Even If It’s Not Fate

Story and Art: Senco Yoshimoto

Even If It's Not Fate
Even If It's Not Fate
Title : Even If It’s Not Fate
Unmei janakutemo

Story and Art : Senco Yoshimoto
由元 千子

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd. /



Koharu Higashibe (β)
Satoshi Ubukata (Ω)
A college student helping out his family deliver packages in exchange for a car. A regular beta.
A former bank worker who quit after his suppressants stopped working. Afraid to meet new people.
Hoshito Naiya
Haduki Shimoga
Shimoga’s partner as a loan shark. Teases Naiya and likes getting a reaction out of him.
Naiya’s partner as a loan shark. Has a certain sixth sense and has gut feelings of when things might go badly.

Some things are inexplicable, even if it’s not fate.

“Even If It’s Not Fate”: Koharu is a regular beta in college. His recent goal is to get a car, which is why he’s been helping out his family in delivering packages. One of the households Koharu regularly delivers to is Mr. Ubukata’s, even though he never seems home. Will Koharu ever find out what Mr. Ubukata is hiding?

“Profanity Encounter”: Shimoga and Naiya are loan sharks for Asato Finance. They hit up borrowers’ houses and “ask” for their money. One such borrower is Mr. Hisayama, but as luck would have it, Shimoga and Naiya find him murdered in his home. The two loan sharks now have to track down Mr. Hisayama’s guarantor to collect their money… but that’s not all they got. (Warning: Dubious consent)
©︎ Senco Yoshimoto/Media Soft Ltd. 2018

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