Beyond The Other Side Of The Moon ~Omegaverse~

Story and Art: Shibito Koiwazurai

Beyond The Other Side Of The Moon ~Omegaverse~
Beyond The Other Side Of The Moon ~Omegaverse~
Title : Beyond The Other Side Of The Moon ~Omegaverse~
Tsuki no Ura wo Koete ~Omegaverse~

Story and Art : Shibito Koiwazurai
恋煩 シビト

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



Sousuke Tsukigase
Mitsuki Hinoura
Known throughout his school as “Iron Mask Tsukigase.” Teaches supplementary classes to Hinoura.
A student who suddenly started struggling academically and has to take supplementary classes over the summer.

Mr. Tsukigase is known to have an “iron mask.” He is expressionless and never smiles. Lucky for Hinoura, he gets to spend all summer with him in supplementary classes thanks to his grades suddenly dropping in the past semester. Hinoura struggles to concentrate and feels sleepy all the time, but for no particular reason… or so he thought. When Hinoura finds out that he’s… not like the others… maybe he should stay away from Mr. Tsukigase… if he can, that is.
©︎Shibito Koiwazurai/Media Soft Ltd. 2018

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