futekiya joins #BLush801 with Haruko Kumota Drawing Session Watch Party!

Don't miss this Yaoi Day exclusive event!

futekiya is excited to be part of the #BLush801 Hashtag Party organized by the amazing people behind BLush Convention, the longest-running BL-related convention in the Philippines.


What is #BLush801 Hashtag Party?

#BLush801 is a hashtag party held on Twitter and Facebook from July 28 to August 01, 2020. The hashtag party is coordinated by BLush Convention as an effort to enjoy boys’ love culture around the world.

#Blush801 aims to be an inclusive party for fans of all iterations of boys’ love media, from the BL manga from Japan, danmei novels from China, South Korean BL webtoons, Thai BL dramas, shipping or coupling, and even original BL content. Other iterations of boys’ love from around the globe are welcome to join, too!

More information about the hashtag party here:


Haruko Kumota Drawing Session – A Yaoi Day Exclusive Watch Party-

futekiya is joining in the festivities with a watch party of a drawing session by Haruko Kumota! Tune in to our YouTube channel on Yaoi Day (August 1) for the chance to see Kumota-sensei at work.

The video will feature Kumota-sensei working on an illustration in collaboration with Sakura Sawa-sensei for the event “Future Comics PRESENTS~Theorizing BL As a Transformative Genre ‘Salon Talk’~VOL.2 Guests: Haruko Kumota-sensei and Sawa Sakura-sensei.”

The video will be viewable to the public on August 1, 2020 from 0:00 until 23:59 Japan time only, so don’t miss it! Convert to your timezone using this guide.

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Haruko Kumota’s works on futekiya:

Shinjuku Lucky Hole

After the sudden death of his debt-ridden father, Kumi’s past life as a high schooler ends forever. His future as a porn star begins when the yakuza throws Kumi into the care of Sakuma, a trainer of adult video talent. While Sakuma teaches Kumi the art of sex, Kumi can’t separate the feeling of love with sex. Flash forward years later. Kumi and Sakuma live together, work together, and sometimes even platonically share the same bed. They also found their own adult video production company called Lucky Hole.


When We Were in the Rose Forest

*A collection of BL short stories by Haruko Kumota*
When We Were in the Rose Forest explores the depths of Haruko Kumota’s range with an array of erotic, heartwrenching, and at times, humorous stories.
“When We Were in the Rose Forest” depicts a romance between a vampire and his lover reincarnated into an ordinary human.
“The Rain in Monte Carlo” focuses on an older actor and his struggling with his career and working abroad. He asks for help from his beautiful foreign costar to show him around the city…
“Yoshiki and Takumi” is a love story between rival gang members who can’t help how they feel.
“Be Here to Love Me” follows the budding relationship between an office worker with a foot fetish and his colleague with stunning legs.


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