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futekiya April 2022 Releases

Here are the new titles coming out on futekiya this month!

Here’s our list of BL releases on futekiya this April 2022! We’re adding ten new BL titles from Libre, COMPASS, Tokyomangasha, and TORICO!


King and Prince plus Kaiser

Story and Art: Kou Fujisaki
Release date: April 1, 2022

Is everybody aiming for the same Prince Charming?

*Continuation of King and Prince*

“King & Prince,” “King & Prince + Kaiser,” Tonight Sex,” and “Special Extra”: Hayato and Atsushi, the “Top Two” of their university, are finally exclusive. But as usual, they keep their intimate sides on the down-low. And for a good reason! When Hayato suddenly makes clear that he has a lover, the popularity of their events plummet. But Atsushi knows just the man to save them: The Kaiser!

Wait till the King finds out about this…!

“Harem”: Being a Prince is tough… Ruling, entertaining, and training take a toll on even the most fitting heir. But this Prince is so devout; he is dedicated to entertaining even during his off time…


How Did It Come to This♥

Story and Art: Tomomi Sakana
Release date: April 8, 2022

Sometimes, things just happen so fast..!

“How Did It Come to This ♥” & “How Did It Come to This ♥ Epilogue”: University student Youta Hazuki has just been bought for the night. To support his family of eight, Youta has taken up male prostitution and assigned his first client: Mr. Toudou. Youta can’t believe his luck; Mr. Toudou seems like such a gentleman!… or… (Warning: Dubious Consent)

“Employee Dormitory: A Day Off” & “Employee Dormitory: Epilogue”: Ever since the company created a new rule that new hires and mentors have to live together, Saitou and Ozaki have been doing just that. But would living in such close quarters push them into feeling closer? What will Ozaki do when Saitou suddenly declares that he is moving out?

“Your Smile is Everything”: Mikado doesn’t really fit in. Although his junior from high school, Takamine, joined his company after him, he has had an easier time getting along with his colleagues. Mikado and Takamine get along well, but there’s something rooted deep inside that may make them burst at the seams…

“It’s a Good Day to be Friends”: Sanae, Youichi, and Kaname are good friends. So good that they do things that Kaname isn’t sure where the line between friends and lovers are anymore… (Warning: Sexual assault)

“Kiss・Kiss・Kiss”: Kouta just wants to kiss Mr. Akira while they do it, but… his hips won’t let them…

“Love in the Elevator”: Mr. Naoki is the apartment manager who makes sure the building is clean, and the tenants are content. When Chris, a troublesome resident, comes to tease Mr. Naoki, will he be able to satisfy him?


My Lucky Star

Story and Art: Natsume Katsura
Release date: April 8, 2022

Kiyoto Ogami comes from a family in the mountains. When he and his siblings come of age, they are required to go to town and either find a bride or work. Kiyoto decides to audition to become an idol. Thanks to his good luck and wolf-like good looks, he manages to pass the auditions and finds himself in a room with his fellow bandmates… And, wait… Is that the Satoharu!? The up-and-coming idol whose popularity is soaring!? And Kiyoto, the newbie, is going to debut with him!? Oh, dreams DO come true! What could possibly go wrong?…


A Talkative Fitting Room

Story and Art: Hiromi Toribito
Release date: April 15, 2022

Riku is the son of a well-known announcer and actress and he hates it. He hates being a celebrity kid, and since he shares the same voice as his father, he also hates his voice despite it being an asset.

With Riku’s coming-of-age ceremony coming up, his father decides to buy him a suit, the reason being most of Riku’s clothes consisted of street fashion. In the store, he meets the owner and tailor, Kiichi Hiiragi, a married man who has a way with words and finding the right suit. Riku becomes suspicious of Kiichi and as it turns out, Kiichi’s feelings for his father is more than just being a fan; Kiichi has a thing for older men. Things take a turn between the two of them and Riku finds himself attracted to Kiichi, but the question is – does Kiichi like him back?



Story and Art: Haruka Minami
Release date: April 15, 2022

Skilled masseuse Kinezuka’s always been confident in his talented hands, so when one drunken night gives him bleary memories of the best touches in his life, one would think he’d like to get even more acquainted with the owner of those wandering hands. But arrogant, aggressive actor Takanagi isn’t the kind of guy he’d normally go for!


Promise of Love

Story and Art: Yuga Kuromiya
Release date: April 15, 2022

“Promise of Love”: Chiaki (Chia-chan) and Natsuki are betrothed by a childhood promise they made to each other… But is Natsuki the only one that remembers his promise to make Chiaki his wife? It’s hard for him to read what the bright and cheery Chiaki is thinking…

“Daydreams x Boys”: Culinary school is sweet, and not just because of the sugar in the desserts! Mamiya is so excited for Mitsuru-sensei’s master class in confectionaries that he can’t stop daydreaming. Too bad he gets caught by the strict Kita-sensei for dozing off. Now he’s stuck cleaning everybody’s dishes after class… with Kita-sensei!

“Eternally Together”: Fujio has fallen in love at first sight with the scary school prodigy, Kyoji Maki. And when Fujio’s grades suddenly plummet, who else better to tutor him than Kyoji. What a great arrangement for Fujio! but he can never let Kyoji know about his true feelings!


Because You’re Shy at Night

Story and Art: Haruna Takayama
Release date: April 22, 2022

A collection of stories about resistance and relief…

“Sleep Next to Me Tonight”: After his parents pass away, Sonoyama feels responsible for his younger brothers. His priorities are work and family, nothing else. So how will he react when his boss allows him to not be the hardworking big brother?

“Noisy Days of Love”: Ever since quitting his office job and taking over running the dorms for his grandfather, Tsuji has known peaceful days. Well… almost peaceful. If only it weren’t for the young Minami that has his eyes SET on him…

“I’m No Match For My Kohai” & “Your Love Makes Me Weak”: Wakamiya has been in rumor hell since being held back a grade. At least he can take a proficiency test to move up a grade, and he has his kohai to help him study. The only problem is that whenever they try to study, Wakamiya ends up in his kohai’s bed, naked.

“Pleasure Me With Your Hands”: Nao works in one of the most popular hair salons in the city as a sweeper. He wants to hurry up and graduate to a stylist, but his colleague Narikawa distracts him to no end. At this rate, he’ll be sweeping the floors for the rest of his life!

“Man Pleasure x Man Friends”: Childhood friends Hananoi and Tokiwa are like lovers. And when their friends point that out, for some reason, Hananoi’s heart starts racing. Just what is going on with him? And how come he suddenly can’t read Tokiwa’s thoughts anymore?

“Pure Heart x Lust with Glasses”: Katori has a small crush on his colleague at work, Suga. Nothing has happened between them, but his heart skips a beat when their eyes meet and Suga gives him a warm smile. Imagine the shock Katori feels when he overhears his crush saying he hates Katori’s glasses…


Secret Flight

Story and Art: Ren Tamaki
Release date: April 29, 2022

Yuzuru Sawano is a flight attendant and part of the special international team for Japan Oriental Airlines. When it comes to love, everything is new for him. He was just fresh from a breakup on the day he was set on a flight with one of the company’s best pilots. As luck would have it, Yuzuru was caught deep in thought during the briefing by the commanding pilot himself, Captain Toshiyuki Shiyoh.

It seems that Yuzuru has caught the eye of the handsome Toshiyuki enough to have the captain propositioning Yuzuru to sleep with him.  Against his better judgment, Yuzuru finds himself agreeing and, even worse, falling for Toshiyuki. Will he be able to handle said emotions?


Mad With Love!

Story and Art: Kai Nanase
Release date: April 29, 2022

“Mad with Love!”: Sakae Kurashina and Natsuhiko Kenjou are childhood friends who attend a school built on land where a castle used to stand. The Kurashina family even used to be lords, but all that means nothing now, hundreds of years later.

One night, Natsuhiko comes to find his best friend falling from the roof of the school building. Rushed to the hospital, Natsuhiko is relieved to learn that Sakae is ultimately saved. But when he comes to, Sakae is… not the Sakae that Natsuhiko knows and loves! What’s going on with his best friend!? Is this Sakae who speaks like he belongs in old Japan really the same Sakae that fell from the roof!?

“The Path of a Secretary”: Nonoyama is the personal secretary of his company’s CEO, Mr. Maki. He was specifically selected because of his naivety and innocent nature. When one of Mr. Maki’s old friends visits the office from abroad, he’s brought with him a suspicious youth-claiming elixir. When Mr. Maki drinks it and some of it goes into Nonoyama’s mouth, will this personal secretary become a 5-year-old boy in a suit!? It seems to have worked for Mr. Maki!


Indigo Blue Gradation

Story and Art: Kei Ichikawa
Release date: April 30, 2022

Narasaki and Terashima never thought they would ever make a perfect match, but now that they are, how has their relationship progressed through high school and to the apartment they share as college students? A collection of side stories from the original “Blue Sky Complex”, showing what happens after Narasaki and Terashima walk out of the school library – and straight into the bedroom!


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