Dear My Boy

Story and Art: Saki

Dear My Boy
Title : Dear My Boy
ディア マイ ボーイ

Story and Art : Saki

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Young Master Motoi Nikaido
Tomoe Sumiya
Was attached to his servants Sumiya when he was younger, before being sent to boarding school.
Young Master Motoi’s servant since a young age.


Young Master Motoi lost his mother at a young age, just after Sumiya, a butler to the Nikaido Family, had been assigned to care for the Young Master. As a result, Young Master Motoi becomes attached to Sumiya and eventually asks him to wear a maid’s dress. Sumiya kindly complies with the Young Master’s wishes up until Motoi is sent to boarding school.

The first few days were hard for Sumiya, and then those days turned to weeks, then months, and after seven years apart, Young Master Motoi comes back, but he is definitely not as “Young” as he used to be! What will come of Young Master Motoi’s homecoming? Will the Master/Servant pair be as attached to the hip as they once were… or more?

©︎ Saki 2019/HOME-SHA

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