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Event Report: Rated 18+ After Dark Talk with akabeko-sensei

On August 7th, 2021 as part of onBLUE’s 10th Anniversary celebration tour, BL manga artist akabeko-sensei held a rated 18+ online talk ZOOM event and became the fourth event in onBLUE’s “Online Talk Event Tour” where various artists host a series of talk shows spanning over a year!


The talk was hosted by Editor HamuHamu, akabeko-sensei’s editor. As a rated 18+ event, we had the pleasure of listening to Editor HamuHamu and akabeko-sensei chat about NSFMW (Not-Safe-For-Most-Work) topics! Wondering what they talked about?


Then off to the event!


Before jumping into part 1 of the 2 part Q&A and live drawing event, a practice round of using the poll feature and chat feature was conducted.


For the poll feature practice round, the questions were about The Manager and Leo.


① The Manager x Leo Date: location?





② The Manager x Leo Date: food?

・Yakiniku BBQ




③ The Manager x Leo Date: position?



・Standing Doggystyle


So, apparently, the “Rated 18+” part came early on. How did viewers vote?


① The Manager x Leo Date: location?

・Disneyland (47% votes)


② The Manager x Leo Date: food?

・Yakiniku BBQ (50% votes)


③ The Manager x Leo Date: position?

・Standing Doggystyle (49% votes)


Editor HamuHamu: So, on their date as voted by viewers, The Manager and Leo will go to Disneyland, eat yakiniku BBQ, do it in a standing doggystyle position, then go home.


To practice using the chat feature, Editor HamuHamu asked “What is your favorite part about your favorite character?” and viewers responded in the chat section. Many “favorite parts” flooded the chat, including, “The Manager’s fingers,” “Veins,” “Leo’s crying face” and so on.


After firmly getting a grasp on how to vote on polls and send chat messages, the Q&A session began.


Part 1 (Q&A Session)

Q&A about akabeko-sensei


To get to know akabeko-sensei a little better, the Q&A session started off with questions about the artist.


❝When did you start drawing manga and BL?❞

akabeko-sensei reminisced about keeping an exchange manga diary with a friend in the 3rd grade in elementary school. The story that they created was titled Armadillo Transfer Student and was about a transfer student who would turn into an armadillo when they ran.


Editor HamuHamu: That’s cute! I want to read it!

akabeko-sensei: I couldn’t possibly show it.


In terms of BL, akabeko-sensei probably knew about its existence in high school. At the strong urging of a friend, akabeko-sensei started drawing BL after graduating high school. Thank you to that friend!


❝What led to your debut?❞

akabeko-sensei’s commercial BL path began thanks to an editor who had bought her doujinshi work at an event that she participated in for the first time since pausing her doujinshi activities. akabeko-sensei remembered that the timing was perfect, as she was just thinking about finding work relating to manga.

According to Editor HamuHamu, she was stunned at the amount of work akabeko-sensei was releasing on the heels of her debut. In response, akabeko-sensei explained that she wanted to do both commercial BL and doujinshi activities, so she did everything all at once.


Editor HamuHamu: I remember wondering “When does this person sleep?”

akabeko-sensei: I have quite a bit of stamina, so somehow I was able to get through it.

Editor HamuHamu: It was like there were three “akabeko-senseis.”


❝What is the origin of your pen name?❞

Even Editor HamuHamu didn’t know this story.

akabeko-sensei explained that when she was actively creating doujinshi, she changed her pen name depending on the genre of her work. One such pen name was “akabeko” written in kanji as 赤牛 (literal translation: red cow). When the editor who helped her debut bought her work, akabeko-sensei was using the pen name “akabeko” in romanized Japanese so she simply continued using it.


❝Is your self-portrait a drawing of mint ice cream? Do you like mint ice cream?❞

Ever since she was a child, akabeko-sensei loved mint chocolate-chip ice cream, so she made it into her profile picture.


Editor HamuHamu: The chocolate chips seem to be missing…

akabeko-sensei: It wasn’t cute with the chocolate chips. But they’re there! They’re just not visible.

❝How many hours do you draw in a day?❞

During a busy period, akabeko-sensei answered that she can be drawing for around 20 hours! According to Editor HamuHamu, when they first started working together and she saw the artist’s planner, she had a deadline for something every single day. However, now in her 6th year since debuting, akabeko-sensei explained that she has learned how to speak honestly with her editors and was able to calm her schedule down as a result.


❝Did you do sports as a student?❞

akabeko-sensei did judo up until graduating high school and casually stated that she obtained a black belt, the highest a high schooler can obtain, of the first dan.


Next, akabeko-sensei answered questions sent in from readers about her works.


❝During an interview with Chil-Chil for the release of Mitsuka, you mentioned that there was a time you felt impotent when you drew erotic scenes. How did you overcome your impotency?❞

Rather than consciously overcoming it, akabeko-sensei described that it was a period where she had to keep drawing and drawing, so it just healed on its own.


akabeko-sensei: I thought, “now is not the time to feel impotent!”


akabeko-sensei explained that she herself enjoys drawing erotic scenes and usually goes about drawing them excitedly thinking, “readers are going to LOVE this!” But during her impotence, she submitted a manuscript with a feeling of defeat thinking, “what even is erotic about this…?” Nevertheless, her editor thought is was as erotic as per usual.

❝Is there a position or erotic situation that you like to draw in particular?❞

The presentation slide was full of panels showing The Manager and Leo doing it from behind. Surprisingly though, akabeko-sensei was not always so keen on this position and just recently realized its appeal.


Editor HamuHamu: This position suits The Manager.

akabeko-sensei: Doing it from behind really reveals how skilled the seme is. But, even if a seme is bad at it, it’s also cute seeing them try really hard.



❝What do you make sure to pay attention to when you draw characters’ facial expressions and words?❞

akabeko-sensei explained that once the characters are designed, they start moving around on their own like a movie. Therefore, rather than “creating” their expressions and words, she views it more as “transcribing” them.


Editor HamuHamu: Owing to that, akabeko-sensei’s storyboards have such a lively element to them.


❝How do you decide who is a seme and who is an uke?❞

Rather than looking at two characters and deciding who is what, akabeko-sensei said she begins by drawing the seme and uke characters as they are in the story and they appear in her mind naturally.


❝How do you come up with the characters’ personal stories? Is there any background information that we don’t know about?❞

akabeko-sensei admitted that she does not think too deeply about the characters’ personal stories. As a result of the lack of sufficient information, Editor HamuHamu struggles her way through creating character booklets. Thank you for all of your hard work, Editor HamuHamu!

In regards to background information, apparently The Manager is the type to do strength training everyday.


akabeko-sensei: Especially since he has a younger boyfriend now, he might be extra careful about keeping up with his strength training. He has a cute side like that.

Editor HamuHamu: I am interested in seeing him work out.

❝What kind of excitement did you want to portray while deciding the pairing and working on Mitsuka? What excites you most about the couple?❞

akabeko-sensei explained that at the time, she was busy with jobs that weren’t particularly five pepper ratings. As a result, the stress of not being able to draw spicy sex scenes built up and she unleashed it all in a “one-shot filled with sex scenes from beginning to end” which eventually became this story.

akabeko-sensei described that she personally gets excited by “not knowing what The Manager is going to do next, but having peace of mind knowing that he is a professional.”


❝What did you think when you heard the audio of Episode.5?❞

This question is about an audio recording of Volume 1, Episode.5 of Mitsuka that came as a free, limited time bonus for those who bought the first or second volume. akabeko-sensei responded that she was very happy because it was the episode that she herself wanted to hear. On the screen, a presentation slide featured a section of Episode.5’s original storyboard. akabeko-sensei had written a note mentioning, “When this becomes a drama CD…” even though there wasn’t any talk about an audio recording yet! Clearly, akabeko-sensei really wanted to hear this episode.

❝Which panel do you want to point out and say, ‘I committed so much energy into this part!’? Which sex scene is your favorite, and in what did you focus on in particular?❞

akabeko-sensei packs her energy into every panel, but said she did anything she wanted in the last chapter with The Manager and Leo.


akabeko-sensei: He massaged Leo for three whole hours…


Then, Editor HamuHamu conducted a poll. The multiple-choice question was… “Which spicy scene excited you the most?”

The chat section was flooded with messages from viewers unable to make a choice saying, “I can’t choose!” and “All of them!”

The results?…


The “I’ll make you understand” scene!


Editor HamuHamu and akabeko-sensei seemed to understand.


❝When The Manager was sick, he made Leo climax using pressure, but what exactly does that mean? Please explain how it is different than usual!❞

Apparently akabeko-sensei’s editor also asked this question.


akabeko-sensei: They were in prone bone position, but The Manager had to put his weight on Leo because he was sick and physically weak. Leo was caught in between the bed and The Manager so when he entered Leo, all of that pressure made him climax. Leo’s body has learned how to climax from doing it time and again, so this time, it was from the pressure.



❝In the last sex scene in Episode.12, am I correct in thinking that The Manager’s Manager was at 100% attendance?❞


Then, another poll was conducted. “How Big is The Manager Quiz!”

Voting time ended and the most popular guess was “20cm” but, what was the correct answer!?


akabeko-sensei: 25cm!




❝In Crazy Fruits Spin-Off First Part, The Manager didn’t suck on Leo’s nipples, but when they reconciled, Leo says, ‘suck them!’ Did Leo develop this during the period after he was with The Manager and before they reconciled? Or was he originally sensitive there?❞

akabeko-sensei noted that although some readers may be unhappy with her answer, during the period after Leo slept with The Manager and before their reconciliation, Leo frequented gay brothels and did a lot of learning.


❝In The House Where You Live, Chiaki assumed he was ace, but was there something that made him think so? How are his night time activities now that he has met the older Mr. Banzai?❞

Chiaki never had an interest in people his age, regardless of gender, so he assumed that he was ace. But, partly because he has daddy issues, Mr. Banzai was exactly his type, and he felt that he could be with him as many times as he wanted.


❝In Groping in the Dark, Roku and Yu choose to live in the light. What do they do for a living and what happens to them afterward?❞

akabeko-sensei answered by saying Roku and Yu work at the ramen shop. After Gramps’ ramen shop gets featured in the media, he decides to open a second location. Gramps makes the reliable Roku the Shop Manager, and makes Yu work there too because he’d just get in Gramps’ way otherwise. So Roku and Yu work together at the second branch of Gramps’ ramen shop.


❝How did you come up with the brilliant idea to make Makoto the seme and Ai, who has the body of seme, the uke?❞

Ai could also be a seme, but akabeko-sensei explained that it was rather the fact that Makoto definitely could not be an uke, that led to that pairing. As it was her first time drawing an uke like Ai, she was worried in the beginning, but learned to like him after getting to know his lively and cute uke side.


akabeko-sensei: Ai does anal hair removal, so his rear end is sparkly clean. Completely hairless. I like how he goes to these lengths for Makoto, but doesn’t spoil him too much.

Groping in the Dark -extra- will be an irregular series sequel! Please tell us about how great babusemes are.❞

Babu-seme is a seme who is baby-like, innocent, selfish, and pampered. akabeko-sensei explained that thanks to an uke like Ai being the uke, Makoto’s babu-seme works well and is positively highlighted.


❝Is Makoto’s bodycount 2 (Ai and Betty)? If so… *nosebleed*❞

akabeko-sensei: Yes! He just goes back and forth between Ai and Betty.


And with that *nosebleed* statement, the Q&A session came to an end.


Part 2 (Live Drawing Session)


After a short break, akabeko-sensei’s rated 18+ live drawing session began. When she shared her screen, a draft of The Manager, naked, appeared on a CLIP STUDIO window…! Can this be… 25cm?!


akabeko-sensei zoomed in and started inking in the draft. First she drew his jaw and hair, while talking about how particular The Manager’s hairstyle was. akabeko-sensei spoke about her hobby of making character plushies, and how she struggled when it came to The Manager’s hair.


Editor HamuHamu: I want to see Leo hugging that plushie in his sleep!


In a flash, akabeko-sensei finished drawing the hair, and the character immediately became recognizable as The Manager. 

As she skillfully inked in the draft, akabeko-sensei talked about her drawing process, and how she works fully in digital. When she finished drawing in his face, Editor HamuHamu began asking more questions sent in by readers.


❝Which part of the character is the most fun to draw?❞


akabeko-sensei: If we’re talking body part, the dick. I always make sure it gets proper toning, even though most of it gets censored in the end.


akabeko-sensei observed other creators’ works, and studied how to draw a good-looking penis.


Editor HamuHamu: Who has the best looking one?

akabeko-sensei: The Manager. It’s so good he can literally make money with it.


While talking about The Manager’s semen and veins, his upper body was complete. As she moved onto his lower body, akabeko-sensei started talking about his pubic hair.


akabeko-sensei: I always draw pubic hair like my life is at stake. When I draw it, my mindset is, ‘I will personally grow each and every single strand of this character’s pubic hair.’

Editor HamuHamu: You’re spending more time on his pubic hair than you did on his face.


And as they laughed, akabeko-sensei moved onto drawing The Manager’s Manager.


❝What do you pay particular attention to when you draw sex scenes?❞

As a result of following many people on Twitter and having a constant flow of information on sex, akabeko-sensei doesn’t particularly focus on anything when she draws sex scenes.


akabeko-sensei: By the way, The Manager is at 80% attendance today.


Ah, so not 25cm!


As akabeko-sensei drew in some details, she talked about JAV directors she likes and how she portrays monologues. When she was finished inking in the draft, akabeko-sensei began adding screentones… to only his erection! It… glistened…


akabeko-sensei: When I’m drawing this part, I always think, “I hope you become tasty~”


The selective screentones came to an end, and out popped a previously completed Leo! The finished piece was of Leo courteously hiding The Manager’s mushroom head with his hand!


While gazing at the drawing of The Manager and Leo, akabeko-sensei answered more questions sent in by readers!


❝Are there any works that have influenced you, manga or not? Are there any works that have influenced the way you draw sex scenes?❞

Although there isn’t a specific creator, akabeko-sensei explained that she inputs various things from any and all works into her head.


❝At which point do you usually come up with all of the sex scenes?❞

As she cannot visualize how the characters will move until drawing the storyboard, akabeko-sensei just writes ‘sex’ when writing the plot. When creating the storyboard, akabeko-sensei described drawing it as she sees it.


❝What makes you happy when you need a little pick-me-up when creating the manuscript?❞


akabeko-sensei: Reading letters sent in by readers!


Although confident in her spicy scene skills, akabeko-sensei falters when it comes to anything besides that. In those times, she reads letters sent in by readers and her confidence builds back up. The messages sent in through the publisher’s mail form also reach her!


We entered the Q&A home stretch.


❝What led Leo to become a host?❞

Leo became a host because he wanted to be popular.


❝Does The Manager have experience being a bottom?❞

akabeko-sensei responded that he went through the training when he first joined the store, but has never actually had to enact his training when he started working.


❝If not The Manager, who do you think would be Leo’s partner out of the Crazy Fruits characters?❞

After a bit of thinking, akabeko-sensei answered the typhoon of a person, Anzu.


akabeko-sensei: Anzu is an uke, but if Leo couldn’t be a seme, Anzu would match his partner and become a seme.


And with that, time was up and the live drawing and Q&A came to an end.


Post-Live Drawing Session


Lastly, akabeko-sensei shared a few words with viewers.


akabeko-sensei: Thank you for staying with us so far. I will keep drawing and drawing, so I hope you can enjoy it too. I hope that I can draw more and more spicy stories. I will do my best to include as much sex and spice in my works. Thank you for always supporting me.

Editor HamuHamu: It’s a shame that this must end, but thank you very much. It was a lot of fun.

akabeko-sensei: Thank you for letting me speak as I pleased.

Editor HamuHamu: Thank you for your hard work. I am looking forward to the next time we see you all!


akabeko-sensei, Editor HamuHamu, thank you very much for a wonderfully rated 18+ time! Thank you for your hard work!


©︎akabeko/祥伝社on BLUE COMICS


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