A BL Fan’s Guide to WEB Autograph Sessions (Part 1)

You have probably seen your favorite BL manga artists, authors, and even publishers post about WEB autograph session (WEBサイン会 or WEB sainkai) on Twitter every now and then. At the back of your mind, don’t you ever wonder what is it or how to go about it? Well, you’re in luck because this article is exactly for you! We will guide you on things to take note of and share the process involved when joining one. Who knows? You might just be able to snag a copy of that manga, novel, or drama CD signed by your favorite manga artist or author!


What is a WEB autograph session?

Not to be confused with a real autograph session (サイン会) which includes a meet and greet with the actual creator, or a signed book (サイン本) fair which is purely the event of a sale for books with the artist’s or author’s real signature, a WEB autograph session is a special handwritten signed book or drama CD lottery project in which a manga artist or novel author writes your name and signs a book or drama CD which will then be delivered to your home. Depending on the artist or author, you could get a signed book with a short message, a sketch, or a special printed sticker of one or both main characters—an absolutely wonderful treat to the chosen ones.

Are you one of those with such an amazing unlucky streak when it comes to lotteries? Fret not! There’s another chance for you. Occasionally, WEB autograph sessions are carried on a first-come-first-served basis—meaning, you get to purchase the books right away once you’ve added it to your cart. There’s a catch though—since this is not a lottery, competition can be quite intense. You have to keep an eye on the date and time when the reception starts and brace for possible web traffic congestion or items getting sold out fast.


What do I need to qualify for this WEB autograph session?

“I live overseas. Am I qualified to join?” is probably what you’ve been wanting to ask from the start. WEB autograph sessions are open to everyone including fans living overseas as long as you meet the requirements needed to fill out the web form.

There are six main requirements for almost all websites hosting WEB autograph sessions and these are:

  • Name – You have to write your real name. No nicknames, aliases or fictitious names since they will be confirming entries with the registered address.
  • Address – A Japanese address is a MUST for sites like ComiComi Studio, Animate, and Manga Torico—if you have family members or friends in Japan they can receive it for you. Good news for those who use HorinLoveBooks as they ship internationally. If you ever join one of their WEB autograph sessions, you can use your address overseas and have it shipped directly to you.
  • Email address – This is very important as they will be sending a copy of your lottery entry as well as an email confirmation if you ever win.
  • Phone number – In case they need to contact you to confirm certain information,  which rarely happens as they always communicate updates by email.
  • Registered account – You must have a registered account or must be a member of the site hosting the WEB autograph session. This is vital since they will match your entry details with the account registered in their system.
  • Credit card – The signed books are not free. If you ever win the WEB autograph session lottery, you have to process your payment within the deadline or it will be void and your winning slot will be given to someone else. Other payment options are available too like bank transfers and cash on delivery (COD) but if you live overseas, this can be tricky so having a credit card is really convenient.

Where can I apply for a WEB autograph session?

Here are links to sites currently offering WEB autograph sessions:

BL Web Autograph SessionBL Web Autograph Session



What’s the application flow like?

A general sense of the application flow for ComiComi Studio, HorinLoveBooks and Manga Torico looks something like this:


Fill out the webform to join the WEB autograph session

Receive an automatic email confirming application details

A notification email will be sent to winners to purchase the book

Purchase the books from the link provided in the notification email

(ComiComi Studio and Manga Torico)
Access the special link and type the password provided in the notification email to purchase the book

An order receipt email will be sent to you

Wait for the books to be delivered

For Animate applications:

Click the “make a reservation” button

Access your Animate account (if you’re not yet logged in) to:

confirm delivery address

confirm shipping method

write a message to the artist or author

Confirm the payment method

Receive an automatic email confirming application details

A notification email will be sent to winners

Wait for the books to be delivered


How will I know the result of the lottery?

As long as you type the correct email address in the application form, you will automatically receive a notification for winning the WEB autograph session. A few differences for the following sites:

  • For entries under HorinLoveBooks and Manga Torico, only winners will be notified by email.
  • On the other hand, ComiComi Studio sends lottery result emails to all participants whether you win or not.
  • Animate is a bit different since entries are processed similar to ordering goods online. A winning email is sent and your WEB autograph session application will automatically be processed using the personal information (including payment option) you provided. If you lose, that transaction will automatically get canceled.


When will they deliver it?

It takes longer than usual to deliver WEB autographed books or drama CDs as they have to be prepared and signed. It may take 3 months or more from the time you place an order to have the books delivered to your home.


Important reminders and caution

Resale to third parties and auction sites is strictly prohibited. Sites can disqualify you from joining or even cancel your entry so make sure to avoid the following:

  • Duplicate or multiple applications for one WEB autograph session under the same name
  • Duplicate or multiple applications for one WEB autograph session under a fictitious name or fictitious address
  • Incomplete name and address
  • An application under the same address (one entry per household ONLY)
  • Name of the lottery applicant doesn’t match the shipping details registered on the site
  • Defective email
  • A history of not paying a WEB autograph book
  • A history of multiple order cancellations
  • A history of being refused to join a WEB autograph session


Next week, we’ll give a step-by-step guide on how to join the WEB autograph sessions of ComiComi Studio, HorinLoveBooks, Animate, and Manga Torico! Watch out for that!


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