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futekiya February 2020 Boys’ Love (BL) Manga Releases!

It’s almost the end of February! Here’s a recap of all the Boys’ Love (BL) manga released in futekiya Library this month! Make sure to keep up with updates from futekiya by following our Twitter account!

February 2020 futekiya Boys’ Love (BL) Manga Releases: Publishers



After stalking one another, high school teacher Takatsu and former student Mizusawa finally start dating. Mizusawa, once a cheeky high schooler, is now a good-looking younger boyfriend to Takasu. A middle-aged man, Takasu isn’t accustomed to dating someone like Mizusawa and having his unrequited love requited. This volume is a collection of stories focusing on Takasu and Mizusawa as they date and build a life together over the years.


Yuki and Matsu by Hidebu Takahashi

On a dark and snowy night, Sho-an drags home what he believes to be the corpse of a beautiful man. But, even though Sho-an is ready to reduce the body into medical supplies, he is dismayed to discover the body lives. Sho-an names his corpse-cum-patient Yuki and gains a houseguest that eats his food and keeps his bed warm throughout the year.


Every Time We Touch, I Hear That Sound by Dento Hayane 

Touji is an average high school student who is terrible at dealing with people and struggles with physical contact. On one rainy day, all of Touji’s struggles come to a head when he encounters Itsuki Yato, a fellow classmate who touches him casually even when they first meet. Even though Touji isn’t great at socializing, Itsuki goes out of his way to talk to him and spend time with him. Gradually, Touji starts to want to learn more about Itsuki…


Setagaya Synchronicity by Chika Hongo

Takafumi often sees “him,” a man that is just his type, at his part-time job. Always in the same seat, always studying, Takafumi couldn’t help but notice him. When Takafumi moves into his friends dorm room, he discovers his new roommate is “him,” a college student named Miharu. Through a series of coincidences, Takafumi keeps crossing paths with Miharu and becomes more entangled with his life. This is… normal, right?


Even If You Close Your Eyes, You Can See the Light by Maki Marukido

Jin Inohara’s life as a veteran adult industry actor is sleeping with someone new. But, when he becomes an actor for the Cherry Bonbon series, Jin finds himself paired up long term with Hikaru Amou. Jin and Hikaru’s videos sell well, and they gain popularity as a pair, leading to more and more videos of them together. Yet, despite their intimacy on screen, Jin and Hikaru don’t know much about each other’s private lives. That is…until Jin realizes he lives in the same apartment building as Hikaru.
This volume also includes Maki Marukido’s debut work, “Wednesday Morning, 3:30 A.M.”


La Danse des Amants: The Dance of Lovers by Yukio Yanagisawa

Although he is a talented modern dancer, Regis is plowing through a creative slump for his dance troupe’s Christmas performance. But, no matter what he does, Regis can’t perform to his perfectionist standards. Frustrated, Regis first lashes out at his dance partner and then seeks the bodily comfort of his step-brother, fellow dancer, roommate Yuui. Intertwined with Yuui’s life and body, can Regis find a release from his past and pain?
This volume also includes stories about members in Regis and Yuui’s dance troupe.

Last Stop is Tokyo. by Hayariyamai

Two normal office workers, two lovers. After years of friendship and more than friendship, Homura and Takase go together on a trip. Though their trip is fun, it is also tinged with sadness. After they return home, Homura and Takase plan on ending their relationship. But, can they end it that easily?


Logical Orion by amco

A former child model hitting a rough patch, Keel enters a contract with Seiji Kanakawa. For one month, Keel is a live-in prostitute for Seiji and fulfills all of his requests, even requests to have Keel dress as a girl and top him. Keel grins and bears it since he is being paid good money. But, even though their relationship starts with a contract, what will happen when emotions become involved?


Love is Not Good Alone by You Ohira

With kind guests, a reliable staff, and carefully selected ingredients, Tessho’s bistro is his ideal gastronomic oasis. Tessho’s life abruptly changes after he helps an injured cat. A few days after the cat vanishes, a young man named Nekota appears claiming to be an injured cat. Driven to pay Tessho back for his kindness, Nekota asks to work at the bistro. Tessho reluctantly hires this mysterious…catboy? But, who really is Nekota and why does he like Tessho so much?


Tales of Strange Coincidences in Kawabata-machi by Shino Shinomiya

One fateful day, the Suzushima Appraisal Research Company recruits Chisa Hirako, an unassuming college student, as a part-timer. Without much thought, Chisa enters the mysterious company and joins company president Suzushima and Uozumi to investigate “the authenticity of objects.” Chisa soon discovers through his investigations strange coincidences and threads of clumsy romance.


Alcohole Communication by John Taratsumi

At Aruko Hole, college students, salary workers, freeters, and unsuccessful musicians come to mingle. Tomo and Nao, two people from different walks of life, happen to meet one day at Aruko Hole. Despite their differences, they drunkenly become friends and start attending art exhibit “dates” together on the weekends. Their past and present anxieties burden them. But, as they reveal their worries to each other, their relationship becomes essential to both of them. This volume also contains a spin-off story about between a former musician and his “pure” but loyal friend and a one-shot about a pair working to improve their communication skills.


Uemura is a Good Boy. by Megane

To his teachers, classmates, and parents, Uemura is a model student. But, that is hardly the truth. Beneath his serious exterior, Uemura loves masturbating more than anything else and spends his day thinking dirty thoughts.
His facade as a serious student slips when his playboy underclassman, Matsuoka, catches him at school jacking off to dirty panties. Has Uemura finally found someone who can accept his true self?


Pure Love Nostalgic by Maru Fujiyama

In elementary school, Hideki, Mahiro, Mike, and Soma always played together as make-believe heroes. Mike would be the villain, Soma the hostage, Mahiro the sidekick/police girl, and Hideki the hero. Though these childhood friends drifted apart over the years, they reunite at a mutual acquaintance’s wedding.
Now adults, Mahiro, Mike, and Soma start going out for drinks together from time to time. But, Hideki misses their meetups every time, much to Mahiro’s disappointment. That is, until Mahiro catches Hideki stalking his coworker! Why is Hideki following Mahiro’s coworker and why is he trying to recruit Mahiro to help him?
This volume also includes stories about Mike and Somo, two roommates without benefits… for now.


Fragment of a Flower by Dento Hayane

In high school, Toyoki Ashihara befriends Yu and Haru, identical twins who often switch places with each other as a joke. But, when Toyoki reveals that he can tell them both apart the twins stop. Over time, the twins stop their gags and start cutting and dying their hair to make it easier to know who is who. Their friendship seems to go smoothly until it fades away when they graduate high school.
Years later, Toyoki and Yu reunite at Haru’s funeral…but is this really Haru’s funeral?


The Dream of the Cuckoos by Tamekou

For four years, Shougo Natsuka has loved his popular, perfect, and handsome classmate Hiro Hakushima. Out of fear of ruining Hiro’s reputation, Shougo never confessed his feelings and remained his friend over the years.
Now in college, Shougo has started sleeping with Seno, a sex friend that is the exact opposite of Hiro. Shougo settles into a life with staying by Hiro’s side as his friend and releasing his urges on Seno. But, when Seno and Hiro experience a body-switch after an accident, will Shougo finally be able to touch Hiro through Seno’s body?


How to Kill a Heart by Kashio

When his father remarries in his fifties, Haruki suddenly becomes step-brothers with Hikaru, a boy ten years his junior. Hikaru usually is a shy boy, but he likes Haruki immediately. Like an ideal little brother, Hikaru asks Haruki to play with him and spend time with him. But, Hikaru might like Haruki more than as a brother…and he might not be so innocent about it.


Everyone Stand Up! Boys Love Private High School by Shinta Harekawa

Sousuke Aihara grew up without any close friends because his family moved around so much. Now a high school student at Aomine Private High School Academy, an elite school with a 1000% enrollment rate, Sousuke is determined to make close friends.
Right away, Sousuke attracts attention from his classmates. The recognition from his peers excites Sousuke at first and makes him look forward to his life as an Aomine student. But, when he discovers that his high school is a so-called “BL academy,” Sousuke realizes his classmates notice him so much because he is the #1 bottom of his year!?

Sex with Chika! cover photo

Sex with Chika! by Jimi Fumikawa

Chika, Nao, and Ryo are all friends… with extra, extra benefits. During a threesome, Nao, a loving and mischevious boyfriend with plenty of affection to go around, proposes Chika try out being a bottom. At first, Chika refuses, but after some convincing from Nao, he eventually gives his ass up to Ryo. Once Chika and Ryo start doing it, a whole new door opens to their relationship.


God is Probably Left-Handed by Mushiba

Determined to pay off his father’s debts, Yano works to create counterfeit money for the yakuza. Though he is really good, Yano can’t quite make his “artificial” money perfect. That is, until he has Makura, a man skilled at art and creating counterfeits, thrust onto him by the yakuza. Given permission to use him anyway he wants… how will Yano use his human copy machine?


A Marked Love Match by Thanat

During his third year in middle school, Yuya confesses to Ryo, a delinquent with a scary face. At first, Ryo doesn’t respond to the confession and they keep hanging out as friends. But, when Ryo finally asks Yuya still likes him in high school, these two finally start dating. So begins their love story that spans from middle school, high school, college, and adulthood! This volume also includes a short story about two men who start living together!



Aiming for the Moon, Becoming the Star by Naka Nakaoka

Still a high schooler, Misumi is a skilled pianist with dreams of becoming professional. But, after a traumatic experience in his past, Misumi struggles to perform in public. When Minatobe suddenly begs Misumi to teach him how to play the piano, Misumi gradually overcomes his fears and through their friendship and then relationship.


First Love Encounter by Wataru Nanatsuno

Mine thought his high school life would be just like a movie. He would fall in love, confess, and have a girlfriend.
But, that’s not how Mine’s high school love story goes.
Instead, Mine meets Hachikaku, a fellow student suffering from erectile dysfunction. Through a series of movie-esque jumps, Mine rouses Hachikaku’s slumbering junior.


One-sided Love x Alliance by Tomato Machida

Akito fell in love the moment he saw Kiriya, a part-time math instructor, while on the school’s rooftop. Even though they have never talked, Akito looks forward to every time he can spy on Kiriya from the rooftop. One day when Akito sees Kiriya, Akito rushes in to see why this math teacher is crying alone.
In a panic, Akito asks Kiriya to teach him math. As they spend more time together, Akito realizes Kiriya is in love with another teacher at their school. Akito refuses to give up on Kiriya, though, and proposes they enter a One-sided Love x Alliance!

Simplified Pervert Romance by Nanako Semori and Neg Sekihara

A lone wolf with a delinquent streak, Kashima enters high school with a reputation that scares off his classmates. Little do his classmates know, Kashima is not a typical delinquent: he is a masochist that enjoys being hit by guys.
Ryouji Sanada, despite Kashima’s reputation, goes out of his way to talk to Kashima on the first day of high school. Confused by Ryouji, Kashima rebuffs his handsome classmate. But, when Ryouji intervenes in one of Kashima’s fight (and attempt to get off), Kashima realizes that Ryouji might just have a secret “perversion” too…


Faded Picture Scroll by Fujitobi

Years ago, Izumo saved a child named Ryuta from a youkai. After promising to return and adventure with him in the future, Izumo leaves Ryuta and forgets about his promise. By chance, Ryuta meets Izumo again. Over the years, Ryuta never forgot about Izumo and trained hard to prepare for their adventures. Izumo claims to have no memory of his promise or Ryuta, but that doesn’t stop Ryuta from embarking on a journey with Izumo!


Do Something You Should Not Do Please by Chiyoko Sono

Like other office workers, Kawashima wakes up, goes to work, goes home, and relieves the stress that built up throughout the day. But, while his colleagues are out drinking and eating together, Kawashima goes home, opens his laptop, and turns on his camera. Every night, Kawashima streams himself as he touches and pleasures himself for adoring fans. Little does Kawashima know, one of his fans might know him beyond the screen…
This volume also contains Memories of a True Ending and The Old Man and the Demon, short stories about couples who find love (or just lust?).


February 2020 futekiya Boys’ Love (BL) Manga Releases:
Independent Artist

The Omega Call by Kobuchi

The second son in a family of alphas, Shu Iwashiro expects to be just like his father and brother. Shu’s life and bright future shatter when he discovers he is an omega. Pressured by his family to hide his true nature, Shu pretends to be a beta. Every day, Shu hides that he is an omega from even his closest friend (and alpha), Kazushi. But, can Shu keep the facade up when his heat begins?


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