fu-Picks: Boys’ Love (BL) Manga Perfect for Christmas

Christmas season is here, which means it’s time for us to showcase more seasonal Boys’ Love (BL) manga! Here’s a selection of 6 BL titles that are perfect for Christmas. Regardless of whether you’re here for the special seasonal episodes or you just enjoy the mystical winter vibes, we hope you’ll enjoy reading these from the comfort of your kotatsu (or your air-conditioned room, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere)!

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La Danse des Amants: The Dance of Lovers

Story and Art: Yukio Yanagisawa
Spice Rating: 2/5

Talented modern dancer Regis finds himself in a creative slump while preparing for his dance troupe’s Christmas performance. After lashing out at his dance partner in frustration, he seeks the bodily comfort of fellow dancer and roommate Yuui – who also happens to be his step-brother. Can Regis overcome his past and pain as he gets intertwined with Yuui’s life and body?

La Danse des Amants: The Dance of Lovers is a Boys’ Love omnibus that features several captivating characters, all of whom are from the same dance troupe. The stylish art style and dramatic character development make this a perfect read for quiet winter nights!


Rational Pervert Romance

Story: Nanako Semori / Art: Neg Sekihara
Spice Rating: 3/5

Sho has a fetish for beautiful blushes, and he falls in love with Nao at first sight when he sees him blushing on stage while being forced to crossdress as part of a college event! It takes Nao a little while to realize that Sho’s confession towards him was 100% serious – will Sho’s romantic approach be successful in the end?

This BL manga is perfect for those who like fluffy love stories and isn’t afraid of spice. There’s a heartwarming Christmas episode in the latter half, so make sure you add Rational Pervert Romance to your binge-reading list today!


Yuki and Matsu

Story and Art: Hidebu Takahashi
Spice Rating: 3/5

One dark and snowy night, doctor Sho-an comes across Yuki, a beautiful man who had collapsed with a short sword in hand. Although Sho-an was ready to use his body as medical supplies, Yuki goes on to live as a houseguest who eats his food and keeps his bed warm throughout the year!

Yuki and Matsu is a Boys’ Love manga that is reminiscent of old-school Japanese period dramas. Its encapsulating story will surely keep you entertained throughout your cold wintery nights!


Love love chu chu


Story and Art: Hana
Spice Rating: 5/5

Rokuichi is one of Fuki’s multiple friends-with-benefits, but all he wants is to become his one and only boyfriend! Can he win Fuki’s heart at his first-ever solo date with him? You’ll have to read to find out!

This super-spicy one-shot features a cute winter date. If you want a quick pretty-boy fix with a heartwarming story and tons of spice, this BL manga is for you!


You're my Sex Star by Tamekou banner image

You’re My Sex Star

Story and Art: Tamekou
Spice Rating: 5/5

Hikaru Ibuki makes his debut as a sex industry journalist with an interview with gay porn star Chihiro Yuki… but he ends up being on the other side of the camera after he tries to save Chihiro from a harassing director!

This BL title is a very satisfying read, as you get to see the characters’ (sensual yet wholesome) relationship develop over several chapters. Chihiro’s playful side really shows in the super-cute Christmas episode in Volume 2!


The Demon Wants To Be A Good Boy

Story and Art: Memo Kamiya
Spice Rating: 5/5

This cute-yet-spicy BL omnibus contains a lovey-dovey Christmas story, entitled An Electrifying Shock of Love!. The main character Itsuto is cursed by EXTREME static electricity and has accepted that he’ll be forever alone for Christmas… until his guy friend Tomo confesses to him just before the silly season!

We’d recommend this title for anyone who enjoys one-shot BL mangas with a good mix of comedy and spice!


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