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futekiya Chapter Updates: December 2020 Week 3

Hello from futekiya! Here are the Chapter Updates of the Boys’ Love titles that we released in Week 3, December 2020. Our weekly full-volume releases have been super popular, so we’re here to keep you fed with 5 more new titles this week! We hope you enjoy them!

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My Boss is a Yapping, Mean-Spirited Fox Spirit by Nao Yurino and Hinako Niwatori

Eternal Vow (2) Ch.38 –
Tadatsugu finally confesses to Ibuki who his destined companion is. But Ibuki’s got a confession of his own…

Story Summary:
Ibuki, a child of a fox spirit and a human, is despised by his fox spirit relatives due to his parentage. However, Ibuki’s own fox spirit abilities awaken at the age of 13 upon the death of his father, giving him close to godlike powers. To escape those who want to use his powers for devious purposes, Ibuki seals his powers away and hides in plain sight as the personal assistant of Tadatsugu, the next head of the Kuki family, the strongest of all fox spirit families. Despite Tadatsugu’s extremely intimate body touches, Ibuki works hard to be good at his job. But what happens when a god of death from Ibuki’s family tracks him down? How much longer can Ibuki run from those who want his power?


Lying Devil by Sumako Kari 

page.8 –
Ugo just can’t get over Amari’s words – “goodbye, Ugo.” How can he focus on his work when all he can think about is him?

page.9 –
The only guy Amari’s ever been with was Ugo. It’s only reasonable that he doesn’t know how it is to be in the dating scene…

page.10 –
Even when he’s drunk, Amari just knows he shouldn’t let himself go to Ugo’s apartment again. But how much longer can he stand not touching him?

page.11 –
After Ugo deals with a death in his family, Amari helps Ugo get over his writer’s block – and much, much more than that, as well.

page.12 –
Amari and Ugo are very different kinds of authors – even the way they write their heroines aren’t the same. Does this have any relation to how they are in real life?

last page –
Amari and Chiba look through Ugo’s house in the hopes of finding any clue where he’s disappeared to this time. What will Amari do next?

Bonus Track –
Ugo and Amari catch up for the first time in a long time. So many things between them have changed but in the bedroom…?

Story Summary:
Amari, now an established manga artist, is in a complicated relationship with Ugo, his former senior in the previous place he worked in. If anything, their relationship ended as quickly as it started. Amari never really understood Ugo back even when he was still Ugo’s assistant, which brings him in a confusing dilemma on how and where they even stand in the first place. Meanwhile, Ugo tries to distance himself from Amari and keep their relationship casual due to certain reasons. But it seems both of them can’t really reign in those feelings well…



TURN.1 –
Tanaka looks ordinary, but for some reason Tsukasa can’t help thinking there’s something really off about him. What is he like outside school?

TURN.2 –
After what feels like ages of trying not to catch his eye, Mashimo runs into Tanaka on his way home. What happens when he gets invited over for dinner…?

TURN.3 –
After that one night together, it almost feels as if Mashimo’s the only one who remembers what Tanaka did to him – until Tanaka suddenly starts stealing kisses and touches when no one can see!

TURN.4 –
Tanaka invites Mashimo to his place only to have Mashimo warned off by his younger sister Akari. Is this finally the time for him to figure out what’s going on between him and Tanaka?

TURN.5 –
Mashimo confronts Tanaka about the state of their relationship. Does he really have to be worried about Tanaka seeing other people?

Bonus track –
Right after Tanaka and Mashimo’s first time, Tanaka had a lot of important thoughts. What are these thoughts about…?

Story Summary:
Mashimo is a senior in university, wondering whether he should apply to the school’s graduate program. Intending to collect papers to aid him in the decision, he goes to his professor’s office only to find a new face greeting him at the door. Mashimo later finds out that the strange man he met in the office earlier is Yuuto Tanaka, a first-year star graduate student from another university. Mashimo quickly realizes that the personality he sees when he sees Tanaka is not the same personality that everybody else sees. But one night, as Mashimo stumbles home and wanders into an unknown street, he runs into – is that Tanaka?!


My Little Inferno by Nemui Asada *NEW*

no.1 –
Hitoshi sometimes wonders if a genie will appear if he finds the right magic lamp. Too bad for him, all he finds is a strange man in the trunk of a car!

no.2 –
Hitoshi tries to get some help dealing with the strange man in his apartment, but when the police proves to be useless, can he muster the courage to confront this man all by himself?

no.3 –
Little by little, the strange man in Hitoshi’s apartment gets to know more about his life and the people around him. Why is he tagging along and where the hell is he getting all his money from?

no.4  –
Hitoshi wonders if maybe he’s gotten a little bit too used to having Mah around. But there’s no time to think about that – someone’s taking him inside their unmarked vehicle!

no.5 –
Mayumi and Hitoshi kill some time by watching livestreams together, and Mayumi tells Hitoshi more about himself. What is their relationship like now?

Hitoshi falls asleep on his feet, and Mayumi’s the one who has to tuck him into bed. How good is Mayumi at domestic stuff like this?

Story Summary:
Hitoshi Arai is just an average college student with a mediocre life. During high school, he was bullied for being fat and got stressed and anxious easily. He had hoped that college would give him a fresh new start, but he remains his ordinary lone self. One night on his way home from his part-time job, Hitoshi accidentally bumps his bag of groceries into a car. He immediately inspects the car to see if he left any scratches while internally musing about Aladdin’s story. He is surprised when the trunk of the car pries itself opens, revealing an intimidating figure of a man who proceeds to take advantage of Hitoshi by letting him stay at his home. Intimidated and scared, Hitoshi does what the man wants. The man introduces himself as ‘Mah’ and thus, begins complicating Hitoshi’s ordinary life.


One Room Angel by Harada *NEW*

Stuck in his dead-end life, Kouki doesn’t have a lot of things. When he gets stabbed, he suddenly gains one thing – an angel roommate.

#2 THE TWO –
Kouki tries to look for a job once more. Meanwhile, the angel in his apartment wants to try something new…

#3 ANGEL –
In the hopes of jogging his memory, the amnesiac angel in Kouki’s apartment suggests they go back to the place where they first met. How willing is Kouki to go back to the place where he got stabbed?

#4 KOUKI –
Kouki and the angel finally get an appearance from the infamous Arisa. What did Kouki do in the past to completely piss her off?

#5 TEARS –
The angel finds a clue as to who he was, and he may not be from heaven after all.  With this in mind, he and Kouki go back to the scene of the crime.

Little by little, the angel starts to piece the life of the human he had used to be. What does he plan to do now?

#7 ” ” and #8 ” ” –
Kouki and his angel have been smiling more and more often. It seems like things can only get better for both of them, but how long can this happiness last?

Story Summary:
There are a lot of things that Kouki doesn’t have – no hobbies, no friends, no lover, no stable job, and no will to live. So when a random tussle with some kids gets him stabbed, he thinks maybe this is finally his ticket out of this crappy life. But just as he’s about to pass out he sees a beautiful “angel”… How is Kouki supposed to cope when less than a month later, he’s mysteriously healed, has astronomical bills to pay and suddenly has the same beautiful angel as his amnesiac roommate?


Momo and Manji by sawa sakura *NEW* 

Manji thinks it’s the absolute worst timing when the fire warning bells go off just as he’s finally got Momo in his embrace!

Manji found himself at a brothel, but he’s not here for any of the ladies – he’s here to accompany Momo. Why did Momo want to go here?

While the young master, his wife, and their kids are away, house-sitters Momo and Manji will play. How is being with Manji different from those Momo had been with in the past?

Manji brings Momo along for his odd job of the day manning a picture show. How do the people around them think of their relationship?

Momo comes home to see someone looking for Manji – Manji’s uncle, Mr. Iwai! How was Manji’s life before he left the nest?

Momo’s sick and hopelessly bedridden, but for some reason the only medicine he seems to want is somewhere deep inside of Manji!

Once upon a time, long ago in the Yushima Tenmangu, a new kagema named Momo gets shown the ropes on the art of seduction.

Story Summary:
In the latter half of the Bunsei Era, wandering musician Manji takes in former kagema Momo. In Manji’s fierce, passionate embrace, Momo finally understands how it feels like to be a lover on equal footing with his partner – and it feels just like a dream! With his heart by his side and the rest of their lives stretching out beyond them, will he ever get used to being this happy?


A Stray Dog in the Night by Nobara Aiko *NEW*

Shintani can’t help but notice that his fellow dealer Kikuchi has some dirty tricks up his sleeve.

dice.1 –
Shintani pieces together what two of his coworkers have been up to… while Sudou catches a third coworker in a delicate position.

dice.2 –
When Shintani opens his eyes, both him and Kikuchi had been tied up and captured. What just happened here, and what is Sudou planning to do with both of them?

dice.3 –
Sudou calls Shintani out on what is apparently his bad taste in men. How much more muddled can the relationship between the three of them get?

dice.4 –
Shintani just can’t help but want to fish Kikuchi out of the mess he’s gotten himself in. Sudou gives him an alternative way to help, but is he up for doing it…?

dice.5 –
Sudou appears to be excited for his “first night” with Shintani. Who could possibly walk into them like this? And is this actually helping him pay Kikuchi’s debt?

Story Summary:
Underground casino “Paradise,” like all casinos, has a healthy amount of seediness. Toru Shintani, a dealer, suspects his dealer colleague Kikuchi is stealing from the casino and confronts him. Little did Shintani know that this was the first step into his quick descent into the shady side of “Paradise.” To keep an eye on Kikuchi, Shintani opens up his home to the poor thief and plays a make-do go-between for Kikuchi and the yakuza in charge of the casino. Shintani soon finds out that dealing with the yakuza won’t go as smoothly as dealing for them.


Tyrant Boyfriend~6 UNDER GROUND~ (The Complete Edition) by Ukya Iwashimizu

In the end, whose side will Keigo choose? Is he really still the homeless stray he used to be?

Story Summary:
In the busy streets of Shinjuku, Keigo lives a careless life as a gangster. Before meeting Haiji and his gang, he was alone and unwanted. Now, Keigo is Haiji’s most treasured pet, and Haiji will end anyone who gets to lay a finger on him. In a world of violence, will these two be able to last?


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