2020 is a Good Year for BL! A List of Anime and Movie Adaptations

The anticipation is real as news of more anime and movie adaptations of Boys’ Love (BL) titles grace us this 2020. So without further ado, let’s browse down to our list and get hyped up.


Anime Adaptations

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai (The Clouds Gather)

Release Date: February 15, 2020

From the studio that produced Given, Blue Lynx animates Kou Yoneda’s work, Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather.
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather follows the story of a young high-ranking yakuza boss and President of Shinsekai Enterprise, Yashiro. While Yashiro seemed cheerful on the outside, he leads a double-life of being a deviant and a masochist. Enter Doumeki Chikara, Yashiro’s new bodyguard, who, despite Yashiro’s advances, continues to maintain distance. But there’s something about Chikara that holds Yashiro’s attention. When he discovers Chikara’s secret, things take a turn and thus starts a complicated sadomasochistic affair between the two of them.


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Propose-Hen

Release Date: February 21, 2020

Next up, after an almost decade in the making, Shungiku Nakamura’s Sekaiichi Hatsukoi comes back to grace the animated screen with a movie, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Propose-Hen. While the exact details of this arc remain vague, the fact remains that we’ll be seeing more interactions between our favorite couples in Marukawa Publishing, mainly the Takano and Ritsu couple who keep dancing around each other. Propose-Hen presents somewhat a continuation and implication of the sorts of the future of the couples in the series. Will the couples finally get their happy endings after all?



Release: May 16, 2020

Making its mark last year as a BL anime, Natsuki Kizu’s Given will be back this year with a movie of the same title.
The story revolves around the music and relationship of four boys in a band. Their band name Given is a tribute to a given guitar. The earlier anime season focused much on the main pairing Mafuyu Sato and Ritsuka Uenoyama, the former trying to get over his lost love and the latter experiencing all his firsts on matters of love. This time, the movie offers a view on another side of the coin, focusing on the other two members: Akihiko Kaji and Haruki Nakayama. Haruki has secret feelings for Akihiko, but the latter is still involved with his ex, Ugetsu. Will their complicated relationship ever smooth out?


Umibe no Étranger

Release: Summer 2020

Blue Lynx will also be animating yet another BL anime, Kanna Kii’s debut work, Umibe no Étranger. It will feature the story of two young men: Mio Chibana, an orphaned high school boy, and Shun Hashimoto, a gay novelist hopeful who meets on a remote island in Okinawa. The two grow closer each passing day, and they develop feelings for one another. But suddenly, Mio has to leave the island. For three years, Mio thought about Shun and his feelings for him. He eventually decides to face them once and for all. He returns to the island and confesses to Shun. The question, however, is Shun ready to take the next step with him?


Yes Ka No Hanbun Ka (Yes or No or Half?)

Release date: Winter 2020

Michi Ichiho’s BL novel series, Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka is also up for animation this year. Kei Kunieda, a young and popular TV announcer, has two personas: his ‘outside’ persona, which is being the perfect ‘Prince’ everyone admires and his ‘inside’ persona, which curses anyone that so much exudes incompetence around him. Nobody knows about his real personality until he meets animation artist Tsuzuki Ushio who fails to recognize Kei the first time they meet. By accident, Kei injures Tsuzuki’s arm and gets roped into helping Tsuzuki with his work. Can Tsuzuki handle Kei’s real personality?


6 Lovers

Release date: Summer 2020

The Dear+ July 2019 issue earlier announced anime adaptations of certain manga series serialized in said magazine in celebration of their 20th anniversary. Six series, namely Ameiro Paradox, Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishitaka, Renai Ruby no Tadashii Furikata, Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku, and ZE, will be animated as an ‘in motion’ OVA. Hence, the name 6 Lovers, which features the couples of the series.


Ten Count

Release date: 2020

First up on our list, from the author that brought us Seven Days, Rihito Takarai, comes the highly anticipated animated adaptation of another of his famous BL series, Ten Count.

Ten Count features Tadaomi Shirotani, a secretary who has severe mysophobia. By chance of fate, he crosses paths with psychotherapist Riku Kurose, who saves Shirotani’s boss from an accident and suggests to him that he consult a doctor about his condition. Troubled by the encounter, Shirotani does precisely that, only to find out that Kurose works at the same psychometric clinic. Kurose then recommends exposure therapy by having Shirotani list ten things he is reluctant to do and going through them one by one. Kurose claims that by the time Shirotani reaches the number ten, he will get well. The question is, will he? That’s something for us to know and watch.


Live-Action Movie Adaptations


Release Date: January 24, 2020

Atushi Asada latest work as a screenwriter comes in the form of a BL movie adaptation, his. The movie features two boys, Shun Igawa and Nagisa Hibino, who met and fell in love with each other back when they were high school students. But when Shun’s university graduation approaches, Nagisa confronts Shun and tells him that he can’t see a future with him which resulted in the two of them breaking up. Moving forward years later, Shun is currently living a lonely life in a rural area. But it seems the past will come knocking again when Nagisa and his now six-year-old daughter, Sora appears in front of him. Directed by Rikiya Imaizumi and starring actors Hio Miyazawa and Kisetsu Fujiwara, this movie is sure to be quite the experience.


Love Stage!!

Release Date: February 2, 2020

We got the manga; we got the anime. Now Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zao’s Love Stage!! will be shown on the big screen as a live-action movie adaptation this year.
Love Stage!! features the story of Izumi Sena, the youngest son of a family of very famous entertainers. Despite his cute appeal, Izumi is the only one in his family that’s not involved in the entertainment industry in any way. Instead, Izumi lives his life as a college otaku with dreams of being a great manga creator. But the one time he stars in a television commercial as a child leads to a great misunderstanding with the now-famous actor, Ryoma Ichijo, who seems to harbor attraction for him since the day they first met. Starring actors such as Mahiro Sugiyama, Hiroki Nakada, Shinichi Wago, and DAIGO, the film is undoubtedly one to watch.


Sei no Gekiyaku (Sex and Drugs)

Release Date: February 14, 2020
Rating: R-18

Mizuta Yuki’s daring BL series Sei no Gekiyaku also gets its live-action movie adaptation this year.
Sei no Gekiyaku narrates the story of Makoto Katsuragi, an elite office worker who fell from grace in his perfect life. In a drunken stupor, he attempts suicide via jumping off a building. He is saved by a mysterious man, Ryoji Yoda, who turns out to be more than what he seemed to be. Now, Katsuragi is under Yoda’s ‘confinement training’ and has to live the horrors of a dark, twisted love, which contributes to the film’s R-18 rating. Starring Sho Watanabe Sho and Takashi Kitadai, the film is sure to be a bold one.


Kyuuso wa Chizu no Yume wo Miru (The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese)

Release Date: June 5, 2020

One of Mizushiro Setona’s best works, Kyuuso wa Chizu no Yume wo Miru is also up for a live-action movie adaptation this year. Kyuuso wa Chizu no Yume wo Miru centers around advertising company worker, Otomo Kyoichi who has an indecisive personality. For a married man, he continually commits adultery by having multiple affairs. His wife, being done with rumors of his affairs, sends Imagase Wataru, who works in an agency who does everything their customers want, to investigate Kyoichi’s affairs. It turns out, Wataru is a past college classmate of Kyoichi, which he barely spoke to, and Wataru confesses to Kyoichi that he’s had feelings for him these past seven years. As compensation to hide Kyoichi’s infidelity from his wife, Wataru demands a sexual relationship from him. Directed by Yukisada Isao and starring Tadayoshi Okura and Narita Ryo, the film is sure to be a good watch.


Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru (The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window)

Release Date: October 30, 2020

Based on the 2015 manga series by Tomoko Yamashita, Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru centers around Kosuke Mikado, who, at first glance, seems like your typical bookstore clerk. But Kosuke has a unique ability: he can see ghosts and spirits. Said ability had bothered him since childhood and brought nothing but trouble and terror for him. One day, he meets Rihito Hiyakawa, an exorcist with questionable social manners that fears nothing dead or alive, even claiming to Kosuke that as long as he is around, he has nothing to fear. Kosuke then decides to tag along Rihito in his exorcisms, and the two later team up to investigate peculiar cases that come their way. Directed by Yukihiro Morigaki and brought to life by actors Jun Shison and Maki Okada, this one seems an interesting watch not only to BL fans but also mystery lovers out there.


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