fu-Picks: Good Food is Good Mood

Nothing brings people together like good food.

Still can’t go out and enjoy the great weather, or for some, the beautiful autumn foliage due to the pandemic? Many of us have probably missed so much this year, especially if you had prior plans to travel locally or overseas. How about the time-limited autumn flavors at restaurants and cafes that you’ve been looking forward to? Ah! The scent and taste of sweet potato, pumpkin, and chestnut! Autumn, indeed, is the best season for eating!

While we can’t replace the ecstasy brought by every bite and experience, the fu-Picks team is here to share BL manga titles that might sate your hunger and longing. So how about you dine and wine with us or even get drunk on some BL manga today (which also happens to be Pocky Day)!

Here are five BL manga titles that, in one way or another, have food as common ground.

Like a Sugar

Story and Art: Nago Nayuta
Spice Rating: 1/5

Hobby baker Yoshimura accidentally bumps into Shima, the terrifying third year with scary eyes. What starts as a nerve-wracking encounter turns into a regular rendezvous as Yoshimura ends up sharing his homemade sweets with the famed bad boy who simply is a sweet tooth.  All is well until one day when Yoshimura’s teaching Shima how to bake, he somehow accidentally sneaks in a kiss…?

If you enjoy reading funny school life stories, then this sweet high school love story between a puppy-like kouhai who loves baking for his younger brother and his scarily frank senpai will entertain you!


If I Hadn’t Fallen in Love with You

Story and Art: Suji
Spice Rating: 3/5

Sparks fly the moment loud Chef Nono Seiji meets the prim and proper Kakeru Misato, the new branch manager. The two did not exactly get along due to Kakeru’s dislike for oily things, which Nono took as an insult to Chinese cuisine. Yet, something happens that unveils the past and sheds light on the real reason behind Kakeru’s behavior. Will the adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” hold and be enough?

Another senpai and kouhai love story drizzled with workplace politics and third party interference that is sure to make you hungry and envious of the staff members that are constantly being fed by Nono.


If I Could Touch Your Heart header

If I Could Touch Your Heart

Story and Art: Tachibana
Spice Rating: 1/5

Freelance writer Daisuke Anesaki gets captivated by the warmth and grace of Hasumi-ya‘s owner Seiichiro Hasumi after a visit for a magazine story. Charmed by the owner, he sets his heart to pursue the older man to win him over. But, will his words reach his heart?

A couple with a glasses character? Check. An older guy wearing a kimono? Check. Feel the love and warmth of this one-shot while you enjoy a warm cup of Japanese tea or even coffee!


Love is Not Good Alone

Story and Art: Ohira You
Spice Rating: 3/5

A restaurant in the middle of nowhere serving carefully selected ingredients run by Tessho with his reliable staff is definitely a dream come true. Things abruptly change after he helps an injured cat that vanishes, only to meet a young man claiming to be the injured cat. What’s with this sudden development? How will he deal with this catboy?

A delightful read for those who love traveling to different places and trying out new restaurants. Tessho’s ideal gastronomic oasis makes you want to google local hidden restaurants around your area. Plus, the brewing love story among the characters is undoubtedly the icing on the cake.


The Puppy Dog Student Can’t Ignore The Two-Faced Waiter

Story and Art: akebino
Spice Rating: 1/5

Ex-designer turned cafe staff Ryu now works at Cafe Cleo run by an old family friend. He goes through his tasks, wearing a fake smile and agreeable attitude. Everything seems fine and well except for the pestering of a young customer who seems to have seen through his facade and even dares to blackmail him. Now how will this pan out?

Age-gap drama set in a cafe between an older guy in the midst of dealing with the toils and troubles of adulting and a young, energetic guy aiming to get into a university. This series is still ongoing, with a new chapter slated for release this November 2020.


We have plenty of tags to help you peruse through our titles at the futekiya library, so make sure to check and use it to find the best BL title that suits your fancy or mood.


Do you have any other food-related BL manga titles from the futekiya Library you recommend for November? Let us know on Twitter!


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