Creators’ Corner: Interview with Nanako Semori

Our Creators’ Corner today features Nanako Semori, writer of Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance. In this special interview, Nanako Semori-sensei shares some behind-the-scenes facts about the PVT series and answers questions from fans!


Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Nanako Semori. I write scenarios for BL manga.


When did your interest in manga begin?
I come from a family of manga lovers, so my interest in manga began before I even realized what it was.


Which manga is your favorite or has left the biggest impression on you?
TONO sensei’s Chikita☆GUGU.

I was able to figure out my values because of this manga. It’s a special title for me, and even now, I still reread it once a year.


Do you like games or anime? Which game, anime, etc., is your favorite?
I do!
I think the anime I’ve watched the most in my life is Princess Mononoke. Recently, though, I really like A Place Further than the Universe and even bought the blu-ray.
I also do like games, but I haven’t played that many, so I actually want to ask you all which games are good.


How did you discover BL?
I read Kawaii Hito by Keiko Konno in terms of commercial BL, and my interest and love just snowballed from there.


Which BL work (anime, manga, movie, drama, etc.) is your favorite?
I have too many (laughs). I read so many manga and novels. I live for commercial BL. I am so grateful to all the authors and artists…


Are there any things you mostly focused on in Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance, which are being released on futekiya?

I’m so happy about the English release!
The story’s main focus is “sexual fetishes,” so I tried to keep that in mind as I created the story.
I also make sure that the eroticism is erotic.
I try to create a wide variety of situations and aim for a flavor that readers won’t get tired of!


Are there any scenes or characters that you want the readers to pay attention to in particular?
The main characters and the supporting characters are each created with their whole lives up until now in mind, so I have equal love for everyone.
Ryouji’s friend Hosogai always makes the story bright and cheerful, so I constantly say “thank you!” to him when he pops up (laughs).


Are there any behind-the-scenes facts about Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance that you can tell us?
Simplified Pervert Romance was initially supposed to end with one volume.

For Rational Pervert Romance, Sho was actually going to have a bad attitude and personality.


futekiya is a service that distributes BL manga that has been translated into English. What do you think about futekiya?
Unfortunately, we live in a reality where pirated versions are rampant, so having our work officially translated and distributed really helps us, and I am very grateful.
Many people can’t read Japanese and end up having to rely on illegally translated versions. I think the fact that there is an ethical way for those people to read our manga now is the first step to eliminate pirates.

I will keep working hard so that my work can continue to be in the futekiya Library!


We collected questions from our readers. First from saezuru-bird (Turkey): 

Hello Sensei, thank you so much for your work. I am so grateful that we can officially read it in English!! We see our boys growing up, and I was wondering how much more we’ll be able to see, like their university lives and further growth together. Are there any plans for future stories like this? Thank you again for your story. I adore it very much!!
Thank you for taking the time to read our work! I am so glad it is officially available in English.
I can’t say anything of certainty about future stories, but I will say that Sekihara-sensei and I are working extremely hard to create something that you will for sure enjoy until the end.


・from Bunny (Malaysia):
Thank you so much for creating Simplified Pervert Romance and giving us a chance to read it in English! Ryouji and Yuki are now one of the things that make me happy. 💖 What challenges do you face while working together for the manga?
Thank you for reading our work in English! It makes me so happy to hear that Ryouji and Yuki make you happy!
There are times when I can’t come up with a good scenario by myself. There have been many instances where we go with a scenario that Sekihara-sensei suggested, so it really helps to have a teammate.


Will we be able to see the boys in Simplified Pervert Romance after they finish school and get into college? I really love them and am excited about their growth!
Although I can’t say anything for sure, I hope you can continue to enjoy their stories in some sort of fashion. I would be very grateful if you could kindly watch over them and their growth!


How can international fans send fan letters or gifts to you?
For international deliveries, please send them addressed to Home-Sha .Bloom’s Editorial Department!

Semori Nanako-sensei
℅ .Bloom Editorial Department
7th Floor Kyodo Building
3-chome-29 Kanda Jinbocho
Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0051


・from Laura (USA):
First, thank you for all your hard work; I love both the writing and the art for Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance! I’m so glad these series have been translated into English!

I don’t know as much about writing, so I won’t be able to ask a technical question, but I do want to ask something! 💖 Was there anything (like a scene or character) in Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance that was a challenge to write?
Just hearing that you enjoyed the manga makes me happy. Thank you! I am also happy and grateful that the series is available in English.
Writing scenarios from Yuki’s perspective still often makes me wonder “what is going on inside of his head…?” (laughs) It’s always an uphill battle. Even though I’ve been with him and written for him for five years, I don’t think I will ever get used to Yuki’s thought process…….


・from Nick (The Philippines):
Recently, it seems like powerbottoms and aggressive ukes are popular, rather than the stereotypical ukes. What are your thoughts about Yuki Kashima? He was even futekiya’s Uke of the Year 2020.
I am ecstatic! In the great genre that is BL, I am happy to see that different characters with a range of personalities can be loved in various forms.
Also, I have personally been a fan of ukes like Yuki since a long time ago, so I genuinely thought, “Oh, yes!”
But wow, I was surprised when Yuki reached 1st place! I thought I ought to buy him some ice cream as a reward. 👌

・from JeJe (Switzerland):
Hello! I started reading Simplified Pervert Romance after seeing it in the futekiya Library. It’s difficult to explain, but I fell in love with the story. It’s one of my favorites now. I love how Yuki knows what he wants and how he can get it. I thought volume 3 would be the last volume, but it doesn’t seem like it! Is the length until the end already decided?
Also, as a duo, does the story writer decide the direction of the story? Does the artist also help with the decision? I’ve read so many different types of dynamics, and I’m really curious to know how it works with you.
Again, thank you for creating such a wonderful story! I can’t wait for volume 4!
Thank you very much for reading our work. Hearing you say you enjoy our work is really encouraging!
We’ve thought that four volumes are a good place to come to an initial end. But we do hope to continue their story in one way or another.
In terms of the story, I basically decide the direction and sometimes consult Sekihara-sensei.
Once the scenario is done, I get feedback and first impressions. Then it’s a repetition of adjusting, asking for the editor’s check, adjusting, asking for the editor’s check, and so on.
I’ve barely ever gotten an OK on the first submission! (laughs)


・from Korin (The Philippines):
Hello~! What kind of personalities do you like characters to have? How do you come up with names? I personally find it very difficult to find names that match the characters’ personalities.
P.S. Thank you for your hard work and creating manga~!! I enjoy them so much~ I love both of your works, and I love the characters; their interaction fits the flow of the story so well~ And also the art is so beautiful~ I’m looking forward to more of your works~
For any character, I like ones who have a strong core, and those are the kinds of characters that I aim to create as a writer myself.
I tend to think about what they will look like first and then choose a name for the names. I like when there’s a complementary element to the characters’ names, so I get inspired by things like train station names, the four seasons, and nature. I think it’s cute.
Thank you for your positive feedback! I am happy!


・from Roxy (Malaysia):
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  1. Sanada is very handsome from his first appearance, but when he cut his hair, it made him even more attractive. What made sensei decide to change his hairstyle? Did both you and Sekihara sensei discuss it, or was it already planned beforehand?
    His haircut wasn’t decided explicitly from the beginning. We just needed him to go through a glow up, and I personally like it when somebody with longer hair gets it cut…… I’m so glad to hear that it made him even more attractive!
  1. The scene at Senbon Torii absolutely took my breath away as it’s so gorgeous. Fushimi Inari Shrine is a very beautiful place, and I’m curious as to whether there was a special reason for the school trip to be in Kyoto?
    Thank you! I agree the art was magnificent.
    When I think of high schoolers, I automatically think of a Kyoto or Nara trip! So that image stuck with me, and I decided on Kyoto. It was also because my school trip was in Kyoto, and it’s close enough to go to and gather primary resources.
  1. I bought “10 years Exchange” and it was very interesting to see them swap! Will there be more doujinshis like that in the future?
    Thank you so much for buying even the doujinshi! I’m happy.
    I do want to write some more parodies and stories with strange settings. I am excited to write very doujinshi-like stories for sure~
  1. Which is your favorite scene in Simplified Pervert Romance?
    My favorite… is impossible to choose, but I do love when Sanada’s eyes roll back into his head so much that only the whites of his eyes show. All the scenes Sanada does that; they’re the best (laughs).
  1. Are there any memorable or unforgettable moments from working with Neg Semori-sensei while making this manga?
    There are times where we inspire and energize each other while we work, and it’s enjoyable.

I’m madly in love with Simplified Pervert Romance and Rational Pervert Romance, and especially with Sanada and Kashima, I love their character development and relationship!! Thank you very much, and I will keep supporting both Semori sensei and Sekihara sensei!!
Thank you so much! This story ended up seeing Sanada and Kashima grow up from their oblivious and inexperienced selves (laughs). I will work as hard as I can to create a story that you can continue to enjoy.


And finally, do you have a message for futekiya readers?
Thank you all so much for always reading our work and supporting us.
Seeing Ryouji and Yuki speak English is very refreshing!
I hope to keep creating characters that you all can love so please make sure to check back for more.
At the very least, I hope my gratefulness to you for welcoming and enjoying Simplified Pervert Romance, and Rational Pervert Romance comes through. Thank you all so extremely much!


Thank you very much!


Read Nanako Semori’s Works on futekiya!


Simplified Pervert Romance

A lone wolf with a delinquent streak, Kashima enters high school with a reputation that scares off his classmates. Little do his classmates know, Kashima is not a typical delinquent: he is a masochist that enjoys being hit by guys.
Ryouji Sanada, despite Kashima’s reputation, goes out of his way to talk to Kashima on the first day of high school. Confused by Ryouji, Kashima rebuffs his handsome classmate. But, when Ryouji intervenes in one of Kashima’s fight (and attempt to get off), Kashima realizes that Ryouji might just have a secret “perversion” too…




Rational Pervert Romance

Sho knew from a young age that he was gay, and everyone around him knew it and had generally been very supportive. He was also very clear that he had a specific fetish: a beautiful, red blush! Sho always thought he had a preference for the cute, blushing type, so he was surprised when he felt electricity flow through him at the sight of Nao blushing on stage while being forced to wear women’s clothes as part of a college event. Once Sho set his target on Nao, he thought he was extremely clear and upfront about his feelings for Nao, but it took Nao a little time to realize that Sho wasn’t joking at all – He really wanted to pin Nao down and have his way with him at any cost!




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