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futekiya Chapter Updates: August 2022 Week 1

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya from Week 1, August 2022.
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Let’s Talk About Us by Samba Maekawa *NEW*

episode. 1 –
Makito never got to fulfill his big-city dreams. Now that he’s back home…

episode. 2 –
Makito did do well as a host, but he was never really happy about it.

episode. 3 –
Why did Makito kiss Junpei, and how long can either of them pretend this was an accident?

episode. 4 –
Makito doesn’t think he needs his bracelet anymore. What does he think about Junpei now?

episode. 5 –
If Junpei had chased after Makito last night, what would he have said?

Just when it seems like things have finally calmed down, a familiar face finds itself in front of Makito’s family farm.

Story Summary:
When Ai’s ex-boyfriend broke up with him with the notion Ai didn’t really love him, Ai was left devastated and at a loss. In his time of sadness, he meets Michi, a café manager who offered a helping hand and brought cheer to Ai’s depressed state. 

In no time, Ai falls for Michi, who’s also gay and currently single. Ai often daydreams of Michi topping him and took the courage to confess to him but was met with rejection. Still in love with Michi, Ai pursues Michi until the latter relents. Turns out that Michi is not as dominant as he looks.


Crimson Chains: Crystal Harem Series by Shinano Oumi *NEW*

Crimson Chains Part 1 –
Now that Yajima intends to make him stay, Ryo decides to let go of his old roots.

Crimson Chains Part 2 –
Ryo wakes up bound and gagged in an unfamiliar room. Who could be behind the camera?

Beautiful Scenery –
Yajima and Ryo are looking for a soundproof place they can call home.

A Dog’s Feelings –
Akihiko gets dragged into taking care of his friend’s dog. Can Tomo help him out?

My Home –
Yajima finds himself getting used to a life with Ryo by his side.

Afterword –
A message to the readers from Oumi-sensei.

Story Summary:
*Continuation of Crystal Harem*

Detective Yajima is your typical well-seasoned, rough detective who has dedicated himself to his work: solving tough cases.

Ryo, who was abandoned at the age of five and grew up on the streets, also dedicates himself to his method of survival: pickpocketing.

Although they got off to a rough start, the pair of two opposites have finally found Peace in Paradise. Nothing can seem to break their bond now. Ryo accepts Detective Yajima even with all of his rough edges, and Detective Yajima accepts Ryo regardless of his past. But what will they do when that very past starts creeping up on them? What kind of incidents will they find themselves in next?

(Warning: rape, murder)


Milk Me Dry (Serial Edition) by Matsubi Ichihana

Yuuki’s body has a chance to finally return to normal, but what if he doesn’t want “normal” anymore?

Yuuki’s had enough of Touma hiding things from him. Is being honest such a good idea?

Nao comes up with an idea to make Touma choose between him and Yuuki…or so he says.

With Nao back to his usual overseas antics, Touma can finally have Yuuki all to himself again.

Now that Touma knows all about breast massages, he wishes he had more time to try it out with Yuuki…in their own place, maybe?

Kazu goes flower-watching with Touma and Yuuki before he leaves. What kind of future awaits our lovebirds?

Story Summary:
Yuuki is your average university student. He gets his heart worked up, attends mixers, and has very specific insecurity about his body: he can lactate.

He has not told a soul.

He does not plan on telling a soul.

But when his childhood friend Touma walks in on him in a compromising position, he has to come clean.

How will Touma react when he learns his childhood friend has randomly unlocked the ability to lactate? Was it even totally random?…


The Courting of the Pirate King by Nao Yurino and Karine

CHAPTER 25 The Final Duel(1) –
“Without you, I’d be so lonely,” Rath says, but will Len let himself believe that?

CHAPTER 26 The Final Duel(2) –
For some reason, hearing that Rath’s a different man when Len’s around made Len so happy.

CHAPTER 27 The Final Duel(3) –
Suddenly a single shadow emerges from the thick fog. It’s someone Len wishes he didn’t see…

CHAPTER 28 The Final Duel(4) –
Now that Torier’s evil plan is laid bare for all to hear, there’s just one more problem – what gets on a ghost ship?

Story Summary:
When Prince Len, Admiral of the Royal Navy and third in line to the throne of Endalia, finds himself framed as the mastermind of someone else’s political takeover, he struggles to figure out which of his allies he should really be trusting. Little does he know that his salvation would come from an unexpected place – Pirate King Rath, the one man Prince Len swore he would arrest and reform someday! But in exchange for such an impressive rescuing, what will the King ask from his beloved Prince in return?

Bursting with Youth by Shiero

As the days pass, Haruta’s student Aoyama has been becoming a better kisser.

Story Summary:
Haruta’s a good-looking guy who always helps other people out – and it’s all thanks to his power that lets him hear what’s in people’s hearts. Surely there can’t be any better guy than him? Wrong! Meet Aoyama, Haruta’s friend who outshines him in every single way. When Haruta can’t listen in to what’s on Aoyama’s mind, how’s he supposed to catch his weakness?


DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – by Hashigo Sakurabi

DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – CHAPTER 21 –
Takato musters up what’s left of his courage and asks for help with his dancing.

Story Summary:
For the past five years, veteran actor Takato Saijou was always hailed as the sexiest man of the year – reigning the polls as the man everyone wants to sleep with – and no one has ever come close to taking his top spot…until now, when it falls into the hands of rookie actor Junta Azumaya. Takato’s always been proud of his ability to keep his true, dark emotions under wraps, but when a drink gone wrong unearths his actual thoughts – to Junta, of all people – is there something he can do to let Junta keep his slip-up under wraps?



Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa

#36 –
What exactly did Natsuki tell Motochika about his and Chika’s relationship, anyway? And will he let Chika get his apology into this conversation?

Motonari and his wife catch up on their way home. Apparently, someone told her how Ogata’s been doing these days…

Story Summary:
Narasaki always wished he had a quiet space to study in, so it should be a blessing in disguise that he gets roped into helping at the library reception desk, right? It doesn’t seem like such a great place when the other guy there happens to be a well-known troublemaker…but could this very unlikely duo find something even more unlikely in each other?



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