Every Morning at 8

Story and Art : Yuri Takayoshi

Every Morning at 8
Title : Every Morning at 8
Maiasa 8ji ni, 3ryoushame de

Story and Art : Yuri Takayoshi

Publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.



“Trouble Train”: Sano makes it a point to get on the same train at the same time every day. Not because it comes at the perfect time, but because it comes carrying the perfect man. One day, he finds him sleeping on the train. Trying to sneak a pic, Sano accidentally gets himself into a sticky situation…

“Behind Closed Doors”: Ryota Kawamura has recently been promoted to the 1st division of the sales department. Working alongside the top salespeople of the company, he wonders how on earth did the clumsy and careless Aizawa become the TOP earner?… Some say it has to do with alcohol… Time for Kawamura to investigate!

“Dr. Aoyama, Perverted Therapist”: Dr. Aoyama is a physical therapist. Takahashi is one of his patients. With a baby face like that, no one would suspect Takahashi to be hiding such a toned and muscular body. Even if Dr. Aoyama can resist his hands from wandering, he can’t resist his wild imagination…!

“My Visions Betray Me”: Nomura has always had a peculiar power that lets him glimpse into the future. They arrive as sudden migraines turned into visions, and as soon as it’s gone, the event takes place… except… His visions are always the exact opposite of what happens in reality! What an emotional rollercoaster, especially now that he has hopelessly fallen for his senior at work! How will he be able to handle a vision about him!?

“Their Situation”: Tetsuya Tanabe and Yuki Terasawa are the two most popular guys at their school. You would think they would get on well, but Yuki will never understand the mind of a womanizer like Tetsuya. So what will Yuki do when he’s Playboy Tetsuya’s next target!?


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