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Are you having a “Happy Kuso Life?!”: Harada Solo Exhibition Event Report

BL lovers are happy to know that Harada, the author of such works as Yatamomo (Yata & Momo) Poji (Positive), and Nega (Negative) is having a second solo exhibition dubbed “Happy Kuso Life, the Second” at the Vanilla Gallery in Ginza.

Harada Solo Exhibition “Happy Kuso Life, the Second”

Being held for the first time in about 2 and a half years, Harada Solo Exhibition mainly features popular works such as Yoru to Asa no Uta EC (Takeshobo), Color Recipe 2 (Shinshokan), One Room Angel (Shodensha), and Happy Kuso Life (Takeshobo).

This exhibition features monochrome manuscripts and color illustrations of famous scenes in each title as well as newly created illustrations especially for this exhibition and manuscripts of works that are not available in book form, and the like.

The exhibition also features an installation that recreates the room where Kouki and the angel live in One Room Angel, life-size panels of popular characters, as well as a number of items from Harada’s works.

The artworks on display are available for sale as well as a number of other new items, including a new fanzine created for the first time in nearly 4 years, an exhibition catalog, and exhibition original goods. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy the world of Harada to the fullest with exhibited artworks and installations.

*Some of the exhibits include provocative works including sexual expressions. Please be aware of this before entering.

Happy Kuso Life Second


Who is Harada?

Since this manga artist’s spectacular debut in 2014, Harada has created a number of masterpieces and bizarre titles. With heavy-hitting storylines that emotionally stir readers, overwhelming good taste oozing out between the captions, and hot, erotic descriptions, Harada continues to gain enthusiastic fans both in Japan and abroad.


Photo Report

  • Fan-favorite lines


Included in the exhibition are fan-selected lines from these works (highlighted in color), as well as pieces from her previous exhibition 2 and a half years ago. Each of the beautiful illustrations demonstrates emotional (and heart-pounding!) highlights of her work and seeing each of them in their larger-than-life frames really lets you appreciate each of them in a new light. This goes for long-time fans and newbies alike!

  • Happy Kuso Life Second Goods


Available for purchase are some clear folders and tin badges, each featuring character illustrations from the featured works. In addition, there are also some shikishi available through a raffle. Ask the staff, stick your hand in the box, and hope for the best! If you happen to be one of the lucky few to hit the jackpot, you will receive (at random) one of the 10 shikishi displayed above the cut-outs. Everything for sale is first-come-first-served but stocks of the colored artworks are limited, so if you see something you like, get it while you can!

Yoru to Asa no Uta EC Monochrome Art Works and Colored Prints


Happy Kuso Life Colored Artworks for sale


One Room Angel
One Room Angel colored artworks for sale


  • monochrome manuscripts


There are also a handful of interactive sections at the exhibit which is definitely worth a look. In the center of one of Exhibition Room A, there is a display case containing materials for sale, but on the table next to it are, not only the guest book but also some perfume samples! Additionally, the exhibit also includes some examples of realia, including a cutout from “One Room Angel” (featuring said room) and the small Jizo (a Buddhist divinity) statue, found in Happy Kuso Life.

  • Happy Kuso Life Second


In just the first few days, the Harada Solo Exhibit has already been host to hundreds of visitors from both inside and outside Japan. Tickets to the first day even sold out. The exhibition runs until the 9th of February so if you’re in Tokyo, don’t forget to drop by while you can!

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Vanilla GalleryThere are several art galleries in the area, so when you go, make sure you’ve got the right place.  
  2. Most areas of the exhibit do not allow photography, so be sure to keep an eye out for the little “No photography” signs (which are very kindly displayed in English as well).
  3. Several of the pieces on display contain NSFW content, so if you plan to bring along someone new to Harada’s work (which, of course, by all means!), give a little bit of forewarning, as necessary.
  4. The exhibit consists of TWO rooms, so be careful not to miss anything!
  5. Have fun!


About Harada Solo Exhibition “Happy Kuso Life, the Second”

Dates January 17 until February 9, 2020
Operating hours Weekdays (Mon. through Fri.) 12:00-19:00
Sat., Sun., holidays, and the last day of the exhibition: 12:00-17:00
Venue: Vanilla Gallery Exhibition rooms A and B (Access Map)
Admission 600 yen
Official website https://www.vanilla-gallery.com/archives/2020/20200117ab.html (Japanese)


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