A BL Fan’s Guide to Comic Market 97

Let Your Boys’ Love Fantasies Run Wild!

Comiket is just around the corner and we prepared A BL Fan’s Guide to Comic Market 97, the most anticipated event by fans of many genres including Boys’ Love!


What is Comiket?

Comic Market, commonly known as “Comiket”, Japan’s biggest public gathering for Japanese pop culture including manga, anime, video games, cosplay, and much more! It takes place once in the summer and again in winter, twice every year. In a span of 4 days, more than 700,000 fans line up in front of Tokyo Big Site twice a year for a chance to get their hands on whatever this year’s booths are selling.

Comiket has always been a non-profit, volunteered-run event which focuses on promoting self-inspired creators. Countless “Doujinshi”, or self-published distributors set up their stations, which must be reserved well in advance, to get their latest products out to fans.  These self-publication are the main attraction at Comiket, one section being the ever increasingly popular Boys’ Love (BL) genre! BL doujinshi at Comiket can range from 100% original content to adult-rated manga featuring that long-awaited pairing from your favorite anime!

This year, Day 1 of Comiket is focused on anime and manga content for girls and Day 2 will be games also geared toward girls! Both days include otome and reverse harem anime goods, and, of course, loads of BL doujinshi! Some fan favorites that will appear this year feature characters from Yuri!!! On ICE, TIGER&BUNNY, Attack on Titan, Kuroko no Basket and many more!



Dating all the way back to the 1970s, the first Comiket only had 700 participants. In the early 1980s, with the rise of giant robots, magical school girls, and manga artists such as Rumiko Takahashi’s famous works, self-created groups (circle) grew from 32 circles in the first year to 4,400. Participation at Comiket jumped from 13,000 to 250,000 participants within just 10 years. Nowadays, with the rise in internet content, countless of new genres have emerged throughout the event, which means tens of thousands of fans much ride the trains and stand on line hours before the doors open at 10:00 am to stand a chance against the big crowd.


Can I Attend?

C97 Wristband
Photo from Comic Market Official Website

While Comiket used to be free of charge at the door, since Summer Comiket this year, a wristband is required for entry to the Doujinshi Area on any day of the event, to cover increased costs of holding the event in a smaller space caused by the restrictions related to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It is encouraged that you buy a wristband before arriving at the Tokyo Big Site Venue because of their big crowds. The best way to buy early tickets is through their online site or at multiple anime stores in Japan. While it is not guaranteed, arriving close to closing time or when the crowd has significantly died down can sometimes mean free admission depending on the day. (But, no entry permitted without a wristband the whole day is also possible.) The earliest you are allowed to come to Tokyo Big Site is on the first train, so no camping out in front of the venue!

This year’s Comiket details are as follows:
Dates: December 28th – December 31st 2019
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Access by Train: Tokyo Big Sight Station (Yurikamome Line), Kokusai-Tenjijo Station (Rinkai Line)

Entry Wristband Price:

  • 4 day wristband plus catalog 2,200yen
  • Wristband per day 1,000yen/ catalogs are separate (everyday has a different color wristband)
  • The Corporate Area at Aomi Exhibition Hall does not need a wristband to enter


futekiya Artists Joining Comiket on Dec 28 (Day 1)!

BL artists whose works are in futekiya Library are participating in this year’s Comiket! If you are going, don’t forget to check out these amazing creators. Click their names to see their works published in English in futekiya!

Booth no. South Hall 4 NU (ヌ) 32a


Ayu Yamane
Booth no. South Hall 4 NI (ニ) 10b


Booth no. South Hall 4 NE (ネ) 43b


Booth no. South Hall 4 NI (ニ) 11a


There is a long Comiket week ahead of us! A few things to take note of: the more popular doujinshi artist can have lines that stretch all the way outside, so if you have a favorite artist you are hoping to see it’s best to get there as early as possible and order a catalog to map out their location.  Make sure to check on Twitter and other social media sites to know which day/s you can catch certain creators, goods, etc!

For English speakers who need help, visit the International Desk in West Hall 4 for assistance.

For more information, please check the English website of Comic Market: https://www.comiket.co.jp/index_e.html


Are you going to Comic Market 97? If you have any tips you think should be on our A BL Fan’s Guide to Comic Market 97, just mention @futekiya on Twitter!


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