2021 BL Incoming! Anime, Live-action Drama and Movie Adaptations

Hello from futekiya! Last year we were blessed with a lot of BL, and this year is no different. Check out this list of BL anime, live-action drama, and movie adaptations, and make sure to add them to your to-watch list.


Anime Adaptations

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: Don’t Stay Gold (Twittering Birds Never Fly: Don’t Stay Gold)

Release Date: March 1, 2021

As announced last year, the OVA for Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai series, Don’t Stay Gold, will be released in March this year. The OVA features the first encounter and interaction between side characters Doctor Kageyama Kanji and “Mad Dog” Eishi Kuga. It is a must-watch for Saezuru fans out there.


Kuro Gal ni natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita (I Became a Dark-Skinned Gal, So I Tried to Bang My Best Friend)

Release Date: February 21, 2021 (Episode 1, standard TV stream),  April 4, 2021 (Regular Broadcast)

Studio Irawias animates Yupopo Orishima’s work, Kuro Gal ni natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita. Shion and Rui are best friends with a penchant for hitting on women. It was supposed to be another night for them to hook up with girls, but Shion ends up taking a strange drug that turns him into a woman. When Rui tries to look for Shion and sees the womanized version of him, he does not recognize his best friend and proceeds to flirt with Shion. Will Shion be able to get out of this complicated situation? Stay tuned and find out!


Sasaki to Miyano (Sasaki and Miyano)

Release Date: TBA

From Harusouno Shou’s work with the same title Sasaki to Miyano, also known as Sasamiya to the fans, is announced to be up for animation this year. Sasaki to Miyano tells the story of the feminine-faced Miyano, who is also fudanshi. Miyano just wants to read his BL manga in peace but an unexpected scuffle leads him to catch the attention of the eccentric sempai, Sasaki, who’s garnered great interest in BL novels that Miyano reads. Sasaki has totally no clue in all things BL, so it’s up to Miyano to explain things for him. From there, the two sparks a friendship which may lead to something more.


Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru (The Night Beyond the Tri-Colored Window

Release Date: TBA (Anime), January 22, 2021 (Live-Action)

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru is now also set for animation this year, from manga to live-action adaptation. Kosuke Mikado, a bookstore clerk, has a unique ability: he can see ghosts and spirits. Such ability has given him difficulties since childhood up until the present. His life takes a more complicated turn when he meets the exorcist Rihito Hiyakawa. The two then team up together to investigate peculiar cases with methods that are not exactly safe for work.


Maou Evelogia ni Mi wo Sasageyo (Reincarnated Into Demon King Evelogia’s World)

Release Date: TBA

For BL fans who are also fans of the Isekai and transmigration trope, the anime Maou Evelogia ni Mi wo Sasageyo just might be right for you! The story features a stray young man Gouzu Toshiaki who is shot dead and reincarnated to his favorite video game. He meets the last boss, the Demon King Evelogia, his favorite video game character and always lusted after. Gouzu immediately professes his love for the Demon King and proceeds to court Evelogia. Together, they aim to conquer the world.


Live-Action Adaptations

Pornographer: Spring Life, Playback, Continued Spring Life

Release Date: January 18, 2021 (Spring Life), February 26, 2021 (Playback), March 4, 2021 (Continued Spring Life)


This 2021 comes to the final installment of Maki Marukido’s Pornographer series divided into three parts: Spring Life, Playback, and Continued Spring Life. Spring Life takes place two and half years later after the encounter between the novelist Kijima Rio and university student Kazumi Haruhiko. Kijima now lives in his parents’ house in the countryside and his sister and her husband while Kazumi currently works in Tokyo. The two only communicated in letters and will be reunited in the countryside where Kijima lives. Playback then features the long-distance relationship between Kijima and Kazumi and will be concluded in the epilogue Continued Spring Life. Directed by Miki Koichiro and starring actors Takezai Terunosuke and Izuka Kenta, the concluding movies will definitely appeal to emotions.


Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake Season 2 (The Reason Why He Fell in Love with Me Season 2)

Release Date: April 2021


Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake gets a second season this year, following the story of two teachers, the methodological, naive, elite graduate Hikawa Tooru and the kind-hearted physical education teacher Akagi Masumi. What will the second season have in store for them? Let’s find out, shall we? Starring actors Yamamoto Yusuke and Teranishi Yuma.


Kinou Nani Tabeta (What Did You Eat Yesterday?)

Release Date: TBA


Following the 12 episode live-action series of the same title, Fumi Yoshinaga’s work Kinou Nani Tabeta will be getting a special episode movie this year. The story continues with Shiro Kakei, a meticulous attorney with a knack for cooking and thriftiness who now lives with his boyfriend Kenji Yabuki, a hairdresser with a pleasing personality. How are the two getting on currently? Let’s find out! Directed by Kazuhito Nakae and starring actors Hidetoshi Nishijima and Seiyo Uchino.


Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai vs. Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko (A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes BL vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn’t Want To Be In A BL)

Release Date: TBA


From Konkichi’s comedic BL work of the same title, Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai vs. Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko features a mob-character protagonist who realizes that he lives in a world of Boys’ Love (BL) and his struggles of not falling into the BL world. The protagonist is a college student who likes girls and fights against any red flags, aka hot guys, that may pull him into a BL situation. But this is, after all, a “BL world,” so he’s stuck into one BL situation after another, whether they be his or other people’s. The series stars the actor Atsuhiro Inukai who plays the protagonist, and other handsome and amazing actors such as Yutaro, Ito Asahi, Oga Nakamoto, Ryoyuki Kusachi, etc. This will definitely be amusing to watch for BL fans out there.


Got them all on your list? Any more BL adaptations we missed? Let us know on Twitter!


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