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futekiya at DigiKomi! An Event Report

On May 23-24 2020, Dokomi, the largest anime and Japan expo in Germany, held DigiKomi, its first virtual-only convention with a focus on interactivity. futekiya participated in DigiKomi as one of its sponsors, our first event ever. Here is futekiya at DigiKomi event report!


futekiya at DigiKomi

Several short ads of futekiya were played during the program, and a poster of futekiya, along with our sibling service Manga Planet, could be spotted at the Exhibitors’ Hall on Creamy Island, DigiKomi’s virtual world!

futekiya DigiKomi Event Report

futekiya DigiKomi Event Report


Boys’ Love Artists also Present

It’s uncommon enough for major non-BL conventions to feature Boys’ Love, so having an artist focused on BL featured on one of their art streams, is refreshing. Miya SeParade is the artist behind the BL comic, Black Cranes, which is available in Tapas. Black Cranes is not your typical BL story where everything goes the protagonists’ way.  Read as two flawed individuals, Seiji and Yosuke navigate their way through the not so straight and smooth path of love.

On one of her streams, she gave us a peek of how she works on those juicy details. Got to love that lace!

futekiya DigiKomi Event Report

Miya SeParade also had a stall in DigiKomi’s artist alley in Creamy Island where she showed off some of her art and where she had her commissions open.

DigiKomi also provided a venue for fans to safely discuss BL. In one of their Discord channels, a Boys Love channel was opened during the later part of the conventions. Due to having topics that pertain to mature content, the channel was slated to appear at a night-time slot.


Hana featured at DigiKomi

One of the highlights for BL in DigiKomi is the inclusion of a short message from Hana-sensei translated into German. Hana is the artist behind several BL works on futekiya: Lust and Love in the Academy, The Beast and I, My Servants and I, Love Love Chu Chu, and Lover, which you can read in the futekiya library.

Her representative work Lust and Love in the Academy is about a young man who is down on his luck after being kicked out of home and rejected by the person he’s interested in. Moga Kagesumi enters Full Bloom’s Idol department and manages to pique the interest of Gabriel, a famous fashionista.

Hana has been working for over 20 years in the manga industry with her works ranging from shonen, shojo, yon-koma, and now primarily focusing on BL.

Hana’s message:

“Hello! I’m Hana. I debuted as a manga artist about 17 years ago. I’ve been active mainly in commercial BL manga magazines but I’ve also drawn shoujo manga, shounen manga, and yon-koma manga. Currently, I publish doujinshi once every few months and release it at events and on the internet.

I don’t know how fans overseas enjoy BL, so I’m looking forward to knowing which genre you like or what the trend is.

I’m also looking forward to enjoying the sights and atmosphere of the Dusseldorf. I’m especially interested in buildings, so if there are spots you recommend, I’d love to take photos of them!”

Based on her message, she’s indeed very excited to go to Dusseldorf in the future. If the current pandemic situation improves and you’re a fan of Hana-sensei’s works, you can meet her in DoKomi 2020, scheduled to happen in September! Fingers crossed!

With both Hana and Miya SeParade representing BL artists in a major convention, we hope to see BL soaring to even greater heights in the future. DigiKomi proved that digital conventions can be as fun as physical conventions and if conventions are your kind of jam, DigiKomi is indeed an event not to be missed.

DoKomi is slated to be held on September 12 and 13, 2020 in Düsseldorf. Visit their website for more details: https://www.dokomi.de/en.


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