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futekiya Chapter Updates: August 2021 Week 2

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love chapter updates on futekiya on Week 2 of August 2021. We’ve got 5 new releases this week – be sure to read on if you’re a fan of hosts, omegaverse, and/or detective-and-assistant relationships!

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I HATE by Kazuki Natsume *NEW*

Hirose reunites with his old “kissing buddy,” Kiriya, who now works as a host.

Even with Hiro back in his life, Kiriya still is scared of losing him again.

No where, Now here the first part –
The only one who ever got through to introverted Aoe was Akaya, his best friend since childhood.

No where, Now here the second part –
Shell-shocked by Akaya’s kiss and confession, Aoe struggles to remember when everything between them started to change.

No where, Now here the last part –
Faced with the demolition of their childhood hideout, Aoe impulsively books a flight all the way to Tokyo.

Love is here…? –
Kiriya decides to pick out some new bedding for his and Hiro’s bed. Who can they run into here…?

Let’s get to know our four protagonists a little bit better.

Story Summary:
27-year-old Nozomi Hirose has dated girls before, but he’s never even been able to kiss any of them. He puts all the blame for his little problem on his old high school classmate Kiriya, who randomly asked if they can be kissing buddies – friends who kiss sometimes. What happens when they meet again as adults, ten years after Hirose ran out on a kiss that went on for way too long?



Love and Virginity Turn A Dead Ear by Tamaki Kirishima *NEW*

Stage. 1 –
Shiro didn’t plan on being a host, but he’ll do anything to rebuild his café.

Stage. 2 –
Ko may have said he doesn’t love Shiro in that way, but can Shiro somehow change that?

Stage. 3 –
Hearing that Ko doesn’t really care enough about him makes Shiro break down a little.

Stage. 4 –
Ko hasn’t been going home to his own place recently. Is this a sign that Shiro should move out?

Stage. 5 –
Shiro goes all the way into the lion’s den, but will Ko even want to get out of Horikawa’s apartment?

Shiro always knew Ko was his first love, but who was Ko’s first love?

Story Summary:
Shiro used to be a cafe worker, and Ko was one of his regular customers whom he had a bit of a crush on, but an unfortunate accident leaves the cafe he works at burnt to the ground. With the owners being too old to do anything to rebuild the cafe, they entrusted the land to Shiro, who had always thought of opening his own shop. To help with finances, Ko invites Shiro to work with him at the host club he works at and even offers Shiro to live with him. Considering the circumstances, Shiro agrees. But it seems that working and living with Ko is more complicated than what Shiro expected. Ko seemed to be keen at harassing and making a manservant of Shiro any chance he gets, and Shiro’s virgin self could only take so much. But even with all the harassment, Shiro just finds himself falling even deeper for Ko. Will Shiro be able to survive his first love?



Cases and Then Some by Chisa Otomi *NEW*

Case #1 –
What feelings get awakened when Keiji fake dates his assistant for an investigation?

Case #2 –
Takato acts like their kiss never happened, but Keiji can’t help but worry about the rift in their relationship.

Case #3 –
Takato’s drunken confession awakens a dark memory from Keiji’s past – the reason why he no longer believes in love.

Case #4 –
How long can Keiji handle not having Takato by his side? As it turns out, not very long.

Stay the Night/ Afterword –
Keiji wants to be the one cooking for Eisei for a change – how will tonight’s dinner turn out?

Story Summary:
Keiji’s love for mystery novels when he was younger prompted him to open up a small detective agency once he reached adulthood. Though the work he does currently as a detective is not the same as the criminal investigations he read and imagined to be, he tries his best to pull his agency from a slump with the help of his trusty and loyal assistant, Eisei. Sometimes, Keiji wonders why Eisei still works under him, being the brilliant mind he is. When a new case finds them tailing after a gay paramour, there are some feelings and realizations on Keiji’s part that he’s starting to see Eisei in a new light.



Baby ★ Love Sitter by Nonda Noda *NEW*

Akira quickly realizes his “hot client” was waiting for a babysitter – not a call boy!

It’s been a week since Akira started living with the Mimori family. Can he really get used to being spoiled like this?

Towa’s turning one year old, and on his birthday, Masaki wants Akira to meet the other important people in their lives.

Ever since talk of the arranged marriage proposals started, things have been awkward between Akira and Masaki.

Akira really, really doesn’t want Masaki to get married to anyone else. How can Towa help get the message across?

Akira wants to know how he could see more of Masaki’s lewd expressions. How long can he hold his lover back?

Story Summary:
Ever since leaving home, all Akira ever knew was how to be a pretty amazing “male host,” aka a call boy. So when he opens the door to a good-looking, well-off salaryman’s apartment, it doesn’t take long for him to get down to business – but why is this cutie suddenly introducing him to his kid?



He Wants To Drown by Tadano *NEW*

He Wants to Drown –
For some reason, Shitara goes crazy over his classmate Taji’s…bodily fluids!?

He Wants to Avoid –
It seems like Shitara doesn’t remember what he did, but Taji does – and now he feels very, very weird.

Close and Open –
Sakamaki wants to know why his lover Asahina is so insistent about bondage in bed.

Open and Touch –
It’s been an entire month since Sakamaki last took Asahina to bed – can something “special” help them get the ball going again?

Neverland: End –
Masazuru has his entire life after college all planned out, but how about his friend (and lover) Meguru?

Secret Promise –
Kogome knows Shizukui’s deepest, darkest secret. What does he plan on doing with this information?

Full With You –
Negishi’s stomach loves the food from Sasaki Tei. Negishi’s heart loves Sasaki, the man who cooks them.

After Stories –

Story Summary:
A collection of stories about drowning in lust.

“He Wants to Drown”: Taji is weak in the summer heat. His nose bleeds and sweats through his uniform, much to Shitara’s delight. Shitara’s wandering mind comes up with vivid scenarios. Will Shitara ever act on those thoughts?
“Close and Open”: Asahina and Sakamaki can’t keep what happens in their bedroom a secret. With bruising on their wrists from being tied by ropes, who could? But who’s kink is it, really?
“Neverland: End”: Masazumi and Meguru are in their last year of university, a high-pressure time for students with job-hunting and senior theses. Although Masazumi seems to have it all figured out, Meguru is also trying to figure out, or rather, CONfigure, something else…
“Secret Promise”: The new transfer student Shizukui is warned of Kogome after his classmates found gay porn in his desk. But what will happen when Kogome finds out Shizukui’s secret?
“Full with You”: Negishi goes to college and is an aspiring musician in a band. To save money for the high costs of instrument maintenance, he cuts back on food. Needless to say, Negishi almost collapses and probably would’ve dwindled with hunger if it weren’t for Sasaki, the chef from the diner next door.



Absolute Obedience ~If you don’t obey me~ by Xiaoyue Fei

Riku watches in horror as his new “nephew” does everything he can to protect his “auntie.”

Kyou tells his uncle all about what just happened at home. Who could possibly be after Riku’s life?

With Riku all knocked out from the trauma, You and Kyou discuss who could possibly have done this.

You brings Kyou and Riku back with him to celebrate his father’s birthday – but do his nephew and “bride” want to be here?

You brings Riku with him to interrupt his father and uncle’s friendly little game. How will he react to meeting Riku?

Shouto’s father may not be proud of the lengths he went to have Riku by his side, but Shouto thinks he should have at least understood.

houto throws a fit when he sees Riku having a chat with another man. On the other hand, Kyou’s been thinking about something…

Story Summary:
It has been three years since the horrifying event. Riku Gen managed to escape and elude his captor ever since, but his luck has just run out. Reliving the events that made him quit Snooker, the sport that used to bring light to his eyes, was not in Riku’s plans. But You Shouto is beyond delighted to have reunited with his long- lost pet. With his human resources and money, Riku will forever be in his sight. Will this be what breaks Riku into finally calling You his “Master”? You is in for one hell of a fight if he wants to keep feisty Riku for long.



Like the Beast by Kotetsuko Yamamoto

Yamase asks Ueda for some help on getting Kisaragi a present, but Aki wants to help too…

Now that he knows what’s going on between Ueda and Aki, Yamase’s not really sure about what he’s supposed to do next.

Story Summary:
Tomoharu Ueda is content being a police officer in his neighborhood. He likes helping people, and in return, people like him. One night, he gets visited by a yakuza who turned out to be the victim of the underwear thief he caught the previous night. The yakuza is Aki Gotouda, the heir of the Gotouda group, who thanked him for catching the thief. To Tomoharu’s surprise, Aki confesses that he has feelings for him. Thus starts a forbidden relationship between a police officer and a yakuza…



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