been living with Ashida so far…he hasn’t been awakening anything in him, has he…?

Shouma gets invited to group dates and mixers. Even then, the only one on his mind still is Ashida…what does this mean? When Ashida snuggles up next to him while he’s asleep, will something come out of it…?

It feels like Ashida has been growing cold towards Shouma ever since the events of last night. What does it mean when Shouma isn’t too mad about the prospect of doing it all over again?

Ashida doesn’t know where he should go, but what he does know is that Shouma deserves to be with someone who could love him better. Does Shouma share the same opinion?

After everything comes to pass, Ashida just wants to kiss Shouma. Will he be content with just kissing…?

Story Summary:
Shouma Tsuji was on his way home from work when he finds a drunk man plastered all over a garbage heap. Pitying the man’s state, he decided to help and brought the man to his home. He lets the man use his shower, and once the stranger is all sober and cleaned up, Shouma’s surprised to find that the man he helped was Takeru Ashida, a school mate from his middle school days. Takeru was well-known back then, and his gay reputation didn’t exactly endear him to his Shouma’s peers. Now, looking at an adult Takeru, Shouma is left with mixed feelings. Takeru reassures him that he doesn’t really remember much though he points out that Shouma has a kind nature for taking him in. He also shared that he was drowning his sorrows due to another rejection. Takeru then takes advantage of Shouma’s kindness, which leads to more things than one.


Je T’aime, Café Noir (New Edition) by Tomoko Yamashita *NEW*

Takaichi just wanted to see what face Yoh would make. Is his “like” just the friendly type?

When Kiriya’s friend Mihama called him a hateful slur, his high school self could barely handle the pain. When a chance encounter leads to them meeting as full-grown adults, can he fare any better this time around?

With the unfamiliar words Mamiya uses that seem straight out of a video game, he might as well be speaking another language. Between all the complicated lines, what does he really want to say?

Five times a week, Shiroh comes over to have dinner at his gay friend Kaho’s place. Could love be the reason why his home-cooked meals taste way too good?

They really aren’t eavesdropping on their customers, but when the customers are this energetic, can you blame them? Welcome to Café Noir!

A girl drops her ball into someone’s house and ends up befriending a self-proclaimed wizard – picture book maker Sumiyoshi, who casts weird spells on his things and still hasn’t gotten over his lost love.

Every day, he drives the limited express train heading to Haneda Airport, and every day, it feels like he’s endlessly running from the memory of his first love.

The self-proclaimed wizard and his pupil scope out some new guys for the wizard to love. Could they break the spell of his silk tree any time soon?

Story Summary:
Des histoires d’amour douces-amères. A collection of love stories filled with drama by Tomoko Yamashita. Love is bittersweet, like a cup of black coffee.

“La Campanella”: A story about the friendship between an anti-social know-it-all and a friendly but selfish people pleaser.
“Saturday, Boy, Phenomenon”: “Take me away, U.F.O.” became the mantra of a man bullied by his friend for being gay. A sudden reunion jolts them both back into their bitter history. WARNING: Use of anti-gay slurs
“The Spell of Love”; The often untold story of what happens “the morning after.” Will it be game over? Or will they continue playing…?
“Cu, Clau, Come”: They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Tomato soup, bread, horse mackerel, and chicken bowls… will they ever enjoy curry together?
“Je T’aime, Café Noir”: The cafe is a hotspot for drama and strangers’ stories colliding. The small cafe’s two workers love to eavesdrop on their customers’ conversations, discuss, and sometimes even nudge the story a little with their weapons of choice: a cup of coffee.
“A Wizard’s Pupil”: People say not to go near the fourth block’s house because of the crazy man who lives there. But that couldn’t stop a certain schoolgirl from wandering. The “crazy” man and the girl form a peculiar friendship that may be the man’s much-needed salvation.
“Once Upon a Time in Tokyo”: A train conductor sees all the passengers as they get on the train and finds them again as they get off at their destinations. Used to being the fly on the wall, how will the conductor feel as the one being found?


Red Theater by Chise Ogawa *NEW*

THE FIRST EPISODE Le premier épisode –
Yuli takes over his family’s shoe brand after his mother’s death. How much truth is in this lie?

THE SECOND EPISODE Le deuxième épisode –
How did Adam Coutaud end up catching the eyes of Abalkin’s founder, Yuliya…and how did her son Yuli become his best and brightest muse?

THE THIRD EPISODE Le troisième épisode –
As Yuli’s actions grow more and more erratic, Adam and his uncle Mikhail decide they should do something about him. Will Yuli let them leave him out of all the fun for long?

THE LAST EPISODE Le dernière épisode –
When an important client blows their top at Abalkin, it’s time for Mikhail and Adam to set their restructuring plan into action – but is Adam still up for leaving Yuli behind?

EXTRA EPISODE Épisode supplémentaire –
Long, long ago, Mikhail and Carlos had a very special relationship. Now, at Carlos’ request, Mikhail wears an uncomfortable pair of sky-high slingbacks…

EPILOGUE Épilogue –
In a house where mimosa flowers bloom, two men – Adam and Yuli – dote over a young girl named Emma. What happens when she sees a pair of high heels in the depths of the closet?

Story Summary:
When the sudden death of famous women’s shoe designer Yuliya sends shockwaves through the fashion world, one androgynous boy in high heels takes her place – Yuliya’s only son, Yuli. In just five years, Yuli turns his family’s declining shoe brand into a brand only the rich and famous ever wear, but what’s behind all this sudden success? Behind the flashy lights, Yuli offers himself up for wealthy patrons, with nobody but his trusted assistant Adam by his side. But there’s one more secret Yuli isn’t telling anyone – the one behind all of Yuli’s successful designs is Adam!


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