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futekiya Chapter Updates: August 2021 Week 3

Here’s our list of chapter updates on futekiya on Week 3, August 2021. Our 5 new releases cover a variety of themes, ranging from fluffy neighborhood romance to ex-student x ex-teacher relationships!

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MODSby Kazuki Natsume *NEW*

crack_0 –
Someone requests for a song at three AM as it rains over Tokyo.

crack_1 –
Tora just wanted to have a normal driving job. Is Shiro going to let anything about this be “normal”?

crack_2 –
Tora still can’t believe Shiro’s kiss awakened so much in him – but is this the outcome Shiro wants?

crack_3 –
Haru tells Tora about that one fateful day – the day Shiro locked up his own heart.

crack_4 –
Shiro takes on customer after customer like a madman, but it does nothing to quell the fire in Tora’s heart.

crack_5 –
Shiro wakes up and wonders when Tora’s presence started becoming so important to him.

M.O.D.S –
“Shiro” isn’t even Shiro’s real name, but at least his domestic daily life with Tora is completely real.

Story Summary:
When his sister gets scammed, Tora takes it upon himself to save up enough to make the money she’d lost back. Responding to an ad looking for a “hotel pick-up driver” leads him into gay escort service “Rain,” where he gets assigned to Shiro, their biggest moneymaker. Tora says he isn’t gay and definitely isn’t interested in Shiro’s services, but can he really knock it when he hasn’t even tried it?



The Neighbour I Desire by Makoto *NEW*

CH. 1 –
Soichiro is just way too kind for his own good – even to random guys off the street!

CH. 2 –
Soichiro can’t help himself from wanting to spoil his neighbor Mori rotten. Should he really be doing this?

CH. 3 –
One rainy day, Mori locks himself out of his own apartment. Soichiro swears his motives are 100% pure, but…

CH. 4 –
Soichiro may be over the moon over having his feelings for Yuta reciprocated, but Yozo can’t help feeling suspicious…

CH. 5 –
Eleven years ago, little Yuta met the nutritionist-in-training who would change his life forever.

CH. 6 –
How exactly did Yuta finally trace his tracks back to his beloved Mr. Konan?

Soichiro always wanted to have a Boston terrier, but before that…

Story Summary:
Soichiro Kominami cannot get a break from men taking advantage of his naturally giving personality. He exhausts himself in both work and “love” only to be betrayed by his lovers time and time again. One day, his nature is put to the extreme test when a random college student appears, sitting outside of the door next to Soichiro’s apartment. The result? Well… he invited the mystery man into his home… but only out of the kindness of his heart nothing more than that, he swears! After learning the kind of meals the mystery man, Yuta Mori, has been eating or rather not eating, as a nutritionist, Soichiro. Can’t. Leave. Him. Alone! He begins caring for Yuta’s meals but is Yuta truly the pure college student he appears to be!?



Do As You Like by Choko Kabutomaru *NEW*

act. 1 –
School nurse Manaya can only wish he gets another chance to meet his ideal man.

act. 2 –
Manaya still can’t get used to having Tsuruga barge into his life like this – how is he still in high school?

act. 3 –
Tsuruga takes his beloved Manaya with him to attend his brother’s birthday party, in his hometown…Dubai!

act. 4 –
Manaya’s high school reunion is coming up, and kind of doesn’t want to go – but is it for the reason Tsuruga thinks?

act. 0 –
On the night he met Manaya, Kiyotsugu had a lot on his mind.

Story Summary:
After a sour experience in his past, Manaya has sworn off all younger men for good. So, working at an all-boys high school as the school nurse is less than uneventful. Manaya, instead, swoons for older and mature men like Kiyotsugu Tsuruga, the mysterious one night stand he met and drunkenly invited to a hotel. It’s already been three days but Manaya can’t stop thinking about him and his fancy tuxedo, going back and forth between regretting not getting his number, and justifying his decision because it was just a one-night thing. Just as Manaya was daydreaming about meeting Tsuruga again, a fancy car pulls up in the school lot and out comes… none other than that exact man of his dreams!



Warm Coffee by NANIN *NEW*

Ren-ei Hanemiya just really wants a girlfriend – could he find one in the host club?

At a customer’s private birthday party, Ren-ei gets into a drinking match with her favorite, Zhou.

Ren-ei’s boss lets him stay the night out of the goodness of his heart, and this is what he does in return?

When a drunk guy sneaks in while the owner is away, it’s up to Ren-ei and Zhou to hold the fort.

Makoto fusses over a heartbroken Ren-ei, but is this fussy kid even the least of his problems?

After saving his boss from an almost certain death, Ren-ei has to come to terms with a tiny little thing.

Things get a little bit awkward between Makoto and Ren-ei. This won’t affect their work at all, right?

Story Summary:
Ren-nei Hanemiya is a self-proclaimed ladies’ man. With his dazzling looks and flirting abilities, there should be no woman able to resist his charms… so why hasn’t he been able to find a girlfriend yet!? At his wit’s end, Ren-ei pops into a host club, where he believes he could work and up his chances of finding a pretty lady to court, especially after learning that all the hosts are gay. Following his sudden interview, Ren-ei is hired on the spot by the host club’s young looking manager, Makoto Izumida, who also offers to share a room with him for the time being. Will Ren-ei successfully find a girlfriend at his new job? Or will he discover something about himself that he never knew was there?



When You Are Full Of Regrets by Senmitsu *NEW*

After eight years, former teacher Satomi gets found by his most reclusive student.

Usui goes to visit Satomi at his workplace. What does he expect from them reuniting?

How did Satomi end up taking Wada to bed? Will their arrangement scare Usui away?

Satomi and Usui both know who outed Usui to his students. What can they do to make him stop?

Satomi rushes Wada to the hospital. Can they come to terms with their past together?

One day, Usui’s recluse student decides to go out of the house. Where does he go first?

Story Summary:
Satomi currently works as an apprentice gardener and is in a complicated relationship with a soon-to-be-married man. He used to be a teacher, but he thought of himself as a sorry excuse of a teacher back then and even until now. Though one student still lingers in his memories, memories which he’s trying so hard to forget. As fate would have it, Satomi meets his student again: Usui, now grown up and a teacher. Will the two of them be able to settle things from eight years ago and find closure?



Absolute Obedience ~If you don’t obey me~ by Xiaoyue Fei

Shouto says he and Riku are equals in their relationship starting now – but is that enough to overwrite their past?

Just as Shouto lets Riku go, he finds himself surrounded by men in suits – but are these still Shouto’s men?

Riku gets an offer he probably shouldn’t refuse – but how long can he possibly stand his ground?

With his luggage packed and his ticket in hand, it looks like Riku can finally move on with his life.

As he gets dragged back into Shouto’s gilded cage, there seems to be a certain change from within Riku…

Kyoushi has a question for his “auntie” Riku – if given the chance, will he try to escape?

Riku strikes a deal to win back his freedom. Will this different kind of evil really set him free?

Story Summary:
It has been three years since the horrifying event. Riku Gen managed to escape and elude his captor ever since, but his luck has just run out. Reliving the events that made him quit Snooker, the sport that used to bring light to his eyes, was not in Riku’s plans. But You Shouto is beyond delighted to have reunited with his long- lost pet. With his human resources and money, Riku will forever be in his sight. Will this be what breaks Riku into finally calling You his “Master”? You is in for one hell of a fight if he wants to keep feisty Riku for long.



Like the Beast by Kotetsuko Yamamoto

All Aki wants to do is have a fun time at the summer festival with his boyfriend, but Tomoharu is still so busy…

Ayato ropes Ueda into helping him evade his persistent stalker, but why does this mean they have to pretend to be dating?

Story Summary:
Tomoharu Ueda is content being a police officer in his neighborhood. He likes helping people, and in return, people like him. One night, he gets visited by a yakuza who turned out to be the victim of the underwear thief he caught the previous night. The yakuza is Aki Gotouda, the heir of the Gotouda group, who thanked him for catching the thief. To Tomoharu’s surprise, Aki confesses that he has feelings for him. Thus starts a forbidden relationship between a police officer and a yakuza…



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