Absolute Obedience ~If you don’t obey me~

Story and Art: Xiaoyue Fei

Absolute Obedience ~If you don't obey me~
Absolute Obedience ~If you don't obey me~
Title : Absolute Obedience ~If you don’t obey me~
Fukuju Shinaito

Story and Art : Xiaoyue Fei

Publisher : MAGIA



You Shouto
Riku Gen
Comes from a well-established family and currently serves as a CEO and an investor of an energy company.
A grad student in architectural design. Serious about work, his girlfriend, and keeping his family safe and healthy.

It has been three years since the horrifying event. Riku Gen managed to escape and elude his captor ever since, but his luck has just run out.
Reliving the events that made him quit Snooker, the sport that used to bring light to his eyes, was not in Riku’s plans. But You Shouto is beyond delighted to have reunited with his long-lost pet. With his human resources and money, Riku will forever be in his sight.
Will this be what breaks Riku into finally calling You his “Master”? You is in for one hell of a fight if he wants to keep feisty Riku for long.

©︎ Xiaoyue Fei/MAGIA・TORICO

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