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futekiya August 2022 Releases

Here are the new titles coming out on futekiya this month!

Here’s our list of BL releases on futekiya this August 2022! We’re adding ten new BL titles from SHONENGAHOSHA, Shusuisha and TORICO!


Let’s Talk About Us

Story and Art: Samba Maekawa
Release date: August 5, 2022

When they were classmates, Makito dreamed of being an idol, and Junpei painted his heart out. They’d only spoken to each other once, but little do they know the profound impact they’d had on each other, even back then. After meeting again in their hometown as adults chasing different dreams, can their story together have a chance to begin?


Crimson Chains: Crystal Harem Series

Story and Art: Shinano Oumi
Publisher: TORICO
Release date: August 5, 2022

*Continuation of Crystal Harem*

Detective Yajima is your typical well-seasoned, rough detective who has dedicated himself to his work: solving tough cases.

Ryo, who was abandoned at the age of five and grew up on the streets, also dedicates himself to his method of survival: pickpocketing.

Although they got off to a rough start, the pair of two opposites have finally found Peace in Paradise. Nothing can seem to break their bond now. Ryo accepts Detective Yajima even with all of his rough edges, and Detective Yajima accepts Ryo regardless of his past. But what will they do when that very past starts creeping up on them? What kind of incidents will they find themselves in next?

(Warning: Rape, Murder)


Loved from the Tips of My Toes

Story and Art: Noda Matsumoto
Publisher: Shusuisha
Release date: August 12, 2022

Just when Asuka Hata begins to find his feet, he is blindsided by the older man he thought he loved and runs out, shoeless in a rage.

As Asuka rests at the foot of an apartment staircase to take a load off his feet, Shinjiro reaches out a hand.

Something about this stranger, his looks, his kindness, awakens a desire in Asuka. Maybe Asuka can do the same for straight-laced Shinjiro…

(Warning: Depictions of assault and drug use)


Come on over, Koda! ~The Dumpee and the Divorcee~ (Compiled Edition)

Story and Art: Taguru Nakamaru
Release date: August 12, 2022

After almost a year of his ex-boyfriend walking out on him, Hisashi is still trying to move on. Single and lonely, he decides to pour his energy to work, where he meets his senior, Yukio Koda, whose charming personality had Hisashi developing a crush. The two of them make a pair in the office as the duo of luck where coincidentally, good luck came to people who come in contact with them.

Unluckily for Koda, he wounds up getting bad luck, much greater this time, when his apartment building burned down. Concerned for his senior, Hisashi offers Koda to stay with him. The two start living together, and Hisashi finds that his crush quickly turns into love.



Story and Art: Shiuko Kano
Publisher: TORICO
Release date: August 12, 2022

From the writer of the legendary BL game ESCAPE…

“Weak Point”: Although most lovers know their significant other’s weaknesses, Yamato and Arashi are yet to show their vulnerable sides. Maybe all it takes is a little push from catching a bug. Gesundheit!

“Innocence Labyrinth”: Even though they’re the same age, Yamato has always been more mature compared to Keisuke. He’s always so cool and he knows so much… Will Keisuke ever get to know things like Yamato does? (Warning: dubious consent)

“Surrender”: Motoki works part-time at a convenience store, and Etsushi is the store’s manager. But that’s all a lie Motoki tells his aunt and uncle to maintain his good boy image. In truth, the convenience store is actually a host club, and while Etsushi is still his manager, he’s also his lover…

“Bad Teacher”: Yamato is a student. Kensaku is his young and clumsy biology teacher, and his lover. Although Yamato is still young, he knows he wants to protect his lover even if he comes off as pushy.

(Warning: student-teacher relationship)

“Strange Couple”: Yoshihiko Sena is a bishojo manga writer who hit it off with Yamato. The two are taking the night by storm, but what will Yamato do when he realizes he’s overstepped a boundary?

“Bad Student”: Mr. Tokiwa is Majima’s algebra teacher. Mr. Tokiwa is also Majima’s subject of love and desire. After being told by his teacher that they must wait until Majima graduates, can he handle being So close to him and yet, so far away?

(Warning: student-teacher relationship)

“Jealousy (Shit!)”: When Saotome’s partner comes down with a cold on an important night, he reluctantly replaces him with Motoki. Will Saotome regret sending his own lover into one of Ginza’s most prestigious hostess club? More like, how much will he regret it?


I Realize That I Am Falling in Love (Compiled Edition)

Story and Art: Ryo Ito
Release date: August 19, 2022

*Continuation of It’s Still Too Early to be Love (Complete Edition)*

Before they realized it, the Kano-Fujikawa-Sasaki trio became a lively sextet with the addition of Kano’s new “secret” lover, Katagiri, and his two friends, Nakajima and Miyabe. Their jokes and laughter would fill the classroom.

But as the new school year rolls around, Fujikawa and Sasaki find themselves assigned to the same class while their friends are shuffled elsewhere.

‘What exactly does that mean for Sasaki?’ you ask? It means lunchtime with a perpetual food thief who takes every opportunity to take a jab at him. Every. Single. Day.

It’s not like they don’t get along, but the two have quite the opposite energy levels… Will the calm and quiet Fujikawa and the energetic and fiery Sasaki be able to find an equilibrium? Or will being together every day push them past their boiling points?


My Private Hero

Story and Art: Ima Kimura
Publisher: Shusuisha
Release date: August 19, 2022

Naoyuki Taira has spent almost his whole life as a superhero fan, so he is beyond excited when he is left in charge of running a hero event at his department store. He even gets to meet Ikishima, who plays the hero Kabutoman Redeye.

All is going smoothly, and the show has begun… but Kabutoman Redeye is nowhere to be found! Oh no! Who will come to save the day when Kabutoman Redeye is stuck in a slump before his big performance?! Taira, frantically searching for the star, finds him in the bathroom and… discovers his “stage fright.”

Now It’s up to Taira to save the day and calm the hero’s nerves in time.



Story and Art: Tamaki Kirishima
Publisher: TORICO
Release date: August 19, 2022

Mako Kambayashi’s love life has been shot in the foot ever since graduating high school 7 years ago.

Let’s rewind.

After being called out by his long-time nemesis, Chigusa Tokuyama, on their graduation day, Kambayashi thought it would just be the same old nagging that Tokuyama does to bully him. But boy was he wrong. Before he could realize what was what, Mako’s first kiss had been stolen from him by his arch nemesis!

Now, the (surprisingly) pure Kambayashi can’t stop thinking about it. It even pops up n his dreams. His FIRST KISS was TAKEN from him! For someone who believes his first time would be with his partner in marriage, his first KISS being stolen from him is devastating!

And here we are, 7 years in the future; no girlfriend, no wife, no sexual experiences in his life. The next time he sees Tokuyama, he swears he will punch his face in for ruining his love life!


Niwakun’s Love and Rampage

Story and Art: Tanaka Tadano
Publisher: TORICO
Release date: August 28, 2022

“Apparently he was recruited by the Yakuza.”

“I heard he was caught shoplifting.”

“He’s so scary!”

To Tsubasa Niwa, these are just the typical rumors about him that he is used to hearing. Of course, these rumors aren’t true at all. But given his large frame and intimidating stare, people don’t think to second guess what they hear about him, not even his own teachers.

But that’s just how his face is, for Pete’s sake! Before he knew it, he had gotten used to being alone, with no one to call a friend.

So, when someone actually does take an interest in him, Tsubasa has absolutely no idea how to react! Who is this new Canadian exchange student and why isn’t he afraid of Tsubasa like everybody else!? Is the effect os Tsubasa’s face somehow lost in translation or something!?


The Hero’s So OP Down There That I Don’t Know What to Do

Story and Art: Merino
Release date: August 25, 2022

Reo is a part-time store clerk. During one of his breaks, he dreamt of a fantasy world where a hero and his aide are fighting against a demon lord, wreaking havoc. The hero was making his retreat when his co-worker abruptly woke Reo. Waving it off as a product of his imagination, Reo continues with his day. Though, thoughts about the hot hero made him horny to which he plans to deal with by hooking up with someone online after his shift ends.

Things didn’t really happen as planned when Reo encounters the very hero he dreamt about wandering the streets of Japan. Pitying the lost and confused hero, Reo takes him home, where the hero, Adolf, implores Reo to let him stay for a while, to which Reo agrees in exchange for sex. To his surprise, Adolf consents. Now starts the love story of an average store clerk and a hero from another world.



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