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futekiya Chapter Updates: December 2022 Week 2

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates from Week 2, December 2022. Make sure you follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with new Boys’ Love manga releases!


Like the Beast, Vol. 14 by Kotetsuko Yamamoto 

Chapter 29
Yamase wants to know how relationships like his usually go. Is BL the best teacher?

Chapter 30
There’s this new BL game and one of the love interests looks just like Ueda. Aki won’t get obsessed…right?

Chapter 31, Part 1
Tomoharu brings Aki home to meet his grandpa in the hospital. How much of their love does he know?

Chapter 31, Part 2 / Ring-A-Versary / Afterword
Tomoharu’s grandpa wants to see his first grandson married before he passes on. What’s on Aki’s finger now?

Story Summary:
Tomoharu Ueda is content being a police officer in his neighborhood. He likes helping people, and in return, people like him. One night, he gets visited by a yakuza who turned to be the victim of the underwear thief he caught the previous night. The yakuza is Aki Gotouda, the heir of the Gotouda group, who thanked him for catching the thief. To Tomoharu’s surprise, Aki confesses that he has feelings for him. Thus starts a forbidden relationship between a police officer and a yakuza.


Flower and Dragon ~ a Spin-off of Kizuna ~, by Kazuma Kodaka *NEW*

Scattering Blossoms
Ryuji Kazama should have a normal life. But when the past he never remembered comes calling…

Inside the Walls
With no family and no home left, Ryuji doesn’t have the will to defend himself anymore.

Dragon’s Claw
Ryuji Kazama may have been broken over and over, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate him.

Two Reunions
What kind of world awaits Ryuji outside the four walls of prison? How is he supposed to live from now on?

Story Summary:
At seven years old, Ryuji’s yakuza parents were murdered in front of him, leaving him so traumatized that he erased the memories from his mind and started living with his new mother, his biological aunt. 

At seventeen years old, Ryuji comes home one day to find his unknown past had caught up to him. While ten years ago his mind protected him by forgetting, now his body protects him by fighting blindly until nothing was left but dead bodies, pools of blood, and… his little brother Tomoya. What further hell awaits him in prison…? (CONTENT WARNING: Rape, Dubious Consent)


City Lights Birthday, by Chika Hongo *NEW*

Chapter 1
Azuma isn’t the kind of person who would have a fated mate, but Mahoro is.

Chapter 2
Azuma might have found a way to trace the young boy from Mahoro’s memories.

Chapter 3
The more that Mahoro and Azuma get closer to who Ren could have been, the less sure they become.

Chapter 4
Mahoro — now under his real name, Kotaro Mahaba — seems to have gotten closer to the truth behind Ren.

Chapter 5
Tsujitani lets Azuma know who he thinks Ren is right now. But will Azuma tell Kotaro the truth?

Chapter 6
Kotaro thinks he should have looked for Ren on his own in the first place. Is there no longer any chance for Azuma to meet him again?

Last Chapter
Azuma reads Ren’s letter until the very end. What does this mean for his future with Kotaro?

Story Summary:
Shijima’s younger coworker says they’re in love with him. This is weird because they confess that Shijima forgot to slick his hair back today. This is unbelievable because this “younger coworker” is the cool and collected Takito — who’s also a dude! Shijima says this is just a bug in Takito’s emotions, and he’ll get over him in time, but how can he insist when Takito’s just so smitten with him?


I Won’t Say I Love You, by Yahilo Caji *NEW*

Chapter 1
Minami Nashimoto moved to Tokyo to be exactly like his idol. How far can he go?

Chapter 2
If anyone would ever come up with the idea of a “gay porn star idol unit”, of course it would be Kaede.

Chapter 3
Minami and Yuma aren’t getting along, no matter what everyone thinks. Is this the truth?

Chapter 4
Yuma doesn’t want Minami to sleep with anyone else before him – and maybe even after. What now?

Chapter 5 / Bonus Track (FINAL CHAPTER)
Yuma is a very, very possessive boyfriend, and Minami’s only feeling the full brunt of him right this moment.

Story Summary:
Minami Nashimoto came to Tokyo to pursue his dream to become a porn actor, but his debut will be on a gay video?! If that wasn’t enough, his colleague Yuma Honami, who becomes his trainer, is a sarcastic and unpleasant guy. He may be a star, but he’s too arrogant! 

But, as he spends time with him, Minami realizes that Yuma won’t let anyone get close because he’s just a very awkward guy, and Minami starts feeling that he can’t leave him alone… Cool and sadistic star actor & lively straight newcomer, from not-so-close colleagues to irreplaceable partners!





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