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futekiya Chapter Updates: December 2022 Week 3

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates from Week 3, December 2022. Make sure you follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with new Boys’ Love manga releases!


Beast’s Storm: Hold Me Baby!, by Morry Kuroi *NEW*

Shouta and Riku’s parents are on vacation in Hawaii. There are no familiar faces here…right?

Akira saw someone from his past get married. Sougo is unbelievably jealous.

Someone new is about to pick Shouta up from daycare. How much does his grandpa know his teacher?

When they were young, Soushi met Yuu. As fellow experiments, they bonded instantly, but…

Ever since they parted ways, Soushi and Yuu never stopped thinking of each other. Is this finally their time?

Bonus: Hold Me Baby! Afterstory (FINAL CHAPTER)
Our happy family is finally home from the hospital. How has Shouta taken to being an older brother?

Story Summary:
A continuation of Beast’s Storm: Hug Me Baby.

In this world, there are humans without beast ears, and humans with beast ears called Bestia. After the ordeal with Sougo’s father, Akira and Sougo are spending one happy day at a time with their son, Shouta. A relaxing vacation in Hawaii brings them closer than ever, and it seems Shouta will soon be a big brother!

On another note, Sougo’s father, Soushi, is reunited with his first love: Yuu Ohara, one of Shouta’s daycare teachers. Memories between the two resurface, and they are still drawn to each other, just like the day they first met. Can the two of them finally have their happily ever after?


Fall Madly in Love and Sing: R. I. P., by miso *NEW*

Chapter 1
In this town, your only options are to be a gangster or a rapper. Which one is KAI?

Chapter 2
Mr. Kiritani just lost his job. Is there no choice for him other than to follow KAI?

Chapter 3
KAI always thought that if he brought Mr. Kiritani down to the same level as him, they’d suffer the same way.

Chapter 4
It’s been a year since the incident happened. Mr. Kiritani goes to therapy.

Chapter 5
Mr. Kiritani wants to know who killed his student. How far is he willing to go to find the truth?

Chapter 6
KAI promised that he’d drag Kiritani down into hell. But he didn’t expect Kiritani to drag him out of it.

Hitoshi Kiritani has plans for the Shelter. But before that, he wants to turn himself in.

Story Summary:
KAI is a gang leader known for his rapping skills and less-than-pleasant dealings. His life had long been messed up with events he had no control over, and he had resigned himself to his current life. That is, until a poster leads him to a familiar face he hadn’t in years.

Hitoshi Kiritani is an average teacher trying to live up to his principles and forget a traumatic past. But KAI has other plans: to make him fall into the same hell as him. “Fall further to the deepest depths.” (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)


We Aren’t Secure, by Yuco Sojima *NEW*

Chapter 1
Gou has always been a man of few words, but he had always been Motoki’s friend.

Chapter 2
When Motoki was young, Gou was the one who saved him. Things have changed now.

Chapter 3
Gou has never been one to show his emotions. But now, Motoki wants to see them.

Chapter 4
Motoki doesn’t usually go on school trips. Why are he and Gou going on one this time?

Chapter 5
Why won’t Gou just take Motoki as his mate? What exactly is he waiting for?

Does Gou believe Motoki when he says he’s in love?

Story Summary:
Motoki is the student council president known to be hard on alphas. He hates how most of society still decides superiority based on dynamics despite modern times. Being an omega himself, Motoki refuses to let his dynamic define him. To him, alphas are scum who can’t control their urges and instincts. However, there was an exception: his childhood friend Gou, who is unlike other alphas.

When Motoki’s suppressants go missing in his time of heat, he finds himself helpless against malicious alphas and is saved by Gou. But it seems that even Gou isn’t immune to the instincts of his dynamic. Will this be the end of their friendship?


Wails of the Bound ;β, Vol. 2 by Keri Kusabi

Chapter 6
Sumi’s boss shouldn’t know how he got his latest contract. Who was the alpha who helped him?

Chapter 7
Sumi’s boss shouldn’t know how he got his latest contract. Who was the alpha who helped him?

Chapter 8
Utou has caught up to what had been happening around him. Now that he knows, can Sumi tell him the truth?

Chapter 9
Sumi did what he felt he had to do. How does he feel about the aftermath?

Story Summary:
A Beta who wanted to protect an Omega and an Omega betrayed by a Beta — the long-awaited sequel to the brilliant Omegaverse story by genius mangaka Keri Kusabi!! A new graduate, Sasabe, is assigned to Utou, who works for a major advertising agency and takes good care of by his subordinates. Even though the newcomer is cheeky, overly ambitious and shows a bad attitude right away, Utou feels that he can’t leave him alone. He soon finds out Sasabe’s secret: he has a predisposition to seduce people and stir up their sexual desire.

Betrayed by his best friends, oppressed by his parents… Sasabe just wants to get out of a life of suffering. He tries to hide his discriminated Omega status, and wants to move up relying only on his talent. Utou keeps watching over him, even helping him to relieve his pain when he goes on heat. But, his past inability to protect someone who was dear to him makes him hesitate to get close to Sasabe. In the meantime, unbeknown to them, the higher-ups have dirty plans for Sasabe… (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)





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