futekiya and DoKomi present Hana at DoKomi 2020!

Boys’ Love Manga Subscription Service futekiya in collaboration with DoKomi brings mangaka Hana to Germany’s largest Anime and Japan Expo

We are proud to announce that futekiya, in collaboration with DoKomi, is bringing BL mangaka Hana to DoKomi 2020

Who is Hana?

Hana is a Japan-based mangaka with a career that spans over 20 years. She has drawn shoujo, shounen, and four-panel manga, but her present work mainly focuses on Boys’ Love.

Her representative work is “Lust and Love in the New Academy” with a total of 11 volumes. 

At present, Hana publishes three to four BL manga titles a year and participates in events for self-published (doujin) manga.


Hana’s works in futekiya Library


Lust and Love in the New Academy

Full Bloom is a private all-boys academy known only by few where students learn the arts of seduction. After his parents kick him out and his hookup rejects him, Moga Kagesumi enrolls in Full Bloom’s idol department to learn how to support himself. Moga might not be the classical image of an idol, but he catches the eye of Gabriel, a successful fashion icon. When Gabriel wins a date with Moga, Moga discovers his future might be filled with more love than he expected.


The Beast and I

On a particular continent of half-beasts, all are born as males, and half of the population become female once they mate. Ouga, the future king of the beasts, selects Nico as his mate. But, Nico has not experienced his change yet. Is there something troubling their relationship?


My Servants and I

In public, Raku Fuki is a model president of the student council. But in private, Raku is recovering from trauma wrought by his step-father. Forever changed by his past, Raku tries to find relief through his two classmates, Tsubaki and Rakuichi.



*Spin-off of My Servants and I* 

Rokuichi is one of Fuki’s playthings, but he wants nothing more than to become Fuki’s one and only boyfriend. After striking an agreement with Tsubaki, Fuki’s other sex friend, Rokuichi goes on a solo date with Fuki for the first time. Can Rokuichi win Fuki’s heart?



When his father skips town, Nayu suddenly finds himself drowning in debt. But, rather than paying off this debt with money… Nayu becomes a live-in lover!?


The first chapters of these titles are available for free on the futekiya Library. All chapters are available to all subscribers.


DoKomi 2020 is slated on May 23-24, 2020 at the Trade Fair Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany. For more details, visit their official website:


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