Bet on You

Story and Art: Kazusa Naruse

Bet on You
Title : Bet On You
Fuck Night Reversal

Story and Art : Kazusa Naruse
成瀬 一草

Publisher : EIWA Publishing Inc.



Aoba Yoshida
A Yakuza with a cunning and domineering personality. A good gambler when it comes to coin toss.
A jobless gambler with a knack for poker. Is often mistaken as a girl due to his build and long hair.
Likes hiding his face until Dangami demanded he cut it. Has a taste for older men.


Aoba is a jobless person with a knack for gambling. The moment he touches the cards, luck seems to be on his side. Aoba plans to save up all the money he wins to help his adoptive parents, whose business was shut down due to the scam initiated by their son, Tatsuya. When the place he frequents gambling gets raided by the authorities, Aoba escapes only to get hit by a car. When he comes to, Aoba finds himself being kissed by someone who turned out to be the car owner that hit him.

The car owner, Dangami, is a prominent yakuza figure and the owner of the illegal casino Aoba frequents. He takes an interest in Aoba’s gambling skills. As it turns out, Dangami was also a victim of the same scam Aoba’s adoptive parents were in, and he wants the yakuza’s money back. So, Dangami proposes to Aoba and, in return, get the money he needs. Against his better judgment, Aoba agrees. Now partners, Aoba finds himself getting pulled in by Dangami in more ways than one.

©︎Kazusa Naruse/EIWA Publishing Inc. 2019

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