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futekiya Chapter Updates: April 2022 Week 2

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya from Week 2, April 2022.
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A Talkative Fitting Room by Hiromi Toribito *NEW*

Riku doesn’t want to be like his famous parents, but he does really need a fancy suit.

Riku wonders if there’s anything he could do to make this frustrating Hiiragi take back his words.

Riku knows he probably shouldn’t get this close to Hiiragi, but why has he found himself cleaning the other man’s place?

Does Riku still plan on continuing to help Mrs. Yoshino with the housekeeping? And who was the man he found Hiiragi with?

On a rare day off, Hiiragi sees all the improvement Riku has made as his new homemaker.

One steamy night, Riku and Hiiragi cool off with a drink.

Story Summary:
Riku is the son of a well-known announcer and actress and he hates it. He hates being a celebrity kid, and since he shares the same voice as his father, he also hates his voice despite it being an asset.
With Riku’s coming-of-age ceremony coming up, his father decides to buy him a suit, the reason being most of Riku’s clothes consisted of street fashion. In the store, he meets the owner and tailor, Kiichi Hiiragi, a married man who has a way with words and finding the right suit. Riku becomes suspicious of Kiichi and as it turns out, Kiichi’s feelings for his father is more than just being a fan; Kiichi has a thing for older men. Things take a turn between the two of them and Riku finds himself attracted to Kiichi, but the question is – does Kiichi like him back?



Promise of Love by Yuga Kuromiya *NEW*

Everything started from a silly childhood promise. Was it really supposed to come true?

Chiaki gets surprised by Natsuki in an almost-naked apron ambush. Will they remember to actually have dinner?

After hearing Natsuki’s flirty coworker over the phone, Chiaki just can’t focus on work. Who’s this intruder and what does he plan on doing with Natsuki?

An-chan drags Chiaki back to the city to deal with a heartbroken Natsuki. Can they finally kiss and make up?

It’s just two days until Mamiya’s favorite teacher comes over to teach his class. But his other teacher is such a meanie!

Fujio’s been stuck in his unrequited love for the past three years. Is this the year he finally makes a move?

Story Summary:

“Promise of Love”: Chiaki (Chia-chan) and Natsuki are betrothed by a childhood promise they made to each other… But is Natsuki the only one that remembers his promise to make Chiaki his wife? It’s hard for him to read what the bright and cheery Chiaki is thinking…

“Daydreams x Boys”: Culinary school is sweet, and not just because of the sugar in the desserts! Mamiya is so excited for Mitsuru-sensei’s master class in confectionaries that he can’t stop daydreaming. Too bad he gets caught by the strict Kita-sensei for dozing off. Now he’s stuck cleaning everybody’s dishes after class… with Kita-sensei!

“Eternally Together”: Fujio has fallen in love at first sight with the scary school prodigy, Kyoji Maki. And when Fujio’s grades suddenly plummet, who else better to tutor him than Kyoji. What a great arrangement for Fujio! but he can never let Kyoji know about his true feelings!



SEXY♥AROMA♥NIGHT by Haruka Minami *NEW*

SEXY♥AROMA♥NIGHT episode 1 –
After three years of working at the spa, Reiji’s supposed to be everyone’s number one, but he isn’t.

SEXY♥AROMA♥NIGHT episode 2 –
Reiji starts to work his magic on popular actor Takanagi’s toned body, But which of them will come out on top?

SEXY♥AROMA♥NIGHT episode 3 –
After a full night’s rest, Reiji comes to his senses and realizes that he just punched an extremely popular actor right in the face!

SEXY♥AROMA♥NIGHT episode 4 –
Reiji wakes up to see Takanagi’s bare face – and body – beside him! Did nothing really happen last night?

SEXY♥AROMA♥NIGHT episode Final –
Reiji rushes to be by Kouya’s side. What state will he find his “favorite client” in when he enters the hospital room?

Kouya calls a drunk Reiji out of the blue to invite him over to his apartment. What kind of fun will they be up to this time?

Story Summary:
Skilled masseuse Kinezuka’s always been confident in his talented hands, so when one drunken night gives him bleary memories of the best touches in his life, one would think he’d like to get even more acquainted with the owner of those wandering hands. But arrogant, aggressive actor Takanagi isn’t the kind of guy he’d normally go for!



The Courting of the Pirate King by Nao Yurino and Karine

CHAPTER 9 The Secret Deal(1) –
Rath steals Len away from his captivity with a stolen kiss and unrelenting firepower. How does Len feel about being saved in this manner?

CHAPTER 10 The Secret Deal(2) –
In the Black Fire captain’s cabin, Rath and Len begin to talk about what they should do next.

CHAPTER 11 The Secret Deal(3) –
Rath intends on entering the place where the ghost ships haunt the sea. Is this his best idea?

CHAPTER 12 The Secret Deal(4) –
Despite every excuse in his head telling him he shouldn’t go through with this, Len still lets Rath take him to bed.

Story Summary:
When Prince Len, Admiral of the Royal Navy and third in line to the throne of Endalia, finds himself framed as the mastermind of someone else’s political takeover, he struggles to figure out which of his allies he should really be trusting. Little does he know that his salvation would come from an unexpected place – Pirate King Rath, the one man Prince Len swore he would arrest and reform someday! But in exchange for such an impressive rescuing, what will the King ask from his beloved Prince in return?



DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – by Hashigo Sakurabi

DAKAICHI: I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – in Hawaii –
Takato finished his work overseas ahead of schedule. Surely he’d be able to peacefully enjoy his time away…right!?

Story Summary:
For the past five years, veteran actor Takato Saijou was always hailed as the sexiest man of the year – reigning the polls as the man everyone wants to sleep with – and no one has ever come close to taking his top spot…until now, when it falls into the hands of rookie actor Junta Azumaya. Takato’s always been proud of his ability to keep his true, dark emotions under wraps, but when a drink gone wrong unearths his actual thoughts – to Junta, of all people – is there something he can do to let Junta keep his slip-up under wraps?



Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa

#25 –
When Chika is away, Natsuki doesn’t want to play. What’s been taking Chika so long?

Story Summary:
Narasaki always wished he had a quiet space to study in, so it should be a blessing in disguise that he gets roped into helping at the library reception desk, right? It doesn’t seem like such a great place when the other guy there happens to be a well-known troublemaker…but could this very unlikely duo find something even more unlikely in each other?



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