fu-Picks: Boys’ Love (BL) Manga About Classmates

There are tons of tropes and categories within the world of Boys’ Love manga, and it can get a little overwhelming when you’re trying to pick up some new titles! But fret not: futekiya’s got you covered with the “tag search” function, which helps you look for specific categories of BL manga according to your mood or interests. Here’s a sample of the BL manga titles that you can find under the “classmates” tag. This is a classic setting in BL manga, so the category is also really popular on futekiya – our Library has sweet stories, spicy stories, serious stories, and everything else in-between!


Wanna Try Dating Inoue?

Story & Art: Fujitobi
Spice Rating: 1/5

This BL fluff story is set in a world where many humanoid species coexist. Inoue – a cheerful new human student who suffers from asthma – falls in love with a boy named Karasuma, but he keeps insisting that he’s not interested in a relationship, no matter how many times he asks him out!

As the story progresses, you’ll get to witness Karasuma slowly warming up to Inoue, as well as learn about his backstory. This is a must-read if you enjoy cutesy stories and boys’ blushing faces!



Story & Art: Miu Kouda

Spice Rating: 2/5

Izumi falls in love with his best friend (and only friend) Riku, but given what had happened at his previous school, he chooses to hide his feelings to protect their friendship. But then, Izumi’s former classmates out him in front of Riku… and their relationship takes a sudden turn!

HELLO is highly recommended if you enjoy youthful romance stories, or if you’re looking to read something that pulls on your heartstrings.


Everyone Stand Up! Boys Love Private High School

Story & Art: Shinta Harekawa

Spice Rating: 3/5

If you’re after a light-hearted rom com with a dash of spice, this title is perfect for you! This story focuses on Sousuke, who enters the so-called “BL academy” and gets paired with Eguchi, the school’s “No.1 top”. Read this til the very end and watch as Sousuke adapts to his school’s crazy curriculum and truly evolves into the “No.1 bottom of the year”!


Uemura is a Good Boy.

Story & Art: Shinta Harekawa

Spice Rating: 5/5

Here’s a super-spicy recommendation for the megane bottom enthusiasts! This title is also great for those who enjoy flirty tops who are actually nice people.

Beneath his “model student” exterior, Uemura is hiding an embarrassing secret: he’s actually a massive pervert and loves pleasuring himself more than anything else! However, one day, his playboy underclassman Matsuoka catches him jacking off at school… what’s gonna happen when Matsuoka offers to help him out after seeing how hot and flustered he is?

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