Story and Art : Shiuko Kano

Title : ESCAPE

Story and Art : Shiuko Kano

Publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.



From the writer of the legendary BL game ESCAPE…

“Weak Point”: Although most lovers know their significant other’s weaknesses, Yamato and Arashi are yet to show their vulnerable sides. Maybe all it takes is a little push from catching a bug. Gesundheit!

“Innocence Labyrinth”: Even though they’re the same age, Yamato has always been more mature compared to Keisuke. He’s always so cool and he knows so much… Will Keisuke ever get to know things like Yamato does? (Warning: dubious consent)

“Surrender”: Motoki works part-time at a convenience store, and Etsushi is the store’s manager. But that’s all a lie Motoki tells his aunt and uncle to maintain his good boy image. In truth, the convenience store is actually a host club, and while Etsushi is still his manager, he’s also his lover…

“Bad Teacher”: Yamato is a student. Kensaku is his young and clumsy biology teacher, and his lover. Although Yamato is still young, he knows he wants to protect his lover even if he comes off as pushy.
(Warning: student-teacher relationship)

“Strange Couple”: Yoshihiko Sena is a bishojo manga writer who hit it off with Yamato. The two are taking the night by storm, but what will Yamato do when he realizes he’s overstepped a boundary?

“Bad Student”: Mr. Tokiwa is Majima’s algebra teacher. Mr. Tokiwa is also Majima’s subject of love and desire. After being told by his teacher that they must wait until Majima graduates, can he handle being So close to him and yet, so far away?
(Warning: student-teacher relationship)

“Jealousy (Shit!)”: When Saotome’s partner comes down with a cold on an important night, he reluctantly replaces him with Motoki. Will Saotome regret sending his own lover into one of Ginza’s most prestigious hostess club? More like, how much will he regret it?


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