fu-Picks: Boys’ Love (BL) Manga for Halloween

Are you in the mood for something spooky, scary… and maybe spicy?

At the futekiya Library, we have plenty of tags to help you find just the right Boys’ Love manga to fit your mood. Are you looking for a reversible couple with a glasses character? We got you covered. Want to read workplace comedies? We have those too. Even with these many tags, though, finding BL that fit a particular season can be difficult. But, the fu-Picks team is here to help!

For some around the world, October is a time for the chilling tales of ghosts, monsters, and more. While the Library doesn’t have any horror BL manga (yet), we will showcase BL manga perfect for the Halloween season in this round of fu-Picks. These five titles are all a mix of the supernatural touch with plenty of love and spice!


Scapegoat Baby

Story and Art: Makuno
Spice Rating: 3/5

Scapegoat Baby is a modern-day vampire story with an erotic twist. Aoi, a healthy, young flower shop attendant, finds himself helping Amamiya, a regular customer, home one day. Amamiya isn’t merely afflicted by anemia – he is actually a vampire who can drink more than blood to survive.

If you love vampire stories and beautifully tantalizing art, Scapegoat Baby is a must-read. This Halloween is a wonderful time to catch up on this series since it is still ongoing, with a new chapter slated for release in November 2020.


Kiss My Blood

Story and Art: UMINO Sachi
Spice Rating: 3/5

Tetsu, a high school teacher, and Shima, his high school student, seem like regular childhood friends on the outside. In reality, Shima is a vampire and Tetsu, a hapless human entrusted to protect his reputation. For years, Shima lived off of the blood from cats and pigeons, but can he resist his craving for Tetsu’s blood?

Kiss My Blood is sure to please those who desire more vampire stories with a light comedic touch.


Possessed By A Ghost

Story and Art: DONBURI Una
Spice Rating: 2/5

Ryouta is a typical college student who dreams of getting by and finding a girlfriend. All his best-laid plans are thrown into chaos when the Taiga, a ghost in his apartment, starts haunting him. But maybe Taiga is better than any girlfriend he could ever want?

Nothing says Halloween more than ghosts, and Possessed By A Ghost can bring you that ghostly BL energy with plenty of laughs.


The Magician in Room 306

Story and Art: Ayu Yamane
Spice Rating: 1/5

Keima and Kii have been best friends for years, and their friendship has lasted even as Keima becomes popular at school. With the class Halloween party coming up, will their friendship change?

The Magician in Room 306 doesn’t have supernatural elements like the other BL on this list. But it is a very heartwarming and human story set against Halloween’s backdrop. This one-shot is excellent for people who want just a bit of Halloween flavor without anything scary!


I Love You So Do As I Say

Story and Art: Noko Kinoko
Spice Rating: 4/5

Can love (or rather lust) between a vampire and a werewolf last? What would their love (or really, lust) look like? Noko Kinoko’s I Love You So Do As I Say is here to answer all your questions.

If you want a purely spicy and supernatural BL to top off your Halloween BL list, you need to read I Love You So Do As I Say. Just remember, this is a super spicy title!


Do you have any other BL manga titles from the futekiya Library you recommend for Halloween? Let us know on Twitter!


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