Desert Flower

Story and Art : Moka Azumi

Desert Flower
Title : Desert Flower
Sajou wo Yuku Hana

Story and Art : Moka Azumi

Publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.



“Desert Flower” and “Final Chapter – Epilogue”: Byakuren, the silver armored general, has trained for his entire life to fight against the enemy nation of Ousai, even losing his father to the long and perilous battle. Intent on protecting his brother figure, the widely popular but illegitimate prince, Souen, Byakuren fights fiercely and ruthlessly. One day, he comes in contact with Ousai’s General, Samon. Souen yells out to his beloved Byakuren not to pursue the enemy… but will Byakuren be able to restrain himself when Samon makes advances on him?
“Seconds Away from the Dream”: Hazuki’s high school is setting up for their cultural festival and his class has decided to open up a traditional themed cosplay cafe! Hazuki is delighted that he can ask his uncle, who sells antiques, for some help with the ornaments. While all the students try on their costumes and arrange the classroom, Hazuki finds an old mirror in the boxes of trinkets… and the next thing he knows, he’s transported to traditional Kyoto!? Just what is going on and why is his former childhood friend Yuya there with him?

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