fu-Picks: 6 BL Titles with Workplace Romance

In Japan, April is a month for new beginnings, whether at school or in the workplace. It’s a prime time for new friendships, new discoveries, and… possibly even workplace romances!

Here’s a selection of 6 Boys’ Love (BL) titles that are set in the workplace. We’ve picked up a whole range of titles, ranging from the “classic” salaryman romance types to stories set in less conventional workplaces!

If you read through this list and became hungry for more, be sure to check out the rest of the titles under our “Workplace” tag!


Elevator Strategy by Haruyuki header

Elevator Strategy

Story and Art: Haruyuki
Spice Rating: 5/5

Wataru and Jin are classic workplace rivals; every time they butt heads in the office elevator, all they do is bicker and push each other’s buttons! But when Jin spots Wataru in the elevator with a sleepy boner in the middle of the night, things start getting really spicy really quick…

If you like tsundere bottoms, “thrilling” situations, and rivals-turned-lovers dynamics, you’re sure to enjoy Elevator Strategy!



Get The Key To My Heart

Story and Art: Emi Mitsuki
Spice Rating: 3/5

Get The Key To My Heart is a workplace romance story with a twist; our two main characters don’t actually meet at work! In fact, Suzuki meets Shiga – his new boss – after he drunkenly appears on his doorstep and tries to steal a kiss. Shiga rambled about how Suzuki reminded him of his ex, but how could he have possibly known that he was actually his sister’s ex?!

This story throws a lot of curveballs at both the characters and the readers, but you’ll surely enjoy it if you’re a stickler for heartwarming stories. Read it ‘til the end and see how Suzuki gets the key to Shiga’s heart!




Story and Art: Taurine 100 million
Spice Rating: 5/5

Usui thinks his work partner Makita is a handsome man; he’s beautiful yet manly, and he always smells so nice! He thought their relationship would be strictly work-only, but when Makita offers him a blowjob during drinks, will he accompany him to the love hotel…!?

This spicy one-shot is one of futekiya’s exclusive doujin works, and it’s equal parts cute and lewd. Definitely give it a go if you’re into pretty boys and enthusiastic bottoms!



Is It Okay To Rub You? -Men’s Only Aroma Massage Parlor-

Story and Art: Dia Shiromitsu
Spice Rating: 4/5

Workplace romances don’t just have to be between a pair of coworkers; sparks could also start flying between a worker and a customer!

In this spicy title, aroma masseuse Motoya leverages his job to make moves on Haruma, his adorable customer. He knows they’re just masseuse and client, but he doesn’t just want to touch his smooth skin for work! If you like cutesy bottoms with an impish charm, this manga is perfect for you. Both Motoya and Haruma’s blushing faces are just too precious!



Love Ban in the Circus!

Story and Art: Chimi
Spice Rating: 2/5

Now, we’d like to showcase some stories set in some less conventional workplaces – starting with Love Ban in the Circus!

Koya is the only son of the circus ringmaster, and after he gets laid off from his office job, he comes back home to work as an assistant and janitor. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that the circus has budding relationships all around, but there’s just one problem: the circus has a ban against romantic relationships between its workers!

This omnibus contains a whole range of Boys’ Love dynamics, including long-term friends, an extrovert-and-introvert couple, crybaby characters, and kuudere bottoms. If you like fluffy stories and want to read something that’s kinda like a box of chocolates, this is the title for you!



Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot-and-Cold Rabbit

Story and Art: Miwa
Spice Rating: 5/5

When you work at an underground bunny-themed host club for rich men, all sorts of shenanigans happen on the job! The male staff – called “bunnies’ – all have their reasons and motivations for working here, whether it be debts, hunger for money, or something else!

You’ll get to meet a variety of interesting characters in this title, ranging from pure-hearted and innocent boys to the “sadistic bottom” types. Come and take a peek at the underground dream world full of alcohol, sex, and anonymity!



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