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futekiya Chapter Updates: December 2022 Week 5

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates from Week 5, December 2022. Make sure you follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with new Boys’ Love manga releases!


A Break From Japan, Vol. 13 by Senko Tohmiya

Part 3, Chapter 14
Yamato is the kind of master who would even want Kanno to live. Is it too late?

Part 3, Chapter 15
Miraculously, Kanno may still survive. Ikuno wants to know why he has to.

Part 3, Chapter 16
Tenchi has called two sworn enemies into his private quarters. How do they get along off the record?

Part 3, Chapter 17
Years ago, Kanno went against all protocol to protect that child. Now, the child remembers.

Story Summary:
Yamato Katsuragi wishes he could hit the fast-forward button on his life. After losing his parents at the age of three, Yamato has been much alone. His relatives despise him, and his classmates envy him. Yamato attends a prestigious private boys’ school on a scholarship and thus, occupies the spot at the top of his grade. Well… occupied. A new student, Sekai Higashikariya, has transferred and taken Yamato’s spot.


Hopelessly Devoted, Vol. 10 by Kotetsuko Yamamoto 

Hopelessly Devoted(34)
Kenji is Yoshito’s boyfriend, but he would really appreciate explicit confirmation.

Hopelessly Devoted(35) / Sex Talk 1 / Sex Talk 2
One quiet night, Yoshito brings Kenji on a date by the ocean. How will this night unfold?

Hopelessly Devoted(36)
Yuuji thinks he has the perfect gift for Saburou’s birthday. Kenji thinks otherwise.

Hopelessly Devoted(37) /Events Leading up to “Meanwhile, in Room 501…” /Afterword
Stuck in close quarters, Kenji and Yuuji get to talking about what the future may bring.

Story Summary:
Yuuji isn’t your usual Buddhist priest — he’s young, good-looking, and his natural charm makes him a hit with everyone in the shopping district! Unfortunately for his leagues of adoring admirers, though, he says he’s all but sworn off love, dating, and marriage, and that his life is devoted to the practice of his faith. There’s just one thing he isn’t telling anyone: Yuuji does have someone he loves, but they can never date or marry: his childhood friend, Saburou!


Fascination Melt, by Tomato Machida *NEW*

Chapter 1
An incubus has come to earth for his graduation project. What does love got to do with it?

Chapter 2
It’s been a week since Aoi and Laki started living together. Why does it still feel like there’s a wall between them?

Chapter 3
Laki may have overdid it last night, but should he really blame himself for Aoi sleeping in?

Chapter 4
Laki is an incubus who acts more human than Aoi does. Is Aoi finally falling for him?

Now that Laki passed his test, what does the future hold for him and Aoi?

Story Summary:
Laki is an incubus on the road to graduation from demon school. His graduation assignment: make the target fall in love with him without revealing confidential information regarding the demon world, including details of the graduation assignment. His target: Aoi Shiiba.

Posing as a homeless person, Laki manages to have Aoi invite him to his house. Things seem to be going well, and Aoi easily agrees to Laki’s offer of sex. But it turns out, Aoi is too good at sex that Laki’s identity as an incubus was exposed. Adding to the problem, Aoi sleeps with every woman who offers. Will Laki be able to make Aoi fall for him?


Replicant: The Love of Dolly the Sheep, by Supokon Yamada *NEW*

A young clone student wants to hear the story of her “grandpa’s” past.

Seth is getting married. Chris is heartbroken, but that’s not the least of his problems.

Chris has an idea. Can it save Christina and Seth’s marriage?

#004 / Afterword (FINAL CHAPTER)
Where has the real Seth Wilson ended up? The answer to this lies in Lab 08.

Story Summary:
In a world where World War III happened, and the human population decreased, scientific research was developed to address the problem: cloning technology. Chris and Seth are lead researchers of the lab that had successfully made the first perfect human clone in history. 

Even as best friends, the two harbor feelings for one another that goes beyond friendship. But Seth is soon to be engaged, leaving Chris to suppress his feelings to wish Seth happiness. To what ends will the two of them go?




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