Because You’re Shy at Night

Story and Art : Haruna Takayama

Title : Because You’re Shy at Night
Yoru no Kimi wa Bukiyou Dakara

Story and Art : Haruna Takayama

Publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.



A collection of stories about resistance and relief…

“Sleep Next to Me Tonight”: After his parents pass away, Sonoyama feels responsible for his younger brothers. His priorities are work and family, nothing else. So how will he react when his boss allows him to not be the hardworking big brother?

“Noisy Days of Love”: Ever since quitting his office job and taking over running the dorms for his grandfather, Tsuji has known peaceful days. Well… almost peaceful. If only it weren’t for the young Minami that has his eyes SET on him…

“I’m No Match For My Kohai” & “Your Love Makes Me Weak”: Wakamiya has been in rumor hell since being held back a grade. At least he can take a proficiency test to move up a grade, and he has his kohai to help him study. The only problem is that whenever they try to study, Wakamiya ends up in his kohai’s bed, naked.

“Pleasure Me With Your Hands”: Nao works in one of the most popular hair salons in the city as a sweeper. He wants to hurry up and graduate to a stylist, but his colleague Narikawa distracts him to no end. At this rate, he’ll be sweeping the floors for the rest of his life!

“Man Pleasure x Man Friends”: Childhood friends Hananoi and Tokiwa are like lovers. And when their friends point that out, for some reason, Hananoi’s heart starts racing. Just what is going on with him? And how come he suddenly can’t read Tokiwa’s thoughts anymore?

“Pure Heart x Lust with Glasses”: Katori has a small crush on his colleague at work, Suga. Nothing has happened between them, but his heart skips a beat when their eyes meet and Suga gives him a warm smile. Imagine the shock Katori feels when he overhears his crush saying he hates Katori’s glasses…


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