Creators’ Corner: Interview with Neg Sekihara

After our interview with Nanako Semori last week, this week’s Creators’ Corner today features Neg Sekihara, illustrator for Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance. In this special interview, Sekihara-sensei shares their favorite scene in the series and answers questions from fans!


Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Neg Sekihara. I write and draw BL manga and do the illustrations for collaborative works.


When did your interest in manga begin?
I’ve had manga in my house since I was small, so I’ve always been familiar with it.


Which manga is your favorite or has left the biggest impression on you?
I have too many to choose from…! Something that comes to mind when I think about an impressionable manga would be Taiyo Matsumoto’s Number Five. The story and the screen composition are breathtaking.


Do you like games or anime? Which game, anime, etc., is your favorite?
I do play Nintendo. I love action but I’m not the best at RPGs so I used to like sitting next to my siblings and watching them play the games. The first game I completed was Threads of Fate (DEWPRISM in Japanese) so that holds a special place for me.

For anime, recently, I’ve been enjoying Jujutsu Kaisen.


How did you discover BL?
It was so natural that I don’t even remember when or how I started liking it.


Which BL work (anime, manga, movie, drama, etc.) is your favorite?
Dokuro Jaryuu’s Endless World was so impactful and sometimes I think about it and feel a pang in my heart like there’s a thorn that I can’t get out.


What made you want to become a mangaka?
Since I was small, I was familiar with manga and thought being a mangaka was such a cool profession. When I was a kid, I think I always would say that I wanted to become a mangaka in the future.


What did you do to become a mangaka?
If I were to say something, I guess I always liked drawing and sometimes drew manga as I liked. But since I’ve started writing manga, I’ve been learning every day.


As an active mangaka, what kind of hurdles do you have to face?
There are many difficulties composing the page and story and balancing the spaces to make everything more appealing. But the advertising aspect may be the most challenging part. We first have to be chosen from a sea of other titles to even begin to be evaluated.


Is there any manga or other works that have influenced you or greatly affected you?
I basically grew up reading Shonen Jump so I think that has affected my art style quite a bit.


What do you like most about drawing BL manga?
I love drawing men blushing!


Do you have any manga that you want to draw next or in the future?
I want to bring out a character with darker skin sometime, somewhere, but I bet getting the toning down will be quite difficult… I’m preparing myself.


Are there any things you focused on in particular in Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance, which are being released on futekiya?
Both stories require very specific expressions so I had to especially hone in during important scenes to check and correct those. Other than that, I constantly focus on how I can bring out the best and the most out of the story with my compositions and drawings.


Are there any scenes or characters that you want readers to pay special attention to?
Of course the four main characters, but I also enjoy drawing all the supporting characters. It makes me happy when characters like Kashima’s mother and Naoto’s younger brother Yuto appear.


futekiya is a service that distributes BL manga that has been translated into English. What do you think about futekiya?
I think it’s a great thing for both writers and readers that the official English version is available in a legitimate form. I’m really thankful.


Questions from fans:

・from saezuru-bird (Turkey): Hello Sensei! Thank you so much for creating works with your amazing art style for letting us read them in English. Which panel was the hardest for you to draw? And which panel is your favorite?
Thank you for reading them! To tell you the truth, it was hard for me to draw Sanada for the longest time. The balance between his hair and face was so difficult… I struggled to get used to it. Now, though, I have so much fun drawing him.

The panel that I like, or rather, the panel that got me fired up, was the scene where they pass each other at Fushimi Inari. I corrected and tweaked it so many times.


・from Canina (Indonesia): Where do you usually take inspiration to create the characters in your story?
In terms of the visuals of characters, they’re mainly based on Semori-sensei’s and my preferences.
Their appearances take shape as we cover different angles and have discussions.


・from Bunny (Malaysia): Thank you so much for creating Simplified Pervert Romance and giving us a chance to read it in English! Ryouji and Yuki are now one of the things that make me happy 💖 Are there any challenges that you face while working together on the manga?
Sometimes the endings of words or lines change as they are transferred onto the manga, but I try not to change anything too much and try to convey the story as it is.


・from Laura (USA): First, thank you both for all your hard work; I love both the writing and the art for Simplified Pervert Romance (and Rational Pervert Romance)! I’m so glad they’ve been translated into English!
Is there anything that you really enjoyed drawing, like a particular scene, or maybe a character that is more fun to draw than others? Also, what medium do you like to use for art (ex: digital, pencil, watercolor, etc…)?
It’s fun drawing the Hundred Faces of Sanada. While thinking “what a fussy person,” I end up having a blast drawing him as I like and have to make sure with the person in charge that I’m not getting too carried away with it (laughs). As the story continues, the number of expressions Kashima makes increases which makes me think that he’s maturing emotionally. I feel like a parent.
In Rational Pervert Romance, I enjoy scenes where Nao-chan is embarrassed and his erotic scenes are also really fun. I also feel satisfied when I draw Sho’s crying scenes or when he acts cool with such a cute face.
I generally work digitally, but I do like analog drawing. I like dip pens and watercolor pencils.


・from Nick (The Philippines): Recently, it seems like powerbottoms and aggressive ukes are popular, rather than the stereotypical ukes. What are your thoughts about Yuki Kashima? He was even futekiya’s Uke of the Year 2020.
“Power” “bottom”! I feel happy and I think “I like strong ukes in so many ways so I like the sound of that word!” I’m now very interested in the other vocabulary in the English-speaking fandom.
And being the number 1 Uke of the Year was so surprising and I am so grateful. Good for you Kashima!


・from Korin (The Philippines): Hello~! What kind of personalities do you like characters to have? How do you come up with names? I personally find it very difficult to find names that match the characters’ personalities.
P.S. Thank you for your hard work and creating manga~!! I enjoy them so much~ I love both of your works, and I love the characters; their interaction fits the flow of the story so well~ And also the art is so beautiful~ I’m looking forward to more of your works~
I love characters that have a strong core and don’t waver, no matter if it’s a good or bad way, so I love and trust the characters that Semori-sensei creates.
We usually have the visuals of the characters done first, and then we decide their names by calling them different names and seeing which one fits best. We usually decide by taking into consideration things like their personalities and appearances and the words or language they like using.


・from amaya (USA): What does your workday schedule look like?
Except for meals and showers, I’m usually working in front of the computer. My days tend to flip and become nights, which isn’t very good, is it?

How do you recharge after a full day of work?
I get the most energized when I read or watch manga, novels, movies that I like. Obviously, I love drawing, so the times when I can just draw without thinking about work are very important.

・from (USA): I like that the Pervert Romance series has sequels and spin-offs, were those planned from the beginning?
When we were on the first chapter, we had planned for Simplified Pervert Romance to end in one volume, so the sequels weren’t in our plans at all. As the story progressed, we received feedback and encouraging words from readers, so it’s really thanks to you all that there are sequels and spin-offs.
For Rational Pervert Romance, Semori-sensei and I had a discussion and we already had a rough idea of what kind of lover Sho would be by the time he first appeared in Simplified Pervert Romance and wanted to get that out somewhere, but that was about the extent of our plans at the time.


・from Roxy (Malaysia): Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  1. Sanada is very handsome from his first appearance, but when he cut his hair, it made him even more attractive. What made sensei decide to change his hairstyle? Did both you and Sekihara sensei discuss it, or was it already planned beforehand?
    I’m happy that you found him even more attractive. We did have a discussion and we decided he would go through a glow up. We like characters that get their long hair cut, plus it’s easier to draw shorter compared to longer hair, so it was fun to draw him after he changed his hair.
  1. The scene at Senbon Torii absolutely took my breath away as it’s so gorgeous. Fushimi Inari Shrine is a very beautiful place, and I’m curious as to whether there was a special reason for the school trip to be in Kyoto?
    There are many schools in Japan that go on a trip to Kyoto. Of course, there are schools that don’t, but I personally went to Kyoto and Nara when I was a student, though not in high school.
  1. I bought “10 years Exchange” and it was very interesting to see them swap! Will there be more doujinshis like that in the future?
    I don’t know about the two from Simplified Pervert Romance, but I do wonder what it would be like with the two from Rational Pervert Romance. There are other scenarios like parodies that I want to make, so I want to release more doujinshis.
  1. Which is your favorite scene in Simplified Pervert Romance?
    As the story continues, I always think “oh this is the best one!” but, I love when Kashima says “You know what? I’m glad you met me. Really.” in Volume 1.
  1. Are there any memorable or unforgettable moments from working with Neg Semori-sensei while making this manga?
    I sometimes think that Semori-sensei and I are getting more in sync when we say the same thing at the same time during meetings.I’m madly in love with Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance, and especially with Sanada and Kashima, I love their character development and relationship!! Thank you very much, and I will keep supporting both Semori sensei and Sekihara sensei!!
    Thank you! Your words of encouragement give me so much strength.


・from Messy-mushrooms (France): Will volume 4 be the last volume for Simplified Pervert Romance? (On one I wanna read about them forever, but on the other hand, I really thought volume 3 was the last, Yuki is so unpredictable it’s a torture lol)
Kashima’s actions are extremely unpredictable and obviously, I struggle a lot, but Semori-sensei also struggles to get a good handle on Kashima (laughs).


And finally, do you have a message for futekiya readers?
Thank you always for reading our work.

Readers from futekiya give us feedback, words of support, and it is so encouraging. When I have the opportunity like this to extend my voice and interact with you all, I feel so grateful all over again.

Thank you for watching over our characters who have made it to this point, albeit clumsily.

I will keep doing my best so you can continue to love them. I would be happy if you could please continue to support me.


Thank you very much!


Read Neg Sekihara’s Works on futekiya!


Simplified Pervert Romance

A lone wolf with a delinquent streak, Kashima enters high school with a reputation that scares off his classmates. Little do his classmates know, Kashima is not a typical delinquent: he is a masochist that enjoys being hit by guys.
Ryouji Sanada, despite Kashima’s reputation, goes out of his way to talk to Kashima on the first day of high school. Confused by Ryouji, Kashima rebuffs his handsome classmate. But, when Ryouji intervenes in one of Kashima’s fight (and attempt to get off), Kashima realizes that Ryouji might just have a secret “perversion” too…




Rational Pervert Romance

Sho knew from a young age that he was gay, and everyone around him knew it and had generally been very supportive. He was also very clear that he had a specific fetish: a beautiful, red blush! Sho always thought he had a preference for the cute, blushing type, so he was surprised when he felt electricity flow through him at the sight of Nao blushing on stage while being forced to wear women’s clothes as part of a college event. Once Sho set his target on Nao, he thought he was extremely clear and upfront about his feelings for Nao, but it took Nao a little time to realize that Sho wasn’t joking at all – He really wanted to pin Nao down and have his way with him at any cost!




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