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Blue Butler Cafe

If they were dressed like this…
A dazzling English afternoon tea concept with Narasaki and Terashima as butlers.

Narasaki and Terashima standees (signed by Ichikawa Kei-sensei) on butler mode next to their adorable chibi selves at the Blue Butler Cafe
Narasaki and Terashima standees (signed by Ichikawa Kei-sensei) on butler mode next to their adorable chibi selves

Everyone was excited for the release of Ichikawa Kei-sensei’s Blue Sky Complex volume 8 this year, but fans were in for a great surprise upon STELLAMAP Cafe’s announcement of its Blue Sky Complex collaboration cafe. Inspired by last year’s Animate Parody Contest’s winning theme, Butler and Young Master—not one but two charming butlers in sleek black tailcoats dazed many of the fans of the series that had everyone excited for the menu, goods, and special campaigns.

  • Huge framed illustrations of Narasaki, Terashima, and the Blue Sky Complex gang's chibi butler forms were on display.


STELLAMAP Cafe x The Butler Cafe 

STELLAMAP Cafe is located on the 7th floor of Sofmap AKIBA, just a few minutes on foot from Akihabara Station and is quite known in the area for its various cafe collaborations. This year’s scorching summer heat did not stop many Blue Sky Complex fans, even those from far-flung places, from booking a reservation to bask and enjoy this butler cafe experience, albeit brief, from August 17th to 30th of 2022. Words aren’t enough to describe the level of preparation and presentation poured into this collaboration by various staff involved. So, we made sure to take pictures of every nook and cranny to share with our readers—welcome to the Blue Butler Cafe!

  • STELLAMAP Cafe entryway covered in Blue Sky Complex Volume 8 posters in different designs—there's the newly-drawn cover design for volume 8's limited edition, a regular edition, and the illustration cards.

Fret not to those who missed this year’s Blue Sky Complex cafe collaboration in Tokyo, especially foreign fans who still can’t enter Japan due to travel restrictions; we got you covered from the lobby to the main cafe space. Dozens of things were on display, sure to warm one’s heart as you enjoy and connect these images from the cafe collaboration to scenes on the new volume, especially the cafe menu.

  • Interior of the Blue Butler Cafe x STELLAMAP Cafe at Akihabara

Have you read the new volume in Japanese? If not, here are two manga panels from the recent volume placed on easels by the entrance. The first is with Terashima and Narasaki enjoying the curry they made together, while the second is Alex’s chocolate nut scones. 

Guess why it was there? 

You got it right. Both foods can be ordered at the cafe.

STELLAMAP Cafe enticing visitors to try out the curry and scones at Blue Butler Cafe.
STELLAMAP Cafe enticing visitors to try out the curry and scones

At the far end of the cafe space is a small stage fashionably decorated with the theme of English afternoon tea in mind, from green-covered flooring, crawling vines, and pink roses peeking from make-shift single fences to a burgundy tablecloth—everything complemented well the butler concept. To top off the look of the stage, huge chibi standees were strategically placed like they naturally belonged there. Samples of the acrylic stands sold at the cafe, acrylic coasters, as well as Blue Sky Complex volume 8 mangas were on display on the table as a video of Ichikawa Kei-sensei drawing the new illustrations played in the background. On the floor, placed in a cute brown basket are nuigurumi versions of Terashima and Narasaki, novel goods for this collaboration that quickly got sold out.

  • STELLAMAP Cafe x Blue Butler Cafe's main stage area.

  • Stunning posters, framed arts to cute chibi cut-outs at the Blue Butler Cafe.


Blue Butler Cafe: Food Menu

An image menu inspired by the butler illustration at Blue Butler Cafe
An image menu inspired by the butler illustration


This is the third time for STELLAMAP Cafe to host a Blue Sky Complex collaboration cafe, so for this one, they created a fashionable line-up of menus that will make attendees feel like they’re at an afternoon tea. Honestly, we were absolutely dazed by the taste and volume of each serving for a collaboration food. Rules when ordering, up to 2 food items and 1 dessert item per person (per order) is allowed. Additional orders will be accepted after the food is completely eaten.

  • Stellamap Cafe prepared a selection of menus to make attendees feel like they were being served afternoon tea

Food line-up:

    • NaraTera Certified♡Curry with Daikon Radish Made by Two People  (¥1,250)
    • Narasaki’s Recommendation♡ Refreshing Cold Tomato Pasta (¥1,500)
    • English Butler Style ♡ Sandwich with Cucumber (¥1,500)
    • Addictive ♡ Fish & Chips (¥1,100)
    • Made by Alex♡Chocolate Nut Scones (¥1,100)
    • Terashima’s Recommendation♡ Refreshing Lemon Meringue Pie (¥1,300)


Blue Butler Cafe: Drink Menu

There are two types of drinks: Image Drink and Latte Art. Under Image Drink are eight kinds of drinks inspired by Blue Sky Complex characters and one secret drink. While for the Latte Art, attendees can choose from 10 different designs they want to be printed on their latte. Similar to food, up to 2 items per person (per order) are allowed to control food orders and avoid food waste.

  • Blue Butler Cafe's image drinks
    Blue Butler Cafe's image drinks

Drink line-up:

    • Narasaki’s Fizzy Blue Jelly Soda (¥1,000)
    • Terashima’s Refreshing Earl Gray Orange Tea (¥1,000)
    • Kurisu’s Butterfly Pea Party People Cream Soda (¥1,000)
    • Mr. Towa’s Nostalgic Sakura Calpis (¥1,000)
    • Haru-chan’s Fluffy Matcha Latte (¥1,000)
    • Alex’s Sweet-kyun Strawberry Cream Soda (¥1,000)
    • Butler’s Secret ♡ Black Soda (¥1,000)
    • [Secret] Chamomile mint tea (¥1,000) 
    • Latte Art  (¥1,000) 
  • Blue Butler Cafe latte art
    Blue Butler Cafe latte art


Blue Butler Cafe: Special Menu

To celebrate the release of the new volume, a special volume 8 commemorative menu was prepared and called,「Hachi」Mitsu♡Kappa-chan Parfait. It was offered through reservation during the collaboration period. Attendees can choose between reserving just the parfait or with the special benefit which is an A6-size mini character acrylic stand set of Terashima and Narasaki.

  • A very cute Kappa-chan cheering for the release of volume 8! Luckily, they used melon and not cucumbers for the parfait.
    A very cute Kappa-chan cheering for the release of volume 8! Luckily, they used melon and not cucumbers for the parfait.


Spot the Hidden Kappa-chan

Ichikawa Kei-sensei graced the cafe on its third day of opening and left “8 Kappa-chan” doodles on 8 different manga panels on display at the cafe. According to Tokyomangasha’s Twitter account, this year’s challenge may be far more difficult than last year. Can you spot them? Go and give it a try!

  • Some of them are in obvious places while others have camouflaged quite well with the background.


Blue Butler Cafe: Goods

Cafe collaborations will never be complete without its collaboration goods. This is the part where everyone goes bananas, the reason why so many people make a reservation during its first week of opening. Blue Butler Cafe is no different; aside from its pretty new art, fans got new merchandise in the form of soft, squishy nuigurumi of Terashima and Narasaki. There are so many goods to choose from, we are quite sure wallets are weeping at this very moment.

  • Blue Butler Cafe x STELLAMAP Cafe goods
    Blue Butler Cafe x STELLAMAP Cafe goods

Goods list:

  • Blue Butler Cafe Trading Acrylic Charm (¥550)
  • Blue Butler Cafe Nuigurumi (¥3,250 each), (¥7,040 set)
  • Blue Butler Cafe Mini Shikishi (¥550)
  • Blue Butler Cafe Trading Clear Card (¥550)
  • Blue Butler Cafe A5 size Acrylic Stand (¥2,420)
  • Blue Butler Cafe Fringe Clip NaraTera Set (¥1,650)
  • Blue Butler Cafe Clear file (¥550)
  • Blue Butler Cafe Mini Card Set (¥990)
  • Blue Butler Cafe Can Badge (¥300)
  • Blue Butler Cafe OSMO Stamp (¥1,200)



Blue Butler Cafe: Benefits

Another wonderful thing about this cafe collaboration is the eating and drinking privileges attendees get from dining. For every collaboration menu ordered, one random original acrylic coaster was given. Eight original acrylic coasters were prepared for this collaboration, and six of these were newly drawn just for this event. The print quality on these thick acrylic coasters looks superb, so fans do get a good deal on their end.

Blue Butler Cafe acrylic coasters
Blue Butler Cafe acrylic coasters


Blue Sky Complex Volume 8

Piles of Blue Sky Complex Volume 8, both limited and regular editions, were available inside the cafe’s premises. Aside from these, other volumes were on display as well as the Ichikawa Kei 10th Anniversary Fanbook.

  • To choose between these two covers or buy both editions?
    To choose between these two covers or buy both editions?


Animega Sofmap

Below STELLAMAP Cafe is Animega Sofmap on the 6th floor. We made sure to check out the place for its massive Blue Sky Complex (regular edition art) poster plastered between the elevator doors, which Ichikawa Kei-sensei signed when she visited the place. There was also a special Blue Sky Complex space at one of the corners of the store, an entrance to the ladies’ powder room draped with Terashima and Narasaki posters of different sizes, and chibi standees from previous Blue Sky Complex collaborations.  

  • Like treasure hunting but for Blue Sky Complex footprints at Animega Sofmap
    Like treasure hunting but for Blue Sky Complex footprints at Animega Sofmap


Blue Sky Complex Special Page

To commemorate the release of Blue Sky Complex Vol.8, Tokyo Mangasha has put up a special page for its release information, autograph event, and cafe collaboration. You can access it from here

Blue Sky Complex Vol. 8 special page


Where to read?

Tokyo Mangasha’s Blue Sky Complex by Ichikawa Kei-sensei has been officially translated and released in English. Support the artist by checking out volumes 1 to 7 at futekiya’s library. 


「Blue Butler Cafe × STELLAMAP CAFE」

Date August 17 – August 30, 2022
Event Site https://a.sofmap.com/tenpo/stellamap/collabo/blueskycomplex_2208.html (in Japanese only)
Ticket No entrance fee but online reservation is required.
Hiraoka Building 1-10-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sofmap AKIBA Amusement Hall 7F




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